Managing field operations with smartphones and mobile internet is easier! Ask me anything!!

Tun Tune
Aug 13, 2017

I am Tuni. I am creating apps named Field-track. It helps you to manage field operations by using smart devices. It offers sales, surveys, registrations and workflows for field workers using smartphones. Managers can easily keep track of what’s happening in the field remotely with web-based Mission Control interface.

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What other apps have you created?

Aug 13, 9:50AM EDT0

This is my first app!

Aug 13, 10:01AM EDT0

What tools do App Dev novices should have at hand?

Aug 12, 11:24PM EDT0

What is your educational background?

Aug 12, 9:12PM EDT0

 I have complete BSC Engineering in CSE.. Thanks for asking..

Aug 13, 12:44AM EDT0

Nice!  Did you find it very difficult?

Aug 13, 11:57AM EDT0

Who do web developers typically collaborate with?

Aug 12, 12:58PM EDT0

What are some impressive projects included in your portfolio?

Aug 12, 6:50AM EDT0

What are a few personal web projects you've got going on?

Aug 12, 4:41AM EDT0

What is the APK format?

Aug 12, 3:31AM EDT27

APK format  is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware. Thanks for asking

Aug 13, 12:32AM EDT27

Thanks to you

Aug 13, 9:59AM EDT57

How much does it cost to do something on the Web?

Aug 12, 1:38AM EDT76

$50 – $80 per hour. $250 – $500 minimum charge per project. This may include a minimum of 3 pages, and additional pages will be a slightly cheaper. Logo or branding design will be about $100 – $1500 depending on the extent of the branding design you need.

Aug 13, 1:13AM EDT73
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What software do I need to build a website?

Aug 12, 1:18AM EDT15
Aug 13, 12:38AM EDT57
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How is Java used for purposes of web development?

Aug 12, 12:44AM EDT71

Java is used quite extensively to create web applications, and as Miquel Paraz points out, it is done using the Java Enterprise Edition. But in modern web development on the Java platform, you no longer use JSP, and Servlets are usedprimarily behind the scenes.

Aug 13, 1:14AM EDT82
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What did you do to solve the problems related to your app?

Aug 11, 10:31PM EDT0

Can people without a degree in Computer Science develop apps?

Aug 11, 10:25PM EDT68

Yes.. Thanks for asking

Aug 13, 1:07AM EDT31

What qualifications should they have instead

Aug 13, 10:25AM EDT23

Can you show me how you code?

Aug 11, 10:17PM EDT0

Do you plan to market this to large corporations?

Aug 11, 10:09PM EDT0

Yes! I do

Aug 13, 10:06AM EDT0

Which was the most challenging app you have ever made?

Aug 11, 9:00PM EDT55

Field-track is my  most challenging app I have ever made.. Thanks for asking

Aug 13, 12:47AM EDT48
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What's the most common misconception about App Development?

Aug 11, 8:57PM EDT0

 Building native applications for every platform separately is an exercise in futility and cash.

Aug 13, 1:06AM EDT0

Can you list out the advantage of HTTP/2 as compared with HTTP 1.1?

Aug 11, 8:38PM EDT29

HTTP/2 was built over Google’s SPDY protocol with the above shortcomings of HTTP/1.1 in mind. The main advantages of HTTP/2 over HTTP/1.1 as pulled from their Github page are -

Multiplexed, instead of ordered

Allows using same TCP connection for multiple parallel requests

Header compression using HPACK

Compressed headers, reduced data redundancy

Server Push

Instead of waiting for the client to request for assets like JS and CSS, the server can “push” the resources it believes would be required by the client. Avoids the round trip.

Aug 13, 1:28AM EDT28


Aug 13, 10:37AM EDT61

What are the most popular software programs for web developers?

Aug 11, 8:04PM EDT54
  • Pictaculous
  • Balsamiq
  • Lightshot
  • Sublime Text 2
  • WAMP
  • Canva
  • Sass
Aug 13, 1:01AM EDT49
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What industry sites and blogs do you read regularly?

Aug 11, 8:02PM EDT0

How do you validate the codes you’re using?

Aug 11, 7:53PM EDT0
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