I'm currently working on an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. Ask me anything.

Dipam Chakraborty
Jul 14, 2017

This AMA is about my project I'm a part of as an Engineering student. My team makes a new AUV every year and I've been a part of it more than 2 years now.

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What field of Engineering are you pursuing?

Jul 13, 4:49PM EDT0

DId you design and program your own software?

Jul 12, 7:28PM EDT0

Can I learn to build a UAV online?

Jul 12, 4:50PM EDT0

Did you find the study of Robotics helpful to your UAV design?

Jul 12, 4:01PM EDT0

What first intrested you about UAV's?

Jul 12, 2:59PM EDT0

Where do you practice with your UAV?

Jul 12, 1:17PM EDT0

How did you come up with the concept for this project?

Jul 12, 12:56PM EDT0

Aren't there laws relating to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles?

Jul 12, 11:20AM EDT0

If your UAV is fully autonomous, what is it's purpose?How often do you get repeat projects in this field?

Jul 12, 11:16AM EDT0

What type of data did you need to collect to build this?

Jul 12, 9:44AM EDT0

Is your UAV battery powered?

Jul 12, 6:49AM EDT0

How exactly do you build this?

Jul 12, 5:39AM EDT0

What type of careers can I pursue with an Engineering degree?

Jul 12, 5:35AM EDT0

Does your team build UAV's for a specific competition?

Jul 12, 2:57AM EDT0

How is your UAV unique to others?

Jul 12, 1:48AM EDT0

How fast can your UAV go?

Jul 12, 1:32AM EDT0

Did you know NASA was holding a competition this year for UAVs?

Jul 12, 12:52AM EDT0

What type of support equipment is needed?

Jul 11, 11:53PM EDT0

Does the Engineering field entail much math?

Jul 11, 11:09PM EDT0

Does your UAV have a sonar?

Jul 11, 10:42PM EDT0

What school do you attend?

Jul 11, 10:10PM EDT0

Are there any open source online resources that you used?

Jul 11, 10:08PM EDT0

What software did you use to program your UAV?

Jul 11, 9:51PM EDT0

Do you think the team building skills you have learned, will carry over to your career?

Jul 11, 9:27PM EDT0

Do you also make robots for other purposes?

Jul 11, 9:12PM EDT0

What percentage of your UAV hardware is custom built?

Jul 11, 9:00PM EDT0

Did you go to school to learn how to build these?

Jul 11, 8:59PM EDT0

Did you use a 3D printer for any parts?

Jul 11, 8:52PM EDT0
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