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I'm a Mechatronics Engineer, in the Industrial Automation field, I work in PLC programming, machine design, sensors and actuators. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 3, 2017

I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 6, 2017

Hi, i am an Architect working with ARCHICAD as a 3D modelling and drawing program. Ask me anything

Jul 10, 2017

I am an electronic engineering student who have built my own go-kart! Ask Me Anything!

Aug 29, 2017

We were developing a mobile MMO RPG for 3 years, created a great game, and raised 112.000 dollars in cryptocurrency in just 5 days on an ICO. Ask me anything!

Jul 6, 2017

I'm a tech activist, working to achieve immortality through technology. AMA!

I'm Ben Faltinowski. I am an Electrical Engineer who left the Auto Industry to work in my Niche Career, which is Aerospace. I've worked on NASA and US Air Force Rockets. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 9, 2017

I'm a 21 YO and have made Gesture controlled robot . Ask Me Anything!

Jul 7, 2017

I am a gadget tester. Recently I have been testing various smartphone batteries, and how they perform over long term use and charging cycles. AMA!

Ohnana: The Coolest Tent for Festival Lovers. Ask My Anything how it works!

I'm John 24YO, my group and I developed an andriod app to aid people with color blindness. AMA!

Jul 8, 2017

I got 2nd place in Robocon Egypt, now aiming for 1st place in the 2020 world wide Robocon competition. Ask Me Anything!

I'm Conner Pope, CEO of a Successful Web Marketing Consultancy "Popesites". We Transform Plain Websites into Marketing Tools that help SaaS Businesses Reach Millions of Users. AMA!

Jun 11, 2017

Hey Guys! I am Amrita! I am also 30, single, Indian and a Computer Engineer with a full time techie job. Travelling is my passion and I love to pen down my travel experiences on my blog. Ask me anything related to travel, food, culture and people. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 11, 2017

I am currently building a software for auto piloting for consumer cars, AMA.

I'm a Product Designer with several years of experience in CAD programs. AMA!

Jun 16, 2017

Hey there! I'm Charlie, a recent full-time MBA graduate working in big tech. My two-year journey through business school was an absolute blast, and the skills and network I built helped get me to where I wanted to be in my career. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 6, 2017

I write tutorials with tips and tricks for Andriod and iPhone. AMA.

My name is Ben Faltinowski. I am an Aerospace Electrical Engineer who was laid off for the second time in 10 months due to industry instability . . . HOWEVER, I'm now working on doing more than one business related to my field to be more financially stable and most importantly, HELP OTHERS WHO ARE GOING THROUGH THIS TO FIND WORK. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 6, 2017

I'm Ali, a computer science student with experience Java, C++, and other languages. AMA! ;)

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