Craig L Carda

A wood worker by nature, A en·tre·pre·neur by choice!


A wood worker by nature, A en·tre·pre·neur by choice!

I am a 37 year old man with a passion for thriving on life. I started my construction career young and developed a passion for wood working of all kinds, From designs, fashion, building structure, furniture and accessories. 

Wood Reminds me of being a human on a life course, You are a tree you grow, through proccess you are cut down, Chopped up, milled, Sanded, Stained, sealed and become a freaking art piece all over again.

Through this proccess, I have been a part of a awesome lumber, millwork industry and collabrated with start up companies that are succesful. I have done commercial, residential and Commerce also online only as well. 

I had a aortic dissection, (open heart surgery) a couple years back that made me change my career path to doing something for myself and others to still keep my passion for wood and doing something eco friendly fun! I run a pretty cool website right now that is starting to pick up success in 2 months time! IF you think websites make money are wrong! It takes time, dedication and a game plan you have to set in motion before doing it.

The best part of my business, It's not just online! I sell at events, I sell at wine tastings, flea markets and more! You always have to think ahead. Through word of mouth and proper advertising you can make things happen much faster, From experience a average start to return on investment happens about 3-4 months. Following different steps can make it happen faster. 

Feel free to message anytime I am happy to share my dissapointments, success and feed back to make others grow as well. If your more experienced great! I welcome your feedback too. We all can learn no matter what age we are. 


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  • 20 years in lumber millwork and 7 years of website/store front start up

  • associates Psychology degree CSU

  • Post tension

  • Epoxy solvent based certified. And School of hard knocks!