I'm Nacho. I like the smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, etc.). Ask Me Anything

Nacho Rodriguez
Sep 26, 2017

I'm looking at the new iPhone X and i really love it. The 5.8 inch screen is amazing. The new Face ID scanner is excelent, but i liked the Touch ID more. The new SO iOS 11 it too different than the previous ones, and i like it too. Actually I have an iPhone 7 Plus and I would like to buy the X. Unfortunately I don't have the 1000 dollars thats it costs.


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Sep 26, 2:51PM EDT0


Sep 26, 3:07PM EDT0

Do you have Instagram or Facebook that I can follow? 

Sep 26, 2:47PM EDT0

they are my personal socil media so I do not share them Sorry! 

Sep 26, 3:07PM EDT0

Do you recommend changing batteries yourself or should this be done by a professional?

Sep 25, 5:48AM EDT0

Ii is very simple you can do it yourself

Sep 26, 3:06PM EDT0

Where do you work?

Sep 24, 12:37PM EDT0

I donot work. I am student

Sep 26, 3:06PM EDT0

My display broke on my iPhone, is there a way to fix it or is it cheaper to buy a new one?

Sep 24, 2:28AM EDT0

take it to a service sometimes it is cheaper to change it, that will depend on the damage. 

Sep 26, 3:06PM EDT0

Which processor is the fastest in your opinion?

Sep 24, 1:28AM EDT0

I have no idea sorry! 

Sep 26, 3:05PM EDT0

Do waterproof covers really work?

Sep 23, 8:38PM EDT0

yes, they do. If it is a good one.

Sep 26, 3:05PM EDT0

What is the most popular smartphone on the market at the moment worldwide?

Sep 23, 4:59PM EDT0

I think the latest models of Iphone and Samsung.

Sep 26, 3:04PM EDT0

What is your background with smartphones?

Sep 23, 3:57PM EDT0

I am just a fan of them

Sep 26, 3:03PM EDT0

Are there any applications that you feel are a must have to download?

Sep 23, 2:03PM EDT0

no, that is a question of usage and tastes.  

Sep 26, 3:03PM EDT0

Considering that the risks of using smartphones are not fully disclosed yet, are there any precautions one should take healthwise?

Sep 23, 12:23PM EDT0

maybe avoid keeping it near your body much or your head. Do not sleep with your phone near you.

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Sep 26, 3:02PM EDT0

Where can you see the market for smartphones in about 5 years?

Sep 23, 10:40AM EDT0

I believe it will keep on growing.

Sep 26, 3:02PM EDT0

What is your favorite smartphone?

Sep 23, 9:47AM EDT0

Iphone.. probably the new one.

Sep 26, 3:01PM EDT0

How many hours on average do people use their smartphone?

Sep 23, 7:01AM EDT0

I think that might be according to age and work. If you are a teen you would probably use it more and if it is a work tool. too

Sep 26, 3:01PM EDT0

Why can I not get rid of some factory installed applications on my phone that I never use or is there a way to do that?

Sep 23, 3:25AM EDT0

Probably because it is done on purpose so you can remove them. you should ask the service center they might have a good explanation.

Sep 26, 3:00PM EDT0

What is the best economic and versatile phone on the market at this moment?

Sep 23, 3:09AM EDT0

In my country (aRgentina) phones are not cheap at all. But I cannot say about other places in the world.

Sep 26, 2:59PM EDT0

What screen size do you recommend for a private user compared to a business user?

Sep 23, 12:33AM EDT0

That depends on how you feel with big or small phones and the size of icons and letters. That is a personal call, I think.

Sep 26, 2:57PM EDT0

Which smartphone is the most reliable and which one has historically had most problems?

Sep 23, 12:32AM EDT0

I think that tese issues do not depend on the brand but on the type of phone. Usually screens are really sensible and historically keyboards where sensible. So everything changes!

Sep 26, 2:58PM EDT0

Which phones are your speciality, i.e. Iphone, Samsung, etc?

Sep 22, 9:59PM EDT0

It is what I like. I do not work with phones. But right now I like Iphones better.

Sep 26, 2:56PM EDT0

How can I optimize space on my smartphone?

Sep 22, 9:07PM EDT0

maybe if you add a MicroSD and move things to the card to have more space.

Sep 26, 2:55PM EDT0