Looking for investors and skilled artists to work on a Game Project.AMA

Farvind Acharya
Oct 23, 2017


This game is about mythical origin that still is placed as a highly symbolical in the Newari Culture/ in Nepal. Kumari a symbol of Goddess Durga (Nepal) has been abducted in game form.This Game is about the sweet dream of kumari where she walks on her dream and fights with the enemies while eating Candies,Lollipops ,white rabbit,etc.This Game Consists of 10 levels in its 1st version.Everything is Created with the use of limited resources.There are 3 Parody level consisting social characters . There are 2 boss levels where Player has to aim for the head and shoot .This Game consists of various features such as Weapon Switching,Time Pickups,Life and Health pickups among many others.Remember to give us feed so we can improve our work.


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Other nations do not know much about Nepal. It's very good that they will be able to find out more with the game, but will they be interesting, because now something is unknown for them?

Oct 24, 10:41AM EDT0

Where are yuou from?

Oct 22, 7:58AM EDT0

I'm from Nepal. Thankyou :)

Oct 23, 9:02AM EDT0

How good is Bitbucket/Github for game development?

Oct 22, 7:23AM EDT0

They are "holy" place for any Programmer . It will help anyone learn things that they are expected too 

Oct 23, 9:02AM EDT0

What is “Pixel Art”?

Oct 22, 1:46AM EDT0

you do art in old school styles like in Space Invaders or in brick games that is pixel art

Oct 23, 9:00AM EDT0

Is this game appropriate for children?

Oct 21, 11:35PM EDT0

yes :)

Oct 23, 8:59AM EDT0

What is “onsurfacecreated” in android game development and when can it occur?

Oct 21, 9:22PM EDT0

I think you are takling about screen Orientaion am i right?

Oct 23, 8:59AM EDT0

How can educators and universities get involved in game development?

Oct 21, 9:12PM EDT0

Sharing ideas :D this helps in game development 

Oct 23, 8:54AM EDT0

What are the Android tools used for developing games?

Oct 21, 8:51PM EDT0

Unity3d that's what i used but Unreal,godot and even android studio helps you to make games

Oct 23, 8:53AM EDT0

What is the basic structure for developing a game?

Oct 21, 2:34PM EDT0

Practice any old game and know what are you doing with codes

Oct 23, 12:52PM EDT0

What are the problems you might face while developing game with Java?

Oct 21, 2:26PM EDT0

I don't think programming language cause problems :)

Oct 23, 12:51PM EDT0

Have you ever thought of doing a crowdfunder?

Oct 21, 2:07PM EDT0

Yes, i do but it will take me a while

Oct 23, 8:50AM EDT0

What are the models used to make money in gaming business?

Oct 21, 2:06PM EDT0

In app purchases and ads are primary source for any gaming business. Others are getting Sponsors/investors

Oct 23, 8:49AM EDT0

Do you have any other games?

Oct 21, 12:52PM EDT0

Yes i do have and working on others too. You can check the other game in developer page of this game .Thankyou

Oct 23, 8:46AM EDT0

Can you point out the advantages and disadvantages of using packed buffers?

Oct 21, 12:52PM EDT0

Well i have not done any real time  multiplayer thing in this game .So i'm really sorry i can not answer this.

Oct 23, 8:48AM EDT0

How did you come uo with this idea?

Oct 21, 12:22PM EDT0

I was High maybe :D

Oct 23, 8:44AM EDT0

Do you plan to make it console compatible?

Oct 21, 12:09PM EDT0

Yes i do

Oct 23, 8:43AM EDT0

What educational path should my child take to become a game developer?

Oct 21, 12:02PM EDT0

Arts,Litreature,Music and Coding 

Oct 23, 8:43AM EDT0

How can you reduce game lag?

Oct 21, 10:45AM EDT0

You need to be good at codes and need technical skills to reduce major game lags

Oct 23, 8:42AM EDT0
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