My name is Moustafa. I'm a Microsoft office expert, I can make your CV or Resume in Novel and Fashionable Form. Ask me anything!

moustafa abd el azeem
Aug 15, 2017

your CV or Resume is the First impression for recruitment manager, 

write your email and I will send a CV template for you 

  • Editable Resume template.
  • MS Word (.docx)
  • shows your achevements.
  • fine-looking,coordinated,organized and arranged Resume.

moustafa abd el azeem says:

This AMA will end Oct 30, 2017 12PM EDT

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What is the thing not to include in writing a resume? 

Oct 22, 4:15AM EDT0

Hello Moustafa! Tell me please what are the main character traits for Microsoft specialist, I mean personal? I heard that the company selects not just professionals, but also people who are personalities.Thank you.

Oct 20, 7:59AM EDT0

What about the experience? I heard that many employers are afraid of too experienced applicants. Should I mention my experience in the resume?

Sep 20, 10:55AM EDT1


your strong points ( work experience ,achevementes and success stories ,......)   must be mentioned.

Ask me anything!

Sep 20, 2:26PM EDT0

Why would you want to make a resume this way? Do you suggest people use resume generators?

Sep 18, 1:00PM EDT1


good question ! 

your resume represent your character .

- achevement.

- arrangement.

- Skills.

- Qualifications.

- beautiful form ..... etc

yes , resume generators will support Improvement .

Ask me anything!

Sep 18, 5:14PM EDT0

Hello! If you were to rate your skills in Microsoft office from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), what will it be? Thanks

Sep 18, 12:52PM EDT1

Hello! Dear 

I rate my skills in MS now 6 

Sep 18, 4:58PM EDT0

What do you think should be improved in Ms Excel?

Sep 14, 10:41AM EDT1


I hope this answer find you happy

I think that MS Excel should be totaly improved espicialy in Tools menu arrangement.

Sep 18, 4:55PM EDT0
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I have not seen resumes like this before. Are they the new style that employers want?

Sep 5, 10:58PM EDT1

Hi Israel 

yes, this new style of resume 

the employers first needs apperance to make them attention 

to view your expreince and achievement 

Ask me anything!

Sep 6, 2:36PM EDT0

Hi, am Mogendi am a computer expert I do programming and even am an high speed typer, I design graphs and I even do photo washout.

Aug 29, 10:35AM EDT1

Hi Dear

good job 

can you show me !


Aug 31, 4:45PM EDT0

do you work for some companies or this is just personally ? #askmeanythingback

Aug 23, 5:25AM EDT1


I work personaly 

do you have advice(s) for me to develop my work ?


Ask me anything!

Aug 23, 4:54PM EDT0

do you love what you do 

Aug 15, 1:08PM EDT1


yes, I love MS office very mutch 

my favoriet hoppy

Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 5:54PM EDT0

Is this what you do full time, or just for extra money?

Aug 14, 6:39AM EDT1


I'm working Medical Representative full time , MS office skill application just for extra mony.


Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 5:57PM EDT0

Why can't I convert a file created in Presentations 8 with v.10 modifications to a PowerPoint slide show?

Aug 13, 12:36PM EDT1


This is a bug in Presentations 10 , for review or printing of individual slides it is suggested that the file be converted to .pdf format.

Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 7:15PM EDT0

How can I make the screen stop flashing during macro execution?

Aug 13, 11:03AM EDT1


Insert your macro in the middle where it says "macro in here"

Put 'Application.ScreenUpdating = False' [without quote marks] before your macro code and then put 'Application.ScreenUpdating = True' after your macro code.

I hope that this method helpful

Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 7:26PM EDT0

How can I speed up my Macro execution?How can I get Excel to accept an entry like "5+5" without the leading equals sign as a formula? I've done this is the past but can't remember how.

Aug 13, 7:31AM EDT1


you can use this codes to speed up your Macro execution 

Sub Macro1()

Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Application.DisplayStatusBar = False

Application.EnableEvents = False

Activesheet.DisplayPageBreaks = False

'Place your macro code here

Application.Calculation =xlCalculationAutomatic

Application.ScreenUpdating = True

Application.DisplayStatusBar = True

Application.EnableEvents = True

Activesheet.DisplayPageBreaks = True

End Sub

Ask me anything!

Aug 17, 4:59PM EDT0

In visual basic, I can set the color of a cell with the .interior.colorIndex property. How can I read the color of a cell before I change it?

Aug 13, 3:39AM EDT1


Here is a solution to use the color by using its index.

dim colorindex as integer

colorindex = ExcelSheet.Range("A1:A1").Interior.IolorIndex

Once you read the color index, you can change color in another cell by

ExcelSheet.cells(5,1).Interior.ColorIndex = colorindex

You can also check if another cell has this same color by

if colorindex = ExcelSheet.Cells(5,1).Interior.colorindex then



Hope this will do what you want. Good Luck.

Ask me anything!

Aug 17, 5:13PM EDT0

Can I add notes into my presentation that only I can see whilst I am presenting?

Aug 12, 11:13PM EDT1


to add notes into your presentation press on Pen icon

pen iconAsk me anything!

Aug 15, 6:27PM EDT0

Do you need to know web development or programming?

Aug 12, 8:25PM EDT1


yes, I need to learn web development and programming

I have eagerness to learn new Tech.

Can you tell and gide  me to  web development and programming ?

thanks in advace

Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 6:11PM EDT0

How did you get into this line of work?

Aug 12, 4:02PM EDT16


the Idea and project started when I was 3th year of colege in computer science lecture 


Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 12:07PM EDT21
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Why can't I save my MS Powerpoint document to a CD/DVD?

Aug 12, 12:40PM EDT28


Not all CD-rom recording programs let you save a file from an office program directly. A workaround is to save to the harddrive first and then burn the file to CD/DVD.

Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 11:56AM EDT19
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How do you draw on a Powerpoint slide?

Aug 12, 11:34AM EDT58


you can draw on a Powerpoint slide by using INK TOOLS

to add this tools tab to the ribbon 


1- Options 

2- Customize Ribbon

3- Tool Tabs

4- Ink Tools

selsct the Main menu to add Ink tools to it

as showen

explan to start draw click here

Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 11:30AM EDT69
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Do you work for a company, or for yourself?

Aug 12, 11:04AM EDT62


I work for myself 

do you have advice(s) for me to develop my work ?


Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 10:29AM EDT50
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Does your job afford you the ability to travel and work remotely?

Aug 12, 10:40AM EDT1


Via my Job allways I do internal travel  , but MS office project is my favoriet hoppy I will travel abroad later

Ask me anything!


Aug 15, 10:08AM EDT0

Do you work with a team, or alone?

Aug 12, 10:33AM EDT22


I'm working alone , I want to assemble a team 

teamwork is more effective than individual work

Co-operation is very important , Is not it ?

Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 9:25AM EDT45
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Why does a Presentations 8 document converted to a PowerPoint slide show change the backgrounds?

Aug 12, 9:22AM EDT1


The conversion can only handle one background per slide show and defaults to the first background created.

Ask me anything!

Aug 15, 8:44AM EDT0

What inspired you to get into this industry?

Aug 12, 9:13AM EDT1


the Idea and project started when I was 3th of colege in computer science lecture 


Ask me anything!

Aug 14, 6:26PM EDT0

How do you add a developer tab to the ribbon?

Aug 12, 7:50AM EDT1


to add developer tab to the ribbon in 6 steps follow this link 

click here

Ask me anything!

Aug 14, 6:22PM EDT0
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What do you enjoy least about doing this?

Aug 12, 7:32AM EDT1


MS office is my vavorite hobby 

thanks for interest 

Ask me anything!

Aug 14, 6:15PM EDT0
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How can I create my own template in Microsoft Powerpoint?

Aug 12, 5:30AM EDT1

Hi ROBERTSELSLIFE you can create your template by MS Powerpointas showen in this Video :-

How to Create a Template on PowerPoint (YouTube)

for details Ask me anything!

Aug 12, 6:39AM EDT0
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How can I view a Powerpoint presentation on my Mac?

Aug 12, 4:43AM EDT1


download and instal MS Powerpoint then watch this video 

PowerPoint Presentation-Mac ... >>> click here

Ask me anything! 

with my best wishes

Aug 12, 7:46AM EDT0
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What ratio of videos/images/text make up a great presentation?

Aug 12, 4:34AM EDT1


the Ratio depnd on topic of Presentation 

such as  Detailed explanation need more videos ....etc

I hope that I helped you !

Ask me anything!


Aug 12, 8:35AM EDT0
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Do you have Facebook?

Aug 12, 4:34AM EDT1
Aug 12, 8:52AM EDT0
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Do you enjoy what you do?

Aug 12, 3:54AM EDT45


yes, I'm very happy for making Resume templates

this my favorite hobby Ask me anything!

Aug 12, 11:22AM EDT26
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How can I open a Powerpoint e-mail attachment on a public computer without Powerpoint installed?

Aug 12, 1:27AM EDT1


If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your own or Public computer 

no problem !


I hope that I helped U 

Ask me anything!

Aug 12, 9:59AM EDT0
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Do you have any examples of what you've done?

Aug 11, 11:49PM EDT1


yes, I have a various template models 

I made it by MS Word 

for download CV ready template >>> Click here

simple and editable CV 

Via MS Word  (.doc )

Ask me anything!

Aug 12, 9:36AM EDT0
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Why doesn't a PowerPoint slide show open from a link in Internet Explorer?

Aug 11, 7:13PM EDT1

you need to Download and install MS PowerPoint to open files which have  (.ppt  , .pps and .pptx ) extentions 

Aug 12, 9:22AM EDT0
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