I'm David Dias, creator of the famous Front-End Checklist and passionate about web development. Ask me Anything (even you don't have anything to ask)!

David Dias
May 9, 2018

I'm a passionate Front-End Developer who use to help students and people willing to change their career to better understand how to become a real developer. I've been living in different countries (France, Brazil, Mauritius), building communities and organizing tech events. I also created few open-source projects to help the community!


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How would you explain the concept of a CSS float and provide an example of its usage?
May 16, 4:59AM EDT0
How do you structure your CSS and JavaScript to make it easier for other developers to work with?
May 15, 11:48PM EDT1
What are your favorite features of HTML5, and how have you implemented them in your front end development projects?
May 15, 8:06PM EDT0
What's your process for addressing browser-specific rendering problems? Do you find that a certain browser is more challenging to work with than others?
May 15, 2:41AM EDT0
What do you feel is essential to ensure that a design project you have undertaken is completed efficiently?
May 14, 3:56AM EDT1

I now can say that I'll check my Front-End Design Checklist 😅. On my point of view, a good design project is done having web designers and Front-End Developers working hand by hand or if you have a web designer that did previously web development. A lot of web designers continue building "web designs" without understanding what can be possible or not in web. Some people tend to think that graphist can be web designer and vice-versa. That is not that easy.

It's essential in most cases that developers check the design work before starting writing a single line of code. Web Designs should respect the rules that are important for any user like accessibility and content organization if you see what I mean.

May 14, 9:47PM EDT0
How many H1 tags can you have on a single web page and why?
May 13, 4:55PM EDT1

That is a very specific question. You can eventually put few H1 tags in one page, but it's absolutely not recommended and don't really make sense. Matt Cuts did a video a few years ago answering that specific question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIn5qJKU8VM

May 14, 9:31PM EDT0
What are a few of the easy ways to optimize a website and where, specifically, would you start?
May 13, 8:04AM EDT1

Performance. Something that I really care is performance. Today, you can't have a website or an app where performance is not taking into consideration. Of course, accessibility, architecture... are as much important as perf. But I found that most of the time, projects are not enough performant. On the Front-End Checklist you'll find all the aspects that I care about and are important before launching any website or app in production.

May 14, 9:38PM EDT0
When designing a website, what design process do you use and what are your reasons for this choice?
May 12, 9:44PM EDT1
Are you mainly a web designer, web developer, or both and why do you classify yourself as such?
May 12, 7:03PM EDT1

I'm more a web developer than a web designer. I did some work on the design / UX side but not enough to say that I'm a web designer. Maybe the day I'll have time to create more visual templates, I'll start saying that I'm a "bit of web designer". 😅

May 14, 9:33PM EDT0
Do you have any pet projects? What kind?
May 11, 11:59PM EDT1

I have few in fact... some are like the Front-End Checklist and the Front-End Design Checklist and will bring interesting new things for the community. I'm actually working on a mobile app that aims to facilitate the communication and exchange between developers in a way that was not done previously... We'll see if that project can become reality 😉

May 14, 9:41PM EDT0
What exactly excites you or interests you about coding?
May 10, 9:01PM EDT1

I love building new things! Be confronted with new challenges, spend hours trying to find the best approach and solution... I'm passionate about creating something from nothing. You can't never be tired to learn new things and build new websites / applications.

May 11, 10:08PM EDT0
What do you think are some good open source project in git hub?
May 10, 8:10PM EDT1

It's hard to answer... I have so many projects in my bookmark. I love all projects did by Jeremy Thomas (Bulma, htmlreference...), Sindre Sorhus is the person that build numerous open-source projects too. A good open-source project is something that will help the developer's community. Don't need to be big, but it needs to be useful (even for just 2 persons).

May 11, 10:14PM EDT0
How comfortable are you with writing HTML entirely by hand?
May 10, 6:31PM EDT1

After more than 10 years writing HTML, I think I'm feeling more than comfortable writing HTML by hand 😅

Last edited @ May 11, 10:25PM EDT.
May 11, 10:15PM EDT0
What skills and technologies are you the most interested in improving upon or learning?
May 10, 5:35PM EDT1

I'm focusing a lot on React and Vue. These are two frameworks I want to master. But I'm interested in everything that is around Front-End Development. CSS animations are another thing I really want to improve. 

May 11, 10:24PM EDT0
What are some things you like about the developer tools you use?
May 10, 4:30PM EDT1

I've been always passionate about finding the best and interesting tools for the needs I had. I like to have tools that can work together. I work on MacOSX and it's not because I'm an Apple fan but because most of the tools I use, just work on Mac. And they work pretty well. I simply like the way they work and what they allow me to produce.

May 11, 10:21PM EDT0
What are your favorite types of front end development projects to work on? What do you like about them?
May 10, 1:14PM EDT0

I like to build new projects, work on the architecture to ensure developers will feel comfortable in working on. I love creating websites. I know that today we develop more and more web and mobile applications but I'm still passionate about building websites. You need to deliver the best experience possible with an organized and performant code. I used to work on big and multilingual web platforms and I really enjoyed it.

May 11, 10:18PM EDT0
From the web development perspective, what are the few sites you admire and why?
May 10, 9:19AM EDT0
What's your favourite development language and why? What other features (if any) do you wish you could add to this language?
May 9, 8:50PM EDT0

I spend most of the past years using JavaScript for almost everything (even electronic), so that's surely my favourite language. I don't have anything specific in mind, I like the way they are now implementing new features along the way.

May 9, 9:03PM EDT0
What type of source control do you use for the development process? And why do you chose it?
May 9, 8:28PM EDT0

I use Git. It's simple, integrated into Visual Studio Code and the one most of the people are using. Back in the days, I also used SVN but I really prefer Git.

May 9, 8:35PM EDT0
Starting from basics, what front-end technologies and frameworks would you use to build a website today?
May 9, 8:13PM EDT0

That is a complicated question... I usually love to use Sass, Pug, React, Express.js... But depends on the need of the website and the target. I used Wordpress for some websites I build, sometimes static generators (Jekyll, Gatsby...). I tend to use frameworks that are exclusively JavaScript/Node based.

You can find some elements in the developer roadmap that can maybe give you an overview of what it could be used. 

May 9, 8:57PM EDT0
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