My name is Randolf. I am Co-founder in a communication hardware start-up. We make your phone work without cellular coverage. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 17, 2017

Hi Guys,

I co-founded this hardware company dreaming about changing how ppl communicate over long-range. I m basically in charge of all the marketing(in some startups people sometimes call it operation) stuffs: social media, pr, analytics, branding, biz strategy plus sales (these 2 r not part of marketing). 


RandolfG says:

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What kind of computer hardware servicing do you offer?

Jul 17, 8:38AM EDT0

Sonnet is not a computer hardware.

Jul 17, 9:42AM EDT0
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If the business your working with is new to an industry, how do you give it an edge?

Jul 17, 7:21AM EDT0

Offer the world something never before possible, like long-range data transfer based on radio signal

Jul 17, 9:42AM EDT0

What does computer hardware engineering entails?

Jul 17, 4:48AM EDT0

Sonnet is not a computer hardware

Jul 17, 9:43AM EDT0

What is the hardest stage in developing a marketing campaign?

Jul 17, 4:41AM EDT0


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Jul 17, 9:43AM EDT0

What is the hardest stage in developing a marketing campaign?

Jul 17, 4:01AM EDT0

trial-and-error. Startups like us won't have enough resource and data to project efficiency of certain channels, so you have to try a small scale to tell which however can be simply accidental. 

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Jul 17, 4:36AM EDT0
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Can you name some feature-rich software?

Jul 17, 4:00AM EDT0

What kind of experiences have you had working with various businesses?

Jul 17, 3:09AM EDT0

I worked with 500 corps, mid size corporations, SOE, and startups like our own

Jul 17, 9:44AM EDT0
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How often do you get repeat projects in this field?

Jul 17, 2:45AM EDT0

Well, this is our first product as a company. 

Jul 17, 3:09AM EDT0
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How frequent should one change a certain computer hardware?

Jul 17, 2:42AM EDT0

Is the hardware satellite based?

Jul 17, 2:41AM EDT0

No. Sonnet basically sends and receives its own signal.

Jul 17, 3:08AM EDT0
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What do you put in your resume to convince your clients about your credibility?

Jul 17, 2:41AM EDT0

Results and how you got the results.

Jul 17, 4:34AM EDT0
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Can you name some underrated medium proved and tested to boost sales?

Jul 17, 2:29AM EDT0

It is quite dependent on which platform you play with. On Kickstarter I would say cross promotion and fb page.

Jul 17, 3:13AM EDT0
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What are the most challenging hardware issues to fix?

Jul 17, 2:17AM EDT0

For us it is the battery. It took us a long while to find the solution that can meet our power demands while not being too big.

Jul 17, 4:38PM EDT0

Do you prefer to work on software alone or in a team?

Jul 17, 2:10AM EDT0

I m more efficient when working alone

Jul 17, 3:07AM EDT0

Does dirt accumulation affect the functionality of hardware?

Jul 17, 2:06AM EDT0

Yes. This is another reason people want to buy a water-proof hardware: it is also dust-proof.

Jul 17, 2:35AM EDT0

What kind of survey sites and tools have you used in your marketing campaigns?

Jul 17, 1:48AM EDT0


Jul 17, 2:32AM EDT0

Do you have an Engineering degree?

Jul 17, 1:36AM EDT0

No. I m the only one in the team who is not an enginneer.

Jul 17, 2:31AM EDT0
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What software are mostly used web design and graphics?

Jul 17, 1:27AM EDT0

Photoshop for sure. 

Jul 17, 2:30AM EDT0

Whatsapp does the same thing, how is your system different?What are the most apparent upgrades we can see in the hardware today compared to the those of the last decade?

Jul 17, 1:04AM EDT0

Smartphone chatting apps rely on wifi and cellular signal, and Sonnet is something you can use to do the 'whatsapp' thing without wifi or cellular signal. The software interface will be very similar to whatsapp plus off-line maps. 

Today all hardware have a small 'computer' inside them meaning developers can create their own softwares on these hardware meaning the possibilities on hardware functions can be infinite.

Jul 17, 2:46AM EDT0

What made you choose to work in the field of programming?

Jul 17, 12:59AM EDT0

I m not a programmer myself, but for my programmer colleague I guess the answer is most likely a combination of personal interest and career potential.

Jul 17, 2:47AM EDT0

Do you only trust major hardware brands or do you also try lesser known ones to test their quality? How often should one depend on crowdfunding?

Jul 17, 12:50AM EDT0

I don't think we should rely on 'reputation' when it comes to choosing which one to buy. People should make their own research, reviews, coments, and so on. 

Crowdfunding is to get something that was never possible before. So it is all up to your needs and how sensitive you are to the newest technology trends

Jul 17, 4:33AM EDT0
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What should a non-techie never do if his hardware is infected with malware?

Jul 17, 12:49AM EDT0

Why do you choose to work around the industry of eCommerce?

Jul 17, 12:48AM EDT0

It is not really a choice. There are only a few options you can resort to when you start selling a consumer-facing hardware, yet kickstarter provides the most flexible time-frame and is less risky as we pretty much have spent all of our money on r&d already.

Jul 17, 2:29AM EDT0
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How much of your time is spent designing software as opposed to hardware?

Jul 17, 12:43AM EDT0

We have 2 engineers on hardware and another 2 on software. But they actually all spent time on the protocol as well. I think overall hardware/software/protocol should be 30%/30%/40%

Jul 17, 2:24AM EDT0

How is implementing and designing software on organization systems like?

Jul 17, 12:35AM EDT0

What software are you most proficient in?

Jul 17, 12:34AM EDT0

Me personnally...? Well as a former business consultant it would be MS PowerPoint. 

Jul 17, 2:21AM EDT0

Can a non-techie troubleshoot his own hardware issues?

Jul 17, 12:13AM EDT0

Yes. If the hardware manufacuturer provides systematic guidance, like a platform or steps of instructions. 

Jul 17, 2:20AM EDT0

Is this a waterproof device?

Jul 15, 7:14AM EDT0

Sonnet has IP66 rating meaning Sonnet is dust tight and is protected from heavy seas and powerful jets of water.

Jul 15, 9:47AM EDT0
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How can we purchase this device online?

Jul 15, 6:39AM EDT0

Just open the kickstarter link, cllick 'back this project' and follow instructions.

Jul 15, 9:48AM EDT0

Great! Thanks.

Jul 16, 3:04PM EDT0
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