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Isabella Calumpang
Aug 12, 2017

For 2 year of my life, I have worked hard to become an effective teacher, Information Technology teacher.

I met different types of students but nothing really matters because when you love what you do, it's all that matters.

So, at School, we follow certain Lesson Plan for the day. But here I ani't following any.

Let me start from easy ones to kinda complicted ones.

a. Basic Computer

A machine that carries out arbitrary sequences of both arithmetic or logical operations and happens to perform automatically. Programs are what they call the set of operations that make a computer function.

A computer is made up of................

Here is a good example of a blog that explains the Pros and Cons of using a computer. very nice to read!!

check the link please www.techwalla.com/articles/pros-cons-of-the-use-of-computers

b. Top 10 Different tools and apps found in a computer

Well, there are apps and tools that are already built in when buying a computer set. These are most likely the basic tools that every person needs to operate.

Basic ones include:

1. Antivirus - to safeguard them from harmful threats, trojans, malware, spyware etc.

2. VLC Media/Windows Media Player - commonly used to watch movies and listen to songs.

3. Adobe Flash Player - a must software to watch flash videos on your computer.

4. Notepad - important tool, a text editor

5. Internet Download Manager/uTtorrent - mainly for downloading files, movies etc.

6. Malware Bytes - quarantines and removes malicious and infected files on your PC

7. Microsoft Office - includes Word, Excel, Pdf, Powerpoint for files and document editing and creation

8. Registry Cleaner/Tune up utilities - an all-in-one software which cleans registry errors and junk files from your PC and makes your PC run fast.

9. Firefox Mozilla and Google Chrome - top browser I can recommend

10. Adobe Reader - to read ebooks and pdf documents

There are also apps and softwares that are likely donwloaded because users require to or is highly needed and necessry to perform specific tasks.

1. Photoshop - photo editing tool

2. Team Viewer - allows remote desktop viewing

3. Folder Lock - allows you to store all you files with a protected password.

4. VPN - surf anonymously on the web

5. VMWare Workstation - helps us in installing multiple Operating Systems over one single Operating System

c. Computer Hacks - I am sharing you a blog that I have been using since in terms of computer hacks. Worth the ready. You sure will be amaxed ho they work.

check it out www.prophethacker.com/2016/01/100-window-computer-tricks-hacks-pc.html

I still have a lot to share. But you can always ask me anything! Happy reading!

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How is system health check different from software health check?

Aug 12, 3:46AM EDT0

Thanks for your questions Michael....  System check is more of a general check... Overall checking of your PC... MMeanwhil software is more specific, as to what software you clean and check...

Aug 12, 9:10AM EDT0

Thanks for explaining

Aug 12, 4:29PM EDT0

How much computing is involved in performing IT services?

Aug 12, 1:50AM EDT0

Hey yeah! IT is very broad.... Programming, coding, Web development.. Actually depends on the clients needs.

Aug 12, 9:13AM EDT0

Would you do everything yourself or would you have other specialists working with you?

Aug 12, 4:34PM EDT0

What device do you recommend for students and why?

Aug 11, 9:59PM EDT0

Hello Paula.... Laptop... You can carry it around and anywhere.... There are laptops thar are very advanced and can work efficiently anywherr and anytime... Did that help?

Aug 12, 9:14AM EDT0

Any specific recommendations, i.e Mac or PC?

Aug 12, 4:10PM EDT0

With tons of IT graduates worldwide, is it still advisable to take up the course given the competition?

Aug 11, 8:48PM EDT0

Ohh hi! Yes ofcourse.. Competition in any way will always be there.... You just have to stand out from the others.

Aug 12, 9:17AM EDT0

Agreed, same in every other profession as well but competition is healthy, keeps you growing and learning

Aug 12, 5:54PM EDT0

What IT services are often availed by your clients?

Aug 11, 8:45PM EDT0

Hello yah! Web Development. I am a teacher but I am getting freelance work from clients most commonly for web development. I juggle from school to being an IT..

Aug 12, 9:18AM EDT0

What do you teach? Computing or nothing related?

Aug 12, 7:35PM EDT0

What is the highest position in an organization an IT graduate can hold?

Aug 11, 8:03PM EDT0

Depends on the company though. But they are mostly IT Specialist.. IT is focused on computers and programs so their department may not usually consist of many IT people.. Probably ranging from 5-8 people in the department. All IT graduate.

Aug 12, 9:28AM EDT0

Thanks for your answer

Aug 12, 6:06PM EDT0

What is considered unacceptable usage of device/computer/laptop?

Aug 11, 7:31PM EDT0

Overuse is one... Always give it time to relax.. Just like us humans :)

Aug 12, 9:29AM EDT0

Do you recommend to always switch off when you don't use your computer or to leave it on? I heard various theories and I'm curious what you think

Aug 12, 5:46PM EDT0

How can IT maximize efficiency?

Aug 11, 7:23PM EDT0

Olah! For me, continuous self study. IT has a large scope and specialization just like doctors do... So pehaps study those you did not specilaize when you were in College... Continue the flow of information.....

Aug 12, 9:31AM EDT0

Its not exactly an easy field to be studying is it? Its so broad and you can get side tracked very easy. Does that happen to you as well?

Aug 12, 4:17PM EDT0

Why is information security important?

Aug 11, 4:57PM EDT0

Hey there! It is of essential to maintain privacy. We all do need privacy and no one wants their information shared and used by other people.

Aug 12, 9:34AM EDT0

I understand, do you recommend not to allow pop up windows to know your location or does it matter? 

Aug 12, 4:51PM EDT0

How can I use the system health check in my computer?

Aug 11, 4:53PM EDT0

For Windows 7&8

They have a built-in diagnostic tool you might not have ever known about. To access the Resource and Performance Monitor, simply hold down your Windows key and press the letter R. A new window will open and you can type in the command perfmon /report, then click on OK. A new window will open and will begin collecting data. This process takes a minute. Then you’ll get a report with more information than you or I will probably ever know what to do with. The main report that you want to look at though is the Diagnostic Results – Warnings and the Resource Overview. The Diagnostic Results Warning only comes up if there are some warnings. The Resource Overview is going to give you the red-yellow-green light overview of the major parts of your system. This gives you an instant overview of the health of these major components. Apparently my computer could use some more RAM, as I have a red light on my Memory. Or I could close a few applications I don’t need running right now.

Windows Memory Diagnostic

Another Windows feature is the ability to test your RAM, or memory, and see how that’s all working. What you’re looking for is the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. You can find that on your Start Menu > Administrative Tools > Windows Memory Diagnostic. Once you click on that, you’ll be given the option to either restart the computer and test the memory now, or to test the memory on the next system restart. Unless you’re in a rush right now to find out, go ahead and choose the restart option. 


Great software, just be a little bit careful on the installation or you’re going to end up with the Ask.com toolbar installed and have your homepage changed to Ask.com. Minor annoyances really, when you look at the value of the software package. It will tell you everything you’d ever want to know about your hardware, system configuration, resources, and help you set benchmarks for testing your hardware.

That way, you can have a historical view of how your hardware is performing and identify any decline over time.

Hope these helps.

Aug 12, 9:39AM EDT1

Thanks that helped

Aug 12, 4:42PM EDT0

What technical websites do you follow?

Aug 11, 2:58PM EDT0

Hello there. I usally follow Techcrunch and Thenextweb. They are really informative and I get some new ideas from there too. 

Aug 12, 9:43AM EDT0

I'll check them out, thanks

Aug 12, 4:21PM EDT0

What are some non-expert ways through which I can clean my computer's RAM?

Aug 11, 2:06PM EDT0

This one is really easy.

Use Windows Task Manager & Resource Monitor. The easiest way to free up RAM in use is to open Windows Task Manager. Navigate to the Processes tab and then sort the list of open programs by memory. This will reveal any process that's consuming an unusually large volume of RAM.

Let me know if it helps!

Aug 12, 9:41AM EDT0

Yep, thanks a lot! Got rid of quite a few that are never needed nor will

Aug 12, 8:03PM EDT0

What devices count as a “laptop” computer?

Aug 11, 2:04PM EDT0

Hi there Nathan. What do you mean? Laptops are those you can carry by hand anywhere. Small and slim. PC's are differnt, they are big and bulky.

Aug 12, 9:45AM EDT0

What are your favorite and least favorite technology products, and why?

Aug 11, 12:48PM EDT0

Hi Anne, how you been? I chose mobile phones, very necessary from day to day. Least would be I think a tablet. Really small in size and is not as reliable as a laptop.

Aug 12, 9:46AM EDT0

Thanks for answering, I'm doing great

Aug 12, 9:22PM EDT0

What softwares does a common person has to have in his personal computer?

Aug 11, 11:37AM EDT0

Hello Steven. All built in applications and software are important. They are designed to maintain the work efficiency of computers. But one thing that is really important is Microsoft Tools, these helps you view your files and saved documents.

Aug 12, 9:48AM EDT0

I would say Antivirus software and whatever you need to use for working on or am I wrong

Aug 12, 4:58PM EDT0

What is the optimum number of users who can share a single Wi-Fi without slowing down its speed?

Aug 11, 11:35AM EDT0

Hey yah! How are you? That depends on your Internet Provider, Your internet speed and how is the iternet used (usage). 3mbps can carry around 2-3 users. They can open Youtube and use Google but not play computer games or mobile games at the same time.

Aug 12, 9:50AM EDT0

So does that mean the more users the slower the internet gets?

Aug 12, 7:13PM EDT0

What requirements or procedures you have to go through before getting your IT degree?

Aug 11, 11:29AM EDT0

Hello there... Hope you have been doing fine.. Well, as and IT graduate you have to pass on your Thesis. Just like any other course out there.

Aug 12, 9:51AM EDT0

Where did you study?

Aug 12, 4:32PM EDT0

Is it really necessary for high school students to have and use computer on campus?

Aug 11, 11:15AM EDT0

Hi Kimberly. Yes for me, I am a teacher and it is very helpful for students to have access to computers and or laptops. They will have impromptu prejoects, tasks and activities that may need the use of computer.

Aug 12, 9:53AM EDT0

How do I set up my mobile device for this kind of work?

Aug 11, 11:01AM EDT0

Olah! All you need I guess is a wifi access to your mobile or you may use internet data. Mobiles work just like laptops, computer and tablets but not that advised.

Aug 12, 9:54AM EDT0

I'll look into it thanks

Aug 12, 6:18PM EDT0

Do you specialize on hardware or software?

Aug 11, 11:01AM EDT0

Hello there! Hope you are good! I specialize in software... I have been teaching software lessons. But I also tackle hardwares.

Aug 12, 9:55AM EDT0

Have you always been interested in computers? Where do you teach?

Aug 12, 6:09PM EDT0
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