Self taught CGI artist. I exclusively use Blender and Gimp software, Ask Me Anything!

Elizabeth Barstatis
May 19, 2017

I've been workng  with blender since i was young. I know the insand outs of both and have run into countless roadblocks. Ask me about anything from workflow advice to bug issues and how to approach them,

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How many hours a day do you spend doing it?

May 24, 5:41PM EDT0

Is there anything specific you'd want to your work to be remembered for?

May 24, 1:51PM EDT0

Will you move on to other programs as an early adopter, or will you be reluctant to change?

May 23, 8:26PM EDT0

What is the single most important thing someone should know when trying to gain proficiency with Blender?

May 23, 1:35PM EDT0

Hi. Is your field of work intensely competitive or does your proficiency make you scarce?

May 23, 2:11AM EDT0

What is your PC specs?

May 22, 3:49AM EDT0

Do you follow a general template for projects where you repeat steps to create something?

May 22, 2:04AM EDT0

What is your favorite style of art outside of computer generated art?

May 21, 10:27PM EDT0

Has the way your art turns out changed over time without specific intention?

May 21, 6:36PM EDT0

Do you mostly work on own ideas or do you get inspiration from games?

May 21, 12:46PM EDT0

Do you teach or mentor any lesser experienced users about the software?

May 21, 10:53AM EDT0

Do you actively work to improve the breadth of your style? Thank you

May 21, 9:27AM EDT0

Have you done any Ray-Tracing before?

May 21, 2:35AM EDT0

Maybe a little off topic but, do your emotions or experiences contribute to your work?

May 21, 1:50AM EDT0

Are you planning to do 3D art for the rest of your life? Thanks for your answer

May 20, 6:39PM EDT0

Are you an artistic person outside of your computer artistic endeavors?

May 20, 9:05AM EDT0

Cool AMA! How much time do you spend everyday on editing?

May 20, 4:17AM EDT1

What do you prefer about Gimp over Adobe Photoshop, etc.?

May 20, 3:10AM EDT0

What has helped motivate you to continue improving?

May 19, 10:15PM EDT0

Great AMA subject, thanks for doing this AMA. How many hours of use does it take to become sufficiently proficient at Blender?

May 19, 5:20PM EDT0
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