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Ch Qasim Raza
Nov 9, 2017

In our daily routine we use Mobile apps, gadgets, software applications, POSs very frequently. But we couldn't realise that we are paying them just for nothing. We could have it free of cost . So why not get some knowledge of free software with open license. Every thing has replacement in open source software and if not, cntributors around the globe working on it.

Ch Qasim Raza says:

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How about a free crm? A simple one is it available?

Nov 9, 5:53AM EST0

What is your vision with open source?

Nov 9, 4:34AM EST0

What is your ultimate goal in initiating such a campaign?

Nov 8, 4:31AM EST0

Is there a way to get quick charge our cell phone's battery?

Nov 7, 4:22AM EST0

How has open source changed in the time that you have been involved with it?

Nov 6, 6:34PM EST0

What challenges of monetization does the open source movement create?

Nov 6, 11:33AM EST0

How do you expect your involvement with the open source community to evolve?

Nov 6, 10:27AM EST0

What is the best improvement you have seen someone make to work that was originally yours?

Nov 6, 9:54AM EST0

What new kinds of software are open source now?

Nov 6, 8:32AM EST0

Has being involved with open source broadened your abilities?

Nov 6, 7:36AM EST0

Has being involved with open source given you a more complete understanding of how some things work?

Nov 6, 6:26AM EST0

How do you like being a part of the open source community?

Nov 6, 4:29AM EST0

It's fantastic to be part of global community of open source

Nov 6, 4:48AM EST0

What open source project are you most proud to have contributed to?

Nov 5, 8:09PM EST0

Fedora Project as an Ambassador

Nov 5, 9:10PM EST0

Does the landscape of open-source lead to even more specialization?

Nov 5, 3:21PM EST0

Yes it leads to Web development, information security, cloud services and all kind *aas

Nov 5, 9:09PM EST0

What was the first thing you worked on that was open source?

Nov 5, 12:18PM EST0

Adempiere ERP

Nov 5, 9:08PM EST0

What drawbacks of open source are most relevant for you?

Nov 5, 11:05AM EST0

Do you ever use the open source community as your own personal resource?

Nov 5, 9:41AM EST0

Yes, I have

Nov 5, 9:44AM EST0

Has the scope of open source broadened since you got interested in it?

Nov 5, 9:40AM EST0

Yes it became very popular and in your words definitely broadened in all aspects of individuals as well as companies,

Nov 5, 9:48AM EST0

What motivates you to be involved with open source?

Nov 5, 9:39AM EST0

It's freedom of use, customizability, resource managability

Nov 5, 9:51AM EST0
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