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Maria L.
Feb 8, 2018

Looking for ways to spice up your site's design? Look no further than Creative Tim, a tech startup offering premium UI Kits and Dashboards used by over 300,000 developers worldwide. Check out co-founder Alexandru Padararu's AMA Event to learn how a former 2-person web design agency boomed into a$500K a year income generator over the years.

QUESTION: If you weren’t into IT or web development, what do you think would your job be?

Thank you for your question! If I wasn't in the web development business, I would 100% be in the interior/exterior design business. I really like to see the great design on different things. So I'm lucky that I can see that design on web pages now, otherwise, I would put my fingerprint on buildings and interiors of buildings.

QUESTION: How do you choose the best tools to use out of the many that are available ?

Thank you for your question. I'm having so many "tools" that I use. At this moment my setup is something like this:

I can say that I'm very simple and I stick with "oldie but goldie" technologies than going and switching through all the new tools that appear every day. Hope this helps.

QUESTION: How do you know what branch of computer studies you need to take? Seeing to the fact that they are quite a number. And how do you know what kind of developer you'd like to be e.g. full stack, front-end or back-end?

Thank you for your question. The answer here can be very very long as the domains are growing exponential. For the Frontend I recommend you to start with HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery + Ajax, Bootstrap, then frameworks like Angular, React, Vue.js and for the Backend, I would recommend starting with PHP, Ruby, Zend, Ruby on Rails and then you choose which one you like, then you go with databases like MySQL. I would recommend you to go through the courses from Free Code Camp. and then you will see exactly which you like better, front-end or back-end. I'm not so happy with the full stack name as you cannot be good at all the things, you can only be a master of something. Hope this helps.

QUESTION: Even if I enjoy what I'm doing, sometimes I'm losing motivation and don't feel like doing it. How can I get over this?

Thank you for your question. I've also responded a little bit to another question about motivation and what I do when things don't go so well. So please check that.

As an addition, you need to set some higher goals for 1-5 years, where you want to be and what you want to achieve in these years. The time will pass even if you feel like doing something or not do it, so you don't have many choices. When you have those "bad moments" I recommend you to get a couple of days of vacation where you get out of the daily routine so you can think and check again the 5 years plan. You have to know that great things take a lot of time and effort, nothing is built overnight.

Also listen to some motivational speeches from great guys like Jack Ma, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and you will see that everybody had and has his struggle and problems and times when things didn't work well and feel like you want to give up. These periods are normal.

You lose motivation when things don't happen right away and you don't have that "instant gratification", just be patient and continue your work:

QUESTION: Is your co-founder a friend of yours? Is it difficult to be partners with a friend especially when you don’t agree with certain things?

Thank you for your question. The co-founder was a colleague from University. We worked on some projects for school and seen that we are fit, as one did web design and one did the code. Then the years passed and our attributions separated and we took care of a lot of things. We were very very different as persons and in ways that we did different things. We decided in the beginning that it should be better to let our egos aside and make the best decisions for the company. 

The secret here is to make sure that each of the founders has different roles and they don't step over each others' job, otherwise, you will have a lot of not productive discussions. Also, it is very important if you go 50-50 with somebody to decide on the execution level who will be the CEO and who will take care of the entrepreneurial part of the business. Then after each year you both evaluate the performance of that person and agree if it continues or you can switch the roles. Don't make the mistakes where both people have the same decision attribution on the company growth as that will result in a split between the founders.

Hope this helps.

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