This Unique Charger Featured in an AMA Event is Insanely Genious

Maria L.
Feb 5, 2018

When batteries go dead, chargers come into the rescue, but if there’s no nearby plugs, you’re in bad luck. Smejkal Jan’s ingenious kinetic charger is the ultimate fix to everybody’s dilemma as this product lets you charge your device anywhere, anytime— even without electricity! The secret relies on its ability to convert energy from daily activities into actual power, and Smejkal’s recent AMA event is here to answer all queries regarding this amazing invention:

QUESTION:  How did you come up with the idea of building a Kinetic charger?

I love hiking and traveling ( camping...). All the time I had problems that my device was  out of energy. So I always wondered how charge during regular activities and finial idea hit me several years ago in Tokio when I walked on street what create electric power necouse people walking on this street.

QUESTION:  What is your marketing strategy for this product, and how will you reach out to the maximum number of consumers?

I do not have any marketing. I’m working class person who work for caterpillar. I do not know much about marketing and how it’s works. 

I hited the internet, I wrote few companies and that’s all ideas what I have right now. With more experience will come more ideas

QUESTION:  Do you like to read books? If yes, what type of books do you read?

I never grow with tv, I never watched tv. I red books all the kind. Favorite are books what can teach me something. Technical, history, education 

QUESTION:  Are the kinetic chargers being developed to be used on cell phones only?

You can use it on any device, difference is only in the size. There is great space in automobile industry with electric cars in future. Potential is really great

QUESTION:  Have you approached any investor to fund your project?

Investors are looking for profit only,  I didn’t find a deal with investors what I like. I’m more consent about helping people and planet.

Investors will push price into the sky and there will not be a way how poor people and 3rd world countries can afford it.

For more information about this breakthrough kinectic charger, do visit the complete AMA event here.

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