Tech team for Singapore Press Holdings. AMA

Apr 16, 2018

We are one of the teams at SPH Digital that supports all the multiple publications in Singapore Press Holdings. You may know us from sites such as Straits Times, Zaobao, Business Times, just to name a few. 

We consist of developers that specialise in IOS Developers, Android Developers, PHP Developers, Product Managers.

Ask us anything you want to know!

Disclaimer: Our views are our own and don't necessarily reflect the views of our organisation.

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How do you encourage developers to stay current with new technologies and learning?
Apr 19, 6:37AM EDT0
What accomplishments are you most proud of in your career as a company?
Apr 19, 1:27AM EDT0
How will industry trends affect this organization within the next three to five years?
Apr 18, 10:31AM EDT0
Can you say that you are satisfied with what you do?
Apr 17, 11:33AM EDT0
In what ways do you think you can improve your current position in a professional sense?
Apr 17, 3:42AM EDT0
Are you also freelance web developers or is thi your only and permanent job?
Apr 17, 1:35AM EDT0

We are hired as full time staff developers. But that doesn't stop us from embarking on projects that could help us grow in areas that we're passionate about.

Apr 17, 4:31AM EDT0
What is the most demanding type of customers to work with in this area of work?
Apr 16, 8:28PM EDT0
How much time is needed to take on an average web development project?
Apr 16, 10:15AM EDT0

Depending on complexity, the problem to be solved, and how much impact any piece of project / task is going to be. We run Scrum, so going by 2 week sprints - if tasks are understood to be of high impact, we could roll things out by the end of next week.

Apr 16, 10:30AM EDT0
Looking to the future, what is your main goal concerning your careers?
Apr 16, 9:55AM EDT0

Can't speak for every one as a unified goal, but at least for me personally, creating impact is my goal. Having this ability to shape the world, for the better, would have been what I've always wanted to do. Technology is an enablement to get there. 

Apr 17, 4:30AM EDT0
What drove yourselves to this particular area and inspired you to become what you are today?
Apr 15, 11:45PM EDT0

To be honest, I see a value of working for a media company. I was actually trained to be a journalist, but later became a product manager. I think media plays a role in the society in this age of #fakenews, but thats besides the point. I see purpose & value, business and technology in this order - which is quite ironic if you ask me, but in most tech businesses these days, tech is usually the easiest to figure out.

Last edited @ Apr 16, 4:06AM EDT.
Apr 16, 4:06AM EDT0
What is the best education one can get if leaning towards web development career?
Apr 15, 12:53PM EDT0




but really, trial and error and not be afraid to fail and relearn. Pick a project and learn if you want. helps alot. :)

Last edited @ Apr 16, 4:35AM EDT.
Apr 16, 4:07AM EDT0
What is it that you hate the most about your job, if anything at all?
Apr 15, 12:52PM EDT0

The industry, as a whole, in the media businesses, is facing serious challenges......... 

Last edited @ Apr 16, 5:19AM EDT.
Apr 16, 4:16AM EDT0
Do you think classic web development will lose on its sagnificance since the mobile app industry is rapidly advancing?
Apr 14, 11:52PM EDT0

We do have mobile apps, but in my opinion "classic" web development is not really obsolete, but evolved to a more mobile-responsive development.

Traffic does not come only organically, but also from referrals which still requires "classic" web development most of the time. 

Apr 16, 4:20AM EDT0
What is the strangest request that your customers have ever submitted to you?
Apr 14, 7:11PM EDT0
Do you all have a role model in your area of work, and if yes, who is it and why is this person (or persons) your role model?
Apr 14, 2:35PM EDT0

NYTimes, which fortunately, doesn't operate in the same geographical area as us. They are at the forefornt of meeting digital journalism with good amount of experimentation.

Apr 16, 4:10AM EDT0
Do you think your job takes away too much time from you?
Apr 14, 1:25PM EDT0

Yes. Keeps us up awake. All. The. Time. :)

Apr 16, 4:11AM EDT0
What computer languages are you mostly experts for, and what made you choose them over the others?
Apr 14, 12:32PM EDT0

We are not experts, but we are trying out kotlin now. Its always good to try the new languages to gauge the pros and cons of each one. You dont want to get stuck when the world has moved on. 

Apr 16, 4:14AM EDT0
What do the terms `front-end development` and `back-end development` mean?
Apr 14, 8:42AM EDT0

For us, we don't go specifics on front / back end. We're trying grow people to be full stack. But in strict sense, iOS / Android = front end. Back end = stuff that you don't see? This is a tough one.... :)

Apr 16, 4:13AM EDT0
What is the main difference between classic web development and mobile web development?
Apr 14, 5:57AM EDT0

screen estate? But I think motivation of the user would differ wildly when the user is in front of the computer vs on their mobiles. 

Apr 16, 4:18AM EDT0
Has your project ever been turned down by a client and why?
Apr 14, 4:09AM EDT0

All. The. Time. But actually, we don't deal with clients. we deal with stakeholders. Difference in opinions are usually healthy. This keeps us in check and prevents group-think. :)

Apr 16, 4:14AM EDT0
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