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Kyle Wilson
Oct 11, 2017

Hello everybody, 

My Name is Kyle Wilson. I am a web designer in the midst of starting up my own web design business. I have done lots of freelance work mainly fixing websites/making them more functional but recently have taken on full website projects. I wanted to help any business owners out there whether current or future get their questions answered. It is difficult to figure out why you need a website, what your website should have, how functional it should be etc. Feel free to ask any questions ! 

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Email me at: kyle@wilsonwebdesigner.com


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If I can't afford a website for a start up, can a social media page cover the content I would have on the website?. Does the website make a difference?

Oct 12, 12:29PM EDT0

Yes and no. The great thing about a website is that it is easier to display information. Also, people can only view your social media page If they are a part of that social media site. How much are you being quoted for a website? A simple informational site shouldn’t cost more than $500.

Oct 12, 2:24PM EDT0

Do you offer website maintenance after the site is completed? What does it involve and what is the cost?

Oct 11, 8:05AM EDT0

Yes I do offer web maintenance. I have a variety of plans set up so that the client can pick what best fits them. This includes updates and minor changes. And added features are charged accordingly (depending on the size of the feature).

Oct 11, 10:53AM EDT0

Do you discuss color schemes and particular dislikes with your clients before you start?

Oct 11, 8:00AM EDT0

Yes. Color schemes are figured out early so that we have a basic setup so we see if it goes together or not. When it comes to particular dislikes, that is something I discuss when we first begin the project. We find out what the purpose of getting a website is and what it is supposed to do. This eliminates features that aren’t unnecessary.

Oct 11, 10:52AM EDT0

Can I start learning web designing on my own?

Oct 11, 6:43AM EDT0

Yes definitely! It is something you will need to sit down and try at a few times because it can be very confusing but it is definitely something you can learn on your own.  There are tutorials for everything. 

Oct 11, 10:51AM EDT0
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Do you practice responsive web design to ensure a consistent and usable experience on all devices?

Oct 11, 4:17AM EDT0

Yes responsive web design is included in all websites. Without that, the client would most likely have to come back or move to somebody else to have a mobile site so I figured I might as well include it from the beginning. 

Oct 11, 11:45AM EDT0

What’s included in your price?

Oct 11, 2:37AM EDT0

I do not have a set fee for a website, each price is fit for a website since most are different. When you purchase a website, you get a month free of maintenance (which lets us get rid of those bugs that we missed before launch). I offer web hosting and web maintenance plans but they are not included as they are optional. Those plans are a monthly fee while the website is a one one fee. 

Oct 11, 11:47AM EDT0

How long have you been working on websites? Have had any big challenges with clients? 

Oct 10, 9:49PM EDT0

I have been working on websites for about 3 years. I have done it as a job for the last year or so though. For that 2 year gap, I just did it for fun and made some games and things like that. 

The biggest problems I have ran into are clients not sure why they want a website. Because of this I have changed my strategy when I approach somebody. The main thing is finding out what a website does for you, with this there will be very few issues you run into. 

Oct 10, 11:42PM EDT0

Are you looking for a job or offering advice or both?

Oct 10, 7:25PM EDT0

Both! I would love to pick up some extra work but I also want to help others answer their questions. 

Oct 10, 11:35PM EDT0

What are the educational requirements needed to work at your company?

Oct 10, 2:45PM EDT0

No educational requirements! Just an interview and need to see that you know what you say you know.

Oct 10, 5:17PM EDT0

How will you optimize my website for search engines?

Oct 10, 1:57PM EDT0

Depends on how the site was built. If it was built with a content management system then there are plenty of plugins to assist you. Otherwise, you are adding in lots of <meta> tags to set up your SEO.

Oct 10, 5:15PM EDT0

Do you find any particular languages or technologies intimidating?

Oct 10, 1:32PM EDT0

I think that everything is extremely intimidating when you start. After a while it becomes natural. It is the same as learning a foreign language. If you put the time in to understand it, then it will not remain intimadating.

Oct 10, 5:14PM EDT0

What are the pros and cons of doing web dev on a freelance basis?

Oct 10, 1:05PM EDT0

I really don't think there is a way to answer that. It depends on who you are. Do you want to work when you want and be able to say no to anybody without risk of a "bad review"? Freelance.Do you want to be able to advertise more resources such as marketing/logo design etc.?Business. It is hard to hire one indivudual that can do everything. It makes you wonder if they know what they need to know because if they focus on 10 different tasks, will they be able to master one?

Oct 10, 5:12PM EDT0

How do you build authority value for your clients?

Oct 10, 12:52PM EDT0

I believe the best way to do this is to be upfront about what you do, how you do it and why you do it. The two main questions I ask a potential client are hat purpose does a website serve you and why do you think a website is the right fit? These two questions help me set up the purpose of a website and with that, we can fit it so that to the customers eye, you are what they need.

Oct 10, 5:09PM EDT0

Do you need a basic understanding of coding to dsign websites?

Oct 10, 12:08PM EDT0

If you want to use a DIY builder then no; however, I am not sure you will be satisfied with the results. To design a basic website (informational), then yes, you need to learn HTML and CSS at least. 

Last edited @ Oct 10, 5:33PM EDT.
Oct 10, 5:06PM EDT0

What content management system(s) do you recommend and why? Can you show a demonstration or share a link?

Oct 10, 10:54AM EDT0

Wordpress Definitely. The backend (admin abilties) are so organized and very easy to use. I can set up a demo site for you (free) so you can see what it looks like and if it appeals to you. If you would like that contact me at kyle@wilsonwebdesigner.com

Oct 10, 5:05PM EDT0

Are your websites fully custom or a “customized” theme?

Oct 10, 10:50AM EDT0

It depends on the situation! For example, let's say you come to me with a website you need and there is already a theme built to fit those needs, perfect! If there isn't a theme that can fit your needs I will custom build one from scratch. 

Oct 10, 4:36PM EDT0

How do you deal with clients asking for under budget design plan?

Oct 10, 10:20AM EDT0

I try to work with the client to see if we can set up payment plans instead that are more spread out to help them if they do not have enough money in hand. At the end of the day, the price is the price.

Oct 10, 5:03PM EDT0

What is the full breadth of your capabilities?

Oct 10, 9:35AM EDT0

Web Design/DevelopmentBasic SEO setupEmail MarketingLogo Design

This is just me. I can help you succeed via other agencies/individuals in:SEO / Social Media MarketingBusiness Development

Oct 10, 5:02PM EDT0

What is the average timeframe from start to finish for your website design service?

Oct 10, 5:58AM EDT0

Depends on the complexity of a site. For most sites I do, it won't take longer than a week at most but I offer plans where we have a two-day website turnaround in which we spend one day getting the design/colors/ etc. and the second day is me designing and developing the site and launching it.

Oct 10, 5:00PM EDT0

How can you help me drive website traffic and generate leads?

Oct 10, 5:29AM EDT0

This is done with SEO, Email & Social Media Marketing however that I would favor Social Media over SEO because SEO is more long term (takes about 4 months to go into effect). I do basic SEO set up as well as email marketing but I think your best option would be to go with a marketing agency. I can refer you to a few if you are interested. Contact kyle@wilsonwebdesigner.com

Oct 10, 5:00PM EDT0