Nowadays video editing is an essential skill for YouTube users. I am a professional video editor. Good news to YouTube users that I edit video at low cost. Ask me anything for details.

Ilse Triggs
Aug 12, 2017

I can deliver projects on time. If you want to edit your videos contact me.

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Why would I not just use Captivate9 as my editing software? It's free too!

Aug 11, 7:36PM EDT0

Would you share your YouTube channel on here for people to see & support?

Aug 11, 7:08PM EDT0

Have you got a blog or website too?  

Aug 11, 5:08PM EDT0

How do I get permission to use someone else's content in my video?

Aug 11, 1:27PM EDT0

How do you optimize your Youtube?

Aug 11, 11:06AM EDT0

Your title should be a few words long and include the major keyword for which you want to your video to rank

Aug 11, 11:45AM EDT1

Great!  Thanks for the info!  Is there any new way to search keyword volume searches now that Google has changed everything again?

Aug 12, 12:28AM EDT0

Do you get advance screening releases of music and movies to review?

Aug 11, 8:44AM EDT0


Aug 11, 11:46AM EDT0

How does this work?  Do they just approach you through your YouTube account or what?

Aug 12, 1:44AM EDT0

Where are you from?

Aug 11, 8:27AM EDT57


Aug 11, 11:51AM EDT26
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How often do you upload new videos?

Aug 11, 6:55AM EDT0

I do weekly  schedule to upload videos

Aug 11, 3:07PM EDT0

Do you use scheduling software to do this for you and free up your time?  If so, which have you found to be most convenient and reliable?

Aug 12, 1:15AM EDT0

Can you get a copyright strike for a thumbnail?

Aug 11, 6:38AM EDT0


Aug 11, 3:07PM EDT0

Wow!  Really!  I had NO idea!  Good to know - thank you!

Aug 12, 1:44AM EDT0

How many hours a day do you spend browsing YouTube?

Aug 11, 6:30AM EDT84

13 hour +

Aug 11, 3:08PM EDT31
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Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?

Aug 11, 6:30AM EDT0

A big list i have

Aug 11, 3:09PM EDT0

Would you share your top 5?  

Aug 12, 2:37AM EDT0

Am I able to make screenshot videos?

Aug 11, 4:01AM EDT0

Obviously, why not

Aug 11, 3:09PM EDT0

What's the best software to do this with please?  I'm new to all this!

Aug 12, 1:26AM EDT0

What are your future plan for your channel?

Aug 11, 3:44AM EDT70

I want to promote my channel .

Aug 11, 3:10PM EDT55
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Have you ever met anyone famous?

Aug 11, 3:14AM EDT39


Aug 11, 3:14PM EDT89

Do you want to? Whom, if it's not a secret?

Aug 12, 2:30AM EDT19

How much time do you spend on your channel?

Aug 11, 2:10AM EDT0

13 hour +

Aug 11, 3:14PM EDT0

Wow! That's dedication right there!

Aug 12, 2:25AM EDT0

What do you make your videos about?

Aug 11, 12:51AM EDT0

Depends on your niche

Aug 11, 3:16PM EDT0

Hi Ilse, I think you misunderstood - I was asking about your videos..  ;)

Aug 12, 1:21AM EDT0

What inspired you to start making videos?

Aug 11, 12:19AM EDT0


Aug 11, 3:16PM EDT0

Do you earn a viable income from your videos?

Aug 12, 1:46AM EDT0

What other software do you use?

Aug 10, 11:48PM EDT0


Aug 11, 3:16PM EDT0

Is it enough to work with the free version of ULead or would you say that it's best to pay for the full version?

Aug 12, 2:33AM EDT0

Do you work in this field?

Aug 10, 11:44PM EDT0

yes, i do

Aug 11, 3:17PM EDT0

Oh nice!  What do you do?

Aug 12, 2:18AM EDT0

Have you got any outtake type videos?

Aug 10, 11:03PM EDT0


Aug 11, 3:17PM EDT0

Do you share these to your channel too for fun?

Aug 12, 2:52AM EDT0
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