iPhone lovers rejoice! We finally get the back button...and more! Come join the Nombiss AMA on the Intelli+ Smart Screen Protector!

Dec 6, 2017

Hi all, this is Rahul & Jay, co-founders of Nombiss. We're a tech company focused on making products that make your mobile devices and other tech more accessible. 

We've recently launched our first campaign, the Intelli+, a smart screen protector for the iPhone8/8+, all the way to the 6 series. It features 2 built-in buttons, that remap the top of your screen to easy to use buttons on either side of the home button. 

Our aim is to help every iPhone user get the most out of their device. Whether that be opening up the choice of any size iPhone for any size hand or just a more enjoyable and natural iPhone navigation experience. 

Here is a review by the youtube channel UnboxTherapy

Who will gain the most out of our AMA?

1. Those intersted in the Intelli+, our mission, what makes us different than our competitors.

2. Kickstarter campaign questions, our experience, how we got the word out.

3. How to take an idea and bring it to market.

4. Any question you're interested in asking.

Getting in touch with us

Kickstarter.com/nombiss          Press Kit

Facebook.com/nombiss           Twitter: @nombissco

Rahul's contact                              Jay's Contact

rahul@nombiss.com                   jay@nombiss.com

@rahulmohanmd                        @formatguardian

Nombiss says:

This AMA will end Dec 13, 2017 11AM EST

Update (Dec 7, 1:45PM EST):

Nombiss says:

Thanks for all the interest. We'll continue to answer questions as they come 

We also want to take a minute to announce a bit of a Rebranding. Over the last few days you may have notice a change in our name. We've decided to rebrand our smart screen protector as Intelli+

Same product, cooler name. If you have any questions about it, we will do our best to answer them!


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Will this be available in the Philippines?

Dec 8, 8:09PM EST0

Yes, the Intelli+ will be available worldwide. 

It's on sale at www.kickstarter.com/projects/nombiss/intelli-the-smartest-iphone-screen-protector?ref=1dlsc8

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Dec 9, 7:39PM EST0

What projects did you do before that?

Dec 8, 9:31AM EST0

We both come from different backgrounds and this is our first project together. 

Dec 8, 3:13PM EST0

What programming language are you using in this project?

Dec 8, 6:35AM EST0

Html, css & java. We’ve learned back end development languages like PHP & ruby.

Dec 8, 3:11PM EST0

How many employees work in your company?

Dec 7, 5:31PM EST0

No employees just yet, just two dedicated partners. 

Dec 8, 3:10PM EST0

What was your most successful project?

Dec 7, 10:55AM EST0

This is our first combined project. Previously we both come from academic fields but had always had the entrepeneur and inventor spirit. So we would say that Intelli+ is our most successful entrepeneurial endeavour. 

Dec 7, 1:58PM EST0

How do you plan to promote your product on the market?

Dec 7, 4:57AM EST0

The first part is "who is your market". 

When you first have an idea of a great product, your next question should always be "Who will benefit from it?"

Then you need to speak with this population. See if they will actually benefit from it. This is how you will create a solid base for your business plan.

Once you know the problem you are trying to solve and for who, you know who and how to promote your product. The only descision now is writing promotional material that connects with your market and knowing where they hang out (online or in real life). 

If they really like your idea, you might find yourself getting fans which is a great way to guage your progress.

And don't sweat the negative comments. They can be helpful and guide you in improvements and innovation. 

Dec 7, 1:57PM EST0

What kind of starting capital did you need to start your own business?

Dec 6, 10:20PM EST0

Well, we decided to self start, so we had a budget in mind, but honestly, that budget was surpassed quickly. It's the nature of an ever evolving enterprise. I don't have a ball park range to offer you either because each industry is different.

I think the better way to answer this question is to highlight some expenses you need to be aware of.

-Ecommerce related fees (server fees, domain name, web development fees, management fees if you don't manage your own content, and for those of you who aren't writing your own content (content writer fees)

-Marketing: Can be free but you might find it easier to pay sometimes. This includes ads and reviews (copy writing, design etc.), but don't forget photographer, videographer/editor. Every time you need to make a small clip, you will have to hire someone unless you develop the skills yourself.

We decided to offset a lot of these by taking the time to learn these skills. Not to say we're as good as a professional, but it was a quick way to get started early in our journey and now it's a great way to understand and coomunicate what we are looking for.

-Business operating costs such as licenses, registration etc. 

Product costs: material, R&D, labor, orders, packaging, shipping.

There are more but these are the majority.

Dec 7, 1:52PM EST0

What will be your next project?

Dec 6, 2:16PM EST0

We have a few ideas but they are a work in progress.

And we really believe that until we get our backers their Intelli+ smart screen protectors first, we aren't going to start any other projects. 

Dec 6, 2:23PM EST0

How do you assess the future popularity of your product?

Dec 6, 12:50PM EST0

It's a combination of research and modeling. 

Every product has it's own lifespan determined by multiple factors. Due to the quick innovation and movement of the tech field, often that is a short lifespan. 

lifespan equates to popularity. So you have to get people to see your product and talk about it as much as possible. 

But even before you get to that step, you test your product in the population of individuals you think would like it best. Keep testing and marketing to larger groups until your estimated sales give you a figure that you're comfortable with. 

Sometimes you're wrong about the popularity and sometimes it goes beyond your wildest dreams. But testing will help you identify the trend. 

There is a concept of MVP - minimal viable product. This is the fastest and most rudimentary product you can make that will demonstrate your idea. This is what you use to test. That way you save time and resources validating the idea before you invest too much time or money. 

Dec 6, 2:22PM EST0

How much will your IntelliTouch + application cost for iPhone users?

Dec 6, 11:01AM EST0

Just to clarify for all our readers, the Intelli+ is a screen protector with a built in coductive layer. It does not use an app or any power from your phone :)

Currently our super early bird kickstarter price is listed at $18 canadian (about $14 usd) + shipping which is almost sold out (10 spots left). 

The next tier, is just our 'early bird' which is $20 canadian (about $15.66 USD) + shipping.

Dec 6, 11:09AM EST0

Today there are a lot of developers in the world who try to make our life easier. How do you cope with the competition in the market?

Dec 5, 11:52PM EST0

We’re fortunate enough to have created a product that doesn’t really have any real competition. The closest competitor has only half the functionality that we have. At the end of the day, as long as you can prove that you have a product that can offer the consumer more than what’s already out there, you’re good.

Dec 6, 11:04AM EST0

What software do you use in your work?

Dec 5, 5:17AM EST0

There are a few softwares we use. Besides apps for our emails & web server access, we use facebook business solutions, google analytics, krowdster, HARO, adespresso & hootsuite.

Dec 6, 11:04AM EST0

How did you get the idea to create such an auxiliary function?

Dec 4, 3:31PM EST0

Ironically, over a random conversation with friends discussing the benefits and shortcomings of mobile phones. It was something that stuck out to us so we decided to explore methods to address the problem of iPhone navigation in the most seamless way possible.

Dec 6, 11:03AM EST0

How difficult is it to run your own business?

Dec 4, 6:55AM EST0

That’s a tough question to answer succinctly. It depends on a lot of factors. The type of business, your service or product, the type of customers your business focuses on, your experience, funding and team. I think the best way to look at it is, if you have an idea that you think is worth sharing with others, you work at it, one step at a time. Don’t focus on trying to do everything at once. Sit down, make a business plan and focus on the most pressing items first. Plans aren’t set in stone. They will change. But you accomodate. Nothing about business is easy or hard. It all has to do with your willingness to follow through.

Dec 6, 11:03AM EST0

What programming languages ​​do you know?

Dec 4, 1:54AM EST0

Interestingly enough, neither of us knew any programming languages at the beginning of our journey. But we learned them as we went, due to sheer necessity. We’ve learned front end web development so that includes html, css & java. We’ve learned back end development languages like PHP & ruby.

Dec 6, 11:03AM EST0

What income do you plan to receive from your project?

Dec 4, 12:22AM EST0

As a start-up we’re not looking to take any income. We plan to re-invest any profits into R&D and grow our product lineup while also stocking up on current products. We have a few follow up ideas that we are really eager to get working on.

Dec 6, 11:03AM EST0

When will IntelliTouch + be available to iPhone users?

Dec 3, 7:02PM EST0

Right now, it’s only available to iPhone users. We do have the kickstarter going but we have a way to go to reach our goal. If we don’t hit our goal, we’ll likely be looking to shift gears and sell on our own site www.nombiss.com

Dec 6, 11:02AM EST0

Will this be available in the market internationally?

Dec 3, 12:16AM EST0

With our kickstarter launch it is already available for the international market. We will primarily be focusing on online sales as it's the easiest & quickest way for buyers to purchase. Afterall, most purchasing is starting to move towards online sales.

Take a look at our kickstarter at www.kickstarter.com/projects/nombiss/intellitouch-the-smart-screen-protector-for-the-ip

Dec 6, 11:02AM EST0

What inspired you to do this?

Dec 3, 12:08AM EST0

We both love iPhones. We love how well the Apple environment is interconnected, the elegance of the design, the ease of us of the iOS system and that iDevices are supported for many generations. But we did recognize that there were a few issues. Once we identified the problem, we decided to ask around and see if others felt the same way and we received a positive response. We then started into the research phase and saw a similar idea but poor execution. The competition didn’t work well, was buggy, nor did they fit for iPhone 7’s & 8’s. So we decided to innovate and develop a working protoype.

The idea was always to provide iPhone user’s a solution in the most seemless way possible.

Dec 6, 11:01AM EST0

I've seen some similar ideas before. What makes yours different or better?

Dec 3, 12:05AM EST1

We’ve had a lot of individuals ask us this question.

We spent time testing those other screen protectors. What we found was that the buttons wouldn’t always work and the top of the screen became insensitive to touch, so you wouldn’t be able to tap your screen if you ever needed to.

We found ways to address those problems. So now, our smart buttons are more responsive and the top of your screen can still be used if you find the need.

Dec 6, 11:00AM EST0
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