Prattsule AMA - changing the way we socialize

Jan 9, 2018

Prattsule is a social network that I created in hopes to change/evolve the way we socialize. Prattsule is going to change the way we socialize in many ways but one of the main features will be the ability to transfer information such as email, phone number, website etc from one device to another instantly just from a swipe of a code or fingerprint. For example lets say you are at a party and meet someone and want to exchange contact information and follow each other on various social media sites with Prattsule you will have the ability to do all that in a split second all it will take is a scan of a code/fingerprint and all that information will be sent to them and vice versa changing the way we interact in the world and the way we use/see social media www.kickstarter.com/projects/2046632819/920548322/edit?ref=user_menu#the-story 

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Why do social media attract us so many people?

Jan 9, 11:40PM EST0

Why do social media attract us so many people?

Jan 9, 6:28PM EST0

Do you think that we are dependant on social media?

Jan 9, 3:32PM EST0

Do you consider that every businessman should have e-mail, if yes, why?

Jan 9, 2:11PM EST0

Which social network sites do you use, yourself?

Jan 9, 12:22PM EST0

There will always be something new to invent in terms of social media, do you agree?

Jan 9, 5:38AM EST1

Yes the internet itself will keep evolving 

Jan 9, 11:02AM EST1

How do you see the internet evolve from here?

Jan 9, 2:23PM EST0

Do you think that we are safe as humankind?

Jan 9, 5:01AM EST1

Yes I think so but you never know what the future has to hold in terms of humans and AI

Jan 9, 11:03AM EST1

Why do people post their private information on social media when they're supposed to be private?

Jan 9, 3:56AM EST1

Because it is fairly safe we already put are private information a lot places it maybe shouldn’t go as long as they take the right precautions to protect are information I personally have no issue with it 

Jan 9, 11:05AM EST1

Safe? lol. I think it's more like peopel are naive. They feel as if others do it, its ok for them to do it too.

Jan 9, 3:40PM EST0

What is the difference between the world we now live in and the world our grandparents lived in, in terms of technology?

Jan 9, 3:48AM EST1

There is a big difference it’s like night and day we have much easier 

Jan 9, 11:06AM EST1

Are we followed and controlled by some American organization through social media, in your opinion?

Jan 9, 3:45AM EST1


Jan 9, 11:06AM EST1

Can you describe us a process of making a code that would allow sharing information on social media?

Jan 8, 10:00PM EST1

That would take a pretty long time to do via text I wouldn’t even know where to start 

Jan 9, 11:08AM EST1

Why do you think that fingerprint would be a better solution than some other way of coding?

Jan 8, 2:09PM EST1

I think it’s just about progressing the culture of social media and it would be much faster to just be able to use your finger print 

Jan 9, 11:09AM EST1

How do you feel about what the Chinese government is now doing with Facial Recognition?

Jan 9, 4:59PM EST0

How did you come up with this kind of concept?

Jan 8, 1:49PM EST1

I had a vision of where I thought social media should evolve to next

Jan 9, 11:10AM EST1

How much time does it take to make such a system of coding?

Jan 8, 11:44AM EST1

Approximately 6-12 months 

Jan 9, 11:11AM EST1

Although there are many ways to socialize, it seems like we are more and more distancing ourselves from other people, do you agree?

Jan 8, 8:48AM EST1

Yes that is why I want to bring it back to a happy medium 

Jan 9, 11:13AM EST1

People show one side of their personality on social media sites, but in reality, they are somebody else. Why is that so, in your opinion?

Jan 8, 8:23AM EST1

Just the nature of human beings 

Jan 9, 11:13AM EST1

Could this fingerprint be misused against the owner of such print?

Jan 8, 7:19AM EST1

No it can not it’s just as safe as using Touch ID to unlock your iPhone 

Jan 9, 11:14AM EST1

What to expect in the world of social media in the future?

Jan 8, 5:41AM EST1

That is yet to be seen hopefully a lot of innovation 

Jan 9, 11:14AM EST1

Do you think that social media made our lives easier?

Jan 8, 4:45AM EST1


Jan 9, 11:15AM EST1

Can you give us pros and cons of social media?

Jan 8, 1:07AM EST1

Pros: everything we do is easier and we have a lot more power as a society 

cons: we may have too much power 

Jan 9, 11:16AM EST1
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