My name is Harshul Chugh, I am into SEO & SMO from over 2 years. I like creating marketing strategies and I am also into Designing & Video Editing.Ask Me Anything.

Harshul Chugh
Jul 15, 2017

You can ask about SEO, SMO & Digital Marketing Strategies.I have done the same for many events for the past two years & have recently started as a DJ.

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Which software do you prefer for video editing? 

Jul 16, 1:10PM EDT0

I prefer Lightworks, VideoPad & Premiere Pro 

Jul 16, 3:05PM EDT0
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What advice can you give to fresh Marketing graduates pursing to build a career in the industry?

Jul 15, 1:07PM EDT0

On field or live project experience in the field of marketing as well as in Digital marketing is the best, with practical knowledge you can tackle every obstacle which comes in your way.

Jul 16, 8:45AM EDT0

What are the benefits of using BuzzSumo with social media marketing?

Jul 14, 8:39AM EDT0

BuzzSumo helps to recognise those keywords which are currently popular on the web, which helps one to use those keywords in our posts on facebook, twitter or on Blogs to increase our reach for the same.It also helps to monitor the same online.

Jul 16, 8:48AM EDT0

How hard is it to gain advantage in competition between businesses?

Jul 14, 8:00AM EDT0

To gain advantage in competition between businesses you need to focus on innovation and techniques which a business uses, it depends from business to business, you need to stand out by doing something unique.

Jul 16, 8:52AM EDT0

What strategies do businesses use these days and to grow and expand?

Jul 14, 2:27AM EDT0

Strategies depend from business to business but these days they are more inclined towards using Social Media, they are creating customer engagement and at the same time they are tracking or noting down the choices or trends of the customers, and analyzing that data to create strategies.

Jul 16, 8:54AM EDT0

Which is your biggest success example or case from the many business clients you have worked with so far?

Jul 14, 12:43AM EDT0

Biggest success example is my college festival we had around 60 entries a week before the main thing, I being the Digital Marketing Head was questioned, I developed a personalised marketing strategy for thr following week , On the event day there were more than 500 registrants.

Jul 16, 3:10PM EDT0

What advice would you offer to small businesses getting started with web marketing?

Jul 13, 9:44PM EDT0

Small businesses should concerntrate more on building their presence organically online rather than paid promotions first, they should establish their brand name and engage customers to give them review online and offer them a discount or freebies for the same, which would help the business in growing.

Jul 16, 8:59AM EDT0

How effective is a co-marketing campaign in generating leads and increasing sales?

Jul 13, 7:42PM EDT0

Co - marketing campaign is only successful if the products are inter related to each other in some kind of way or are of similar fields, it helps in generating leads and also generates sales but not always works out.

Jul 16, 9:01AM EDT0

What kind of help do you offer to businesses that are not yet web savvy?

Jul 13, 5:45PM EDT0

The business who are not yet web savvy , are offered solutions how to get online, how to build presence offline by using various promotion techniques depending on the nature of business.

Jul 16, 9:02AM EDT0

What does Wistia offer which is lacking in free video sharing platforms?

Jul 13, 4:46PM EDT0

Wistia offers Video SEO, marketing analytics and other customisations(Like linking with Hubspot) which is not offered by other free video sharing platforms, it also offers marketing automation much better than other platforms.

Jul 16, 9:06AM EDT0

What do you put in your resume to convince your clients about your credibility?

Jul 13, 3:59PM EDT0

To prove my credibility I put in the results which I achieve after completing a marketing campaign and provide them which information regarding the results.Certifications also help to enhance your resume.

Jul 16, 9:08AM EDT0

Are there any available online tutorials on Marketing you can recommend?

Jul 13, 3:01PM EDT0

If you are a beginner you can try Udemy online tutorials and also Hubspot for email marketing & content writing.

Jul 16, 9:09AM EDT0

How do you decide which marketing tool to employ for a particular business?

Jul 13, 2:58PM EDT0

Analyzing the nature of business, analyzing the needs & requirements for the same , and preparing a dummy strategy to check how far it goes.

Jul 16, 9:10AM EDT0

What exactly do you do to transform a plain profile into a marketing tool which helps them grow and expand the business?

Jul 13, 1:57PM EDT0

The content sharing & using customer reviews help to build up the business, people are attracted towards the business but to check the credibilty for the same , customer reviews provide them with full satisfaction & quality assurance.

Jul 16, 9:11AM EDT0

What kind of experiences have you had working with various businesses?

Jul 13, 12:53PM EDT0

I have had an amazing experience working with various businesses, I got exposure to a lot of things which were unknown to me & helped me develop my personality to tackle difficult situations.

Jul 16, 3:03PM EDT0

What are the most common products/services you you have worked with?

Jul 13, 12:03PM EDT0

Most common are brand promotions & event promotions.

Jul 16, 3:02PM EDT0

How does SMO marketing help attract the right crowd to your website?

Jul 13, 11:36AM EDT0

As, everyone uses social media , it is a easy platform to generate & target leads or people to attract people on the website, we can customise our posts to attract the right crowd.

Jul 16, 10:00AM EDT0

What kind of survey sites and tools have you used in your marketing campaigns?

Jul 13, 10:43AM EDT0

I have used the following-Google trendsBuzzSumoAhrefsGoogle Search ConsoleUber SuggestSemrush

Jul 16, 3:01PM EDT0

Is devising a plot to defame a competitor a common occurence in the Marketing industry?

Jul 13, 7:44AM EDT0

Sarcasm is the best tool, Coca-Cola & Pepsi are best examples for this they use sarcasm to tackle each other, which helps them to market themselves , whereas completely going negative would affect the whole scenario.

Jul 16, 3:00PM EDT0

Are you in favor of clickbaits as a method of gaining product/service exposure?

Jul 13, 6:22AM EDT0

Kind of yes, but that may affect or create a negative image of the company or business in consumers mind.

Jul 16, 2:58PM EDT0

What kind of experiences have you had using Optimizely?

Jul 13, 6:11AM EDT0

Honestly , I have not tried it professionally but I got a free trial of 30 days in which I got to know about different permutations & combinations of testing.

Jul 16, 2:26PM EDT0

So do you just create attractive profiles on social media? What's so special about that?Which is a better video marketing platform, Youtube or Wistia?

Jul 13, 4:12AM EDT0

Attractive profiles on Social Media create an image of that company or business in the consumers mind, as you know the first impression is the last impression, so the present business environment requires it like we require oxygen.Video marketing platform choice differs as you need both youtube & wistia as well, whereas the cost matters in wistia, the main advantage is that on wistia traffic comeson to your own website, whereas on youtube it comes to their website.

Jul 16, 1:58PM EDT0

What are the common qualifications a SMO marketer should have to score top-rated projects?

Jul 13, 4:05AM EDT0

Certifications play an important role , and work experience or past project perormances & results play the key role.

Jul 16, 9:29AM EDT0

Which was your most difficult marketing project and why was it difficult?

Jul 13, 3:54AM EDT0

What got you interested in a web marketing business?

Jul 13, 2:59AM EDT0

When I started as a freshman in college my event coordinator faculty asked me create a facebook page for the event, from that point of time I went deeper into social media & got to know more about online marketing and haven't stopped learning yet.

Jul 16, 9:26AM EDT0

What can you do to ensure the effectiveness of your marketing skills?

Jul 13, 2:33AM EDT0

To ensure effectiveness of your marketing analysis one can correlate with the results of the campaigns processed.

Jul 16, 9:20AM EDT0

What is the hardest stage in developing a marketing campaign?

Jul 13, 1:34AM EDT0

The hardest stage is when in developing a marketing campaign is whwn you have to create a backup strategy for the product in case the original one fails.

Jul 16, 9:19AM EDT0

If the business your working with is new to an industry, how do you give it an edge?

Jul 13, 12:48AM EDT0

By building exclusivity for the same , by showing that it is a unique experience or service to the customer, and using personalisations for the same.

Jul 16, 9:18AM EDT0
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