We make the beer you buy from the store magically taste, smell and feel more like draft -- without any chemicals or CO2! Ask Me Anything!

Fizzics Group
Sep 7, 2018

Hi, I'm Tyler with Fizzics, a Shark Tank-winning company fought over by Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. We've invented the Fizzics Original and Waytap, two portable devices that use sound to improve regular beer so it tastes, smells and feels like draft. It works on bottles, cans and even growlers, and does so without having to add CO2 or any other chemicals! Click here for an animated video showing how it all works.


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What is the right temperature to serve beer?
Sep 9, 4:49PM EDT0

That would depend on the beer! Each beer style has a preferred temperature but in my personal opinion, I like when the beer is around 37 degrees

Sep 10, 10:07AM EDT1
What have you found to be the best marketing tactic for a product like Fizzics? How would you appeal to your beer drinking audience?
Sep 9, 7:08AM EDT0

Social media and Facebook ads have been huge for us!

Sep 10, 10:07AM EDT1
What has been the best part of making Fizzics? What do you recall as the most memorable experience during this journey?
Sep 9, 1:01AM EDT0
What feedback have you gotten from users of Fizzics?
Sep 8, 2:38PM EDT0

We've gotten a lot! Most of the feedback is that the beer tastes like it was a nitro pour.

Sep 10, 10:08AM EDT1
Why do you people enjoy draft beer more than can or bottled beer?
Sep 8, 2:44AM EDT0
What is the science behind the way Fizzics works?
Sep 8, 2:18AM EDT0
Can Fizzics be used on other kinds of beverages? How do you plan on expanding the abilties of this machine?
Sep 7, 6:30PM EDT0

Right now, only hard cider will work with the units. We are though, in planning stages for other beverages!

Sep 10, 10:08AM EDT0
What is the most challenging part of working in the field of novelty appliances?
Sep 7, 8:33AM EDT1

Honestly, it is showing people how our units work. A lot of people see it and know it has something to do with beer and immediately they think "brewing beer"

Sep 7, 4:19PM EDT0
What were the first prototypes of fizzics? How were they like?
Sep 7, 6:09AM EDT1

Here's a photo!

Sep 7, 4:18PM EDT0
What is your background? Do you have an education on engineering or a related field?
Sep 7, 4:56AM EDT1

My background is finance and accounting and the other part of the team is engineering yes!

Sep 7, 12:37PM EDT0
Besides fizzics and it's iterations, are you working on new projects to expand your invention portfolio?
Sep 7, 12:24AM EDT1

Not right now, we are working on a new Fizzics product that should be launched in a week or two though!

Sep 7, 12:38PM EDT0
In general, what has been more demanding? The design and production of the appliance or the marketing process?
Sep 6, 2:00PM EDT1

The production part. Unfortunately, we had an issue with a few units a long while back causing them to go out of date with their software so those units do not work even though there are brand new. By the time we caught it, it was already way to late as many retailers have already been selling them. We've been working on how to make this up to the people who have received a defective unit. If you or anyone else has, please reach out to us at support@fizzicsgroup.com and we will get you a brand new unit ASAP. 

Also, with our new product releasing later this month, all these issues have since been fixed! :)

Sep 6, 3:32PM EDT1
What is the approximate final price of Fizzics?
Sep 5, 10:54PM EDT1

Retail for the Waytap is $129.99 and retail for the Original is $199.99. We normally always have some sort of promotion going on though!

Sep 6, 10:52AM EDT1
How are you trying to make sure that fizzics don't pass only as one more novelty appliance that will be fun to use a couple of times but easily forgotten?
Sep 5, 3:40AM EDT1

We are constantly improving our units and everything about our company. Our patents and technology are so unique that it is almost a need for any beer drinker!

Sep 7, 4:21PM EDT1
Does fizzics need to have special maintenance procedures?
Sep 4, 5:04PM EDT1

The only maintenance required is to run warm water through the unit after use. This will clear our all the excess beer to prevent mold.

Sep 5, 10:17AM EDT1

Where can we buy the beer? :) 

Sep 4, 4:05AM EDT1

You can buy beer anywhere!

Sep 4, 11:34AM EDT2
Are the materials used in fizzics safe to use in beverages? are those material FDA-approved?
Sep 3, 7:07PM EDT1

Our products have been tested and approved for FDA food contact and are also BPA free.

Sep 6, 4:06PM EDT1
Do you have similar options for bar owners? Is it possible to replace or modify the existing beer taps at bars to include some fizzics-like appliance?
Sep 3, 4:22PM EDT1

We are currently looking into this but as of right now, that is not an option

Sep 4, 11:34AM EDT1
An an inventor, do you find yourself following inventions from other people, having gone through yours successfully? If yes, what recent invention has you fascinated?
Sep 3, 9:49AM EDT1
With Fizzics, do you believe that you are covering a need or is it that you are creating a new need?
Sep 3, 6:41AM EDT1

We are offering a need when it comes to draft beer at home. This is the freshest and best way to enjoy a fine beer in the comfort of your home!

Sep 4, 3:27PM EDT1
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