I'm a tech activist, working to achieve immortality through technology. AMA!

Ahmed Adel
Jul 6, 2017

Do you ever wonder how it's like to be immortal? Well, shortly it might be possible to experience it firsthand.

I'm interested in the tech that will get us there, like:

- Nanotechnology.- Robotics.- Longevity.- Mind Uploading.- Cloning.- Biohacking.- Cryonics.

These are very real scientific paths to achieve immortality in our lifetime. If you are interested, go ahead and Ask Me Anything.

P.S. you can ask me anything tech-related as well.

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How many years do you think nanotechnology will take to be useful to mankind?

Jul 4, 7:29PM EDT0

6 years.

Jul 5, 12:09AM EDT0
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Are you interested in robotics as it is a machine and can continue existing for long?

Jul 3, 5:00AM EDT0

I'm interested in robotics in many different ways. For one, I think they will help the economy if enough smart robots create a slave race that will work indefinitely.

They can be companions and friends, and they can help the elderly.

At some point, I might even transfer my consciousness to one of them and have a robot body.

Jul 3, 4:04PM EDT0

Are you interested in preserving your memories and mental state on a computer?

Jul 2, 10:40PM EDT0

Indeed. I'm creating a digital copy of myself in case I need it in the future.

Jul 3, 4:05PM EDT0
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What would you do when the cryopreserved bodies are injured and beyond help?

Jul 2, 5:15AM EDT0

Define "beyond help," If by that you mean the complete destruction of the body, then there's nothing really left to preserve. There's nothing worse than death, the whole point of Cryonics is to freeze time, in the future, we can't even imagine what will be possible. So, better stay optimistic and preserve your body while you can, I say. In other words, our definition of death is constantly changing. What has considered "death" a few decades ago, is something we can cure today. Like the flu, death is a disease that we can cure.

Jul 3, 4:55PM EDT0

What got you interested in this field of immortality?

Jul 2, 2:12AM EDT0

I grew up reading a lot of science fiction. When I discovered the internet, I began to research the subject and knew that science fiction today will be science fact tomorrow. I think you can say I've always been interested the subject; Internet just helped me learn more about it.

Jul 5, 12:11AM EDT0

What are the benefits of mind uploading and how does it help the human race?

Jul 2, 12:54AM EDT0

It helps us connect. It helps us create digital copies of ourselves so that we may live forever in a digital paradise.

Jul 5, 12:11AM EDT0

What is the procedure for cryopreservation of a human body?

Jul 1, 4:30PM EDT0

Upon the time of death, the body is cooled down and transfered to the cryonics facility to be prepared for cryopreservation. 

Jul 5, 12:13AM EDT14
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Would you prefer to be cryopreserved given a chance?

Jul 1, 4:17PM EDT0

I do.

Jul 5, 12:13AM EDT0

Do you believe preserving your mental state and then uploading the data onto a robot would make you come alive?

Jul 1, 3:16PM EDT0

I assume it's possible. I'm currently doing it, by the way.

Jul 5, 12:14AM EDT24
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Have you considered the ill-effects of cloning if not done correctly?

Jul 1, 7:04AM EDT0

Can you tell me more about those "ill-effects"?

Mistakes can and will happen, but if we don't make mistakes, we will never learn from them.

Jul 5, 12:15AM EDT0

Are you interested in immortality for humans or for other living things too?

Jul 1, 5:00AM EDT0

I'm interested in immortality for myself, first and foremost. I might be interested in immortality for my pets, but other than that, to each his own.

Jul 5, 12:16AM EDT0

Which technology do you believe has the highest chance of success in reviving or keeping humans alive and immortal?

Jun 30, 5:10PM EDT0


Jul 5, 12:16AM EDT56
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Do you really believe using scientific procedures ensure longevity?

Jun 30, 1:13PM EDT0

I don't believe it. I know it.

Jul 5, 12:08AM EDT16
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Don’t you believe everything that starts has a definite end point and should die?

Jun 30, 8:59AM EDT0

It sounds biblical to me. I believe it doesn't have to be that way.

Jul 5, 12:07AM EDT0
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What points should be considered before opting for these immortality related technologies?

Jun 30, 4:34AM EDT0

That immortality is something you genuinely desire.

That you might have to change how you view and live life.

That you are ready to discover new truths.

I think the most important one is patience.

Jul 5, 12:06AM EDT33

What is your opinion about the Blue Brain Project?

Jun 29, 9:57PM EDT0

I think it's quite ambitious, and it will reveal about the brain more than we currently know.

Jul 5, 12:03AM EDT0

How would mind upload help you live forever and become immortal?

Jun 29, 9:54PM EDT0

By transferring my consciousness to a computer or a robot. If you think about it, machines can easily outlive many humans. I can always move from machine to machine as my own consciousness evolve, and newer technologies become available.

Jul 4, 11:48PM EDT0

What kind of costs will be associated with cryonics?

Jun 29, 8:27PM EDT0

The minimum fee is $28,000. Most cryonicists pay their fees through life insurance policy. It's really not expensive to get your body preserved if you plan carefully. I guess there will be additional costs if you're living outside the USA.

Jul 4, 11:46PM EDT28
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Do you think people will be happy preserving their dead bodies?

Jun 29, 8:17PM EDT0

I do. If it's something they want then surely, it will make them happy.

Jul 4, 11:43PM EDT0

What do you think would be the disadvantages of cloning?

Jun 29, 7:32PM EDT0

I'm not sure a replica of me will be really me. I think it can be indistinguishable from me for family and friends. However, will it be me as I really am\was? It may have same thoughts, ideas, and habits, but I'm not really sure. I guess I don't see a specific disadvantage here. ;)

Jul 4, 11:42PM EDT0