I'm John 24YO, my group and I developed an andriod app to aid people with color blindness. AMA!

John Kevin Raymundo
Jul 8, 2017

Welcome to my AMA. 

We developed the app for our thesis and it got us our degree! It's a simple app using your phone's camera to detect the color of an object. 

The app is available on Google Play!

It's called EyePatch and it's currently available on Google Play. We've developed this for Andriod only since we were short on time and resources. 

Ask away!


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What are some practical ways the color blind use your app?

Jul 8, 9:11AM EDT0


The app is designed to identify an object's colors using your phone's camera. 

A color blind person may use the app to identify the color of an LED Light Indicator. An example would be a charger with an LED Light which changes from Red to Green once your battery is fully charged. 

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Jul 8, 9:34AM EDT0
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What was the biggest lesson you learned from this project?

Jul 6, 6:45PM EDT0


I guess it would have to be time management. We had to juggle a lot of things, this thesis project included. I was lucky enough to belong in an awesome group who always covers for me. 

Jul 8, 9:25AM EDT0

How much research did you do on color blindness?

Jul 5, 12:11PM EDT0


The research on color blindness was not too extensive on this project. 

Jul 5, 1:32PM EDT0
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Do you face any potential liability from users of your app?

Jul 5, 3:54AM EDT0


The application was developed for research purposes, not commercial.

 As of the moment, we have received none and hoping to not receive one at all. :)

Jul 5, 11:00AM EDT0

Hi kevin!hahaha. My question for you is what is your motto in life? And how did that motto help you develop this app? Could you give me a 5-sentence answer?hahaha

Jul 4, 10:33PM EDT0

Hi, Jestan. 

It's nice to hear from you here in AMA feed! 

"There's always a way to get anything done" 

Time was a big factor during the research and development period. We had to juggle between classes, internship and co-curricular activities but we got the job done. It was just a matter of time management. :)

Jul 5, 11:55AM EDT0
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What are the different steps in the process of app development?

Jul 4, 8:12PM EDT0


Good question! Here's how we did it:

  1. Project planning
  2. Data Gathering
  3. Conceptualization and Designing
  4. Application Development / Programming
  5. System Integration
  6. Testing and Debugging

It is also good to note that documentation is important during the entire process so you can track your progress and processes and later on go back to it if the need arises. 

Jul 5, 12:25PM EDT0
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How did you get the resources needed to develop your app?

Jul 3, 9:37PM EDT0


The main tool that was used to develop this app was Eclipse which is open source so we really didn't spend too much on the development.  

Jul 4, 10:21AM EDT0
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How did you assign roles for working on your app project?

Jul 3, 6:53PM EDT0

It was actually a bit easy to assign roles. We already had majors (Multimedia Arts, Computer Networking and Software Development) and each person had to do specific tasks related to their field. 

Jul 4, 10:24AM EDT0
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Is the science behind your app in use in other products?

Jul 2, 8:08PM EDT0


I believe so. There are countless number of apps who use a Color Recognition Algorithm as well. 

Jul 3, 3:30PM EDT0
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How did you get your app on Google Play store?

Jul 2, 6:16PM EDT0


If you can see on Google Play, the app is under CICT Apps (WVSU, College of ICT).

This was uploaded by our University.  

Here are detailed steps on how to upload your app on Google Play: 

Uploading your App on Google Play

Jul 3, 3:29PM EDT0
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Do you have any personal experience with color blindness?

Jul 2, 4:42PM EDT0


If you're asking if I'm color blind...

No. I have normal vision. :)

Jul 3, 3:23PM EDT0
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How did this thesis project relate to your degree field?

Jul 2, 9:45AM EDT0


We were taking up a Bachelor's Degree in Information Techonology when this app was developed. At that time, this was very new to us and we had no subject in Android Application development. It was until we had a workshop given by Prof. Byun of Jeju National University. 

Jul 3, 3:21PM EDT0

What is your personal preference between Android and iOS?

Jul 2, 4:37AM EDT0


I'm more of an Andriod guy because of it's flexibility. :)

Jul 3, 3:51PM EDT0

High five! Me too. 

Jul 8, 2:08PM EDT1

What are the different types of color blindness?

Jul 1, 5:25PM EDT0


Color Blindness can either be inherited or acquired. The most common is Red-Green Color Blindness then there's also Complete Color Blindness. 

To learn more about color blindess, you may visit this article published by the National Eye Institute. 

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Jul 3, 3:48PM EDT0
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Are there any other apps for color blind users?

Jul 1, 3:29PM EDT0


There are tons of apps for color blind users. You may check out the app store for your device and you will find a lot them. But you may click here if you want to check out EyePatch. :)

Jul 3, 3:14PM EDT0

Did you have to get approval by an agency like the FDA?

Jul 1, 1:35PM EDT0

Hi, ADAM. 

We are from the Philippines. When this application was developed, we actually were not required to get approval from the Philippine FDA

Jul 3, 3:09PM EDT0

How did you decide to create a tool for the color blind?

Jul 1, 11:24AM EDT0


There's a similar question below but here goes: 

When we were brainstorming for a Research Title, one of our professors (who is a great graphics artist) talked to us and revealed that he was color blind. This inspired us to develop this app. 

Jul 3, 3:11PM EDT0
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What are the biggest challenges to developing an Android app?

Jul 1, 11:24AM EDT0


You must be really good at coding. It was a bit of a challenge for us. 

Your app's uniqueness should also be considered. Before you develop one, be sure to check Google Play for similar apps.

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Jul 3, 2:53PM EDT0

What are the biggest differences between designing apps for Android or iOS?

Jul 1, 10:32AM EDT0


Android is actually not that strict with rules in developing an app unlike Apple. Here's an article that would best answer your query: A Tale of Two Platforms: Designing for Both Android and iOS

Jul 3, 2:59PM EDT0
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Does your app have applications besides for the color blind?

Jul 1, 6:14AM EDT0


Well, the application is actually for everybody. This can be helpful to people who practice Graphic Design or those whose profession may need help in identifying colors. 

It also has an Ishihara Test which can help you know if you're color blind or have normal vision. 

Jul 3, 3:02PM EDT0
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