I've been making fun gadgets since childhood. I know how to make anything out of recycled stuff. So ask me anything on DIY gadgets.

Afia Farzana
Aug 12, 2017

Currently I'm busy salvaging parts for a DIY multifunction drone. I have been meaning to make this for a long time. But I keep getting delayed for personal reasons. The base design is complete. But the prototype I made a few days ago blew up after 5 minutes of flight. So I'm making improvements to the model. Hopefully it'll be done within two months.

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Is there anywhere where I'm not allowed to fly my drone?

Aug 12, 3:21PM EDT0

I don't know but If you get the permit then you can. You must need a registration

Last edited @ Aug 14, 4:15AM EDT.
Aug 14, 4:11AM EDT0

How far and how high can I fly my drone?

Aug 12, 3:20AM EDT0

It depends on your drone 

Aug 14, 4:12AM EDT0

What happens if I crash my drone?

Aug 12, 2:22AM EDT0

ha ha ha lol, maybe break down, and police arrest you :p

Aug 14, 4:17AM EDT0

Can I build my own drone?

Aug 11, 11:07PM EDT0

Yes why not, You can

Aug 14, 4:17AM EDT0

How long can drones fly for?

Aug 11, 10:42PM EDT0

I don't know, It depends on drone what size and type?

Aug 14, 4:18AM EDT0

Do you think gadgets are necessities or are they just extravagance?

Aug 11, 9:59PM EDT0

Yes gadgets are very necessities for engineer not for everyone but everyone can't live without it

Aug 14, 4:20AM EDT0

Do gadgets make us more productive or more sluggish?

Aug 11, 7:49PM EDT0

In my thought, it makes more productive 

Aug 14, 4:22AM EDT0

How long does it take to charge a drone's battery?

Aug 11, 7:17PM EDT0

Maybe 4-8 hours 

Aug 14, 4:22AM EDT0

Are there any companies you boycott? For what reasons?

Aug 11, 6:47PM EDT0

No I haven't yet 

Aug 14, 4:23AM EDT0

Do you tend to buy things right away or wait until others have reviewed them?

Aug 11, 6:12PM EDT0

No, I buy everything on my choice 

Aug 14, 4:26AM EDT0

What kind of regulations are there to fly a drone?

Aug 11, 5:51PM EDT0
Aug 14, 4:27AM EDT0

What kinds of gadgets save you the most time?

Aug 11, 5:32PM EDT0

Arduino can save any one time

Aug 14, 4:29AM EDT0

What are the different uses for drones?

Aug 11, 3:39PM EDT0

Journalism, Filming and aerial photography , Disaster Management, Geographic Mapping, Structural Safety Inspections, Law-Enforcement and border patrol etc

Aug 14, 4:34AM EDT0

What's the best way to transport my drone?

Aug 11, 3:22PM EDT0

By air :p I don't know actually

Aug 14, 4:35AM EDT0

What common conveniences do many of your gadgets share?

Aug 11, 3:13PM EDT0

What is a drone?

Aug 11, 2:15PM EDT0

A drone, in a technological context, is an unmanned aircraft. Drones are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UASes). Essentially, a droneis a flying robot.

Aug 14, 4:37AM EDT0

Is it difficult to fly a drone?

Aug 11, 2:11PM EDT0

No but some training must

Aug 14, 4:36AM EDT0

What happens if you fly your drone out of range of your transmitter?

Aug 11, 2:04PM EDT0

If your ar drone 2.0 become out of controler range, then it will be auto set into hover mode waiting for you to be near and gain the control again and in case you don't, after some minutes it will be land slowly and carefully.

Last edited @ Aug 14, 5:30AM EDT.
Aug 14, 4:37AM EDT0

Which non-smartphone gadgets help you the most with communication?

Aug 11, 1:36PM EDT0

Warless networking system

Aug 14, 5:32AM EDT0

I have an idea for a business where I will use a drone. Do I need to do anything other than register the drone?

Aug 11, 12:39PM EDT0

You also need Remote Pilot Certificate, commercial drone license, UAV certificate, drone permit, drone pilot license, etc.

Aug 14, 5:37AM EDT0
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