I'm a sound designer and maker of Appsounds.pro - ready-to-use sound packs for apps. AMA

Roman Zimarev
Jan 12, 2018

Hi everyone, I am Roman Zimarev, a sound designer and music composer.

I know how much time you can spend searching the right sound for your app. That's why I've made Appsounds.proAppsounds.pro is a big collection of well organized basic sounds for apps.

AMA about seeking right sounds for your app.

Also, you can read my article to have basic answers: icons8.com/articles/ui-sounds/

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Can you tell us about the music you compose? Do you have a site we can visit?

Jan 13, 3:05PM EST0

This is wonderful! How long has this been available in the market?

Jan 13, 2:24PM EST0

Is this compatible with any mobile phone models?

Jan 13, 12:47PM EST0

If not listening to or creating music, what do you do? What are your other hobbies?

Jan 13, 12:06PM EST0

What sound do you find most annoying and why? Which do you find the funniest?

Jan 13, 6:04AM EST0

What do you find most challenging in creating UI sounds?

Jan 12, 10:29PM EST0

Find the perfect sound style for the application and do not overdo it!

Jan 13, 1:44AM EST0

How many pieces of music have you composed so far?

Jan 12, 9:34PM EST0

How many people are involved in this project?

Jan 12, 9:30PM EST0

Only me

Jan 13, 1:40AM EST0

Did you create all UI sounds from scratch?

Jan 12, 6:16PM EST0

Yes, of course!

Jan 13, 1:39AM EST0

What musical instruments do you play?

Jan 12, 4:18PM EST0

What do you consider your genre of music?

Jan 12, 10:37AM EST0

How old were you when you started composing? What was the first piece you produced?

Jan 12, 9:13AM EST0

How long did it take you to develop the app, from conception, design to finish?

Jan 12, 8:51AM EST0

There are free UI sounds available for downloads. What can you say about them? Are they okay to use if one does not want to pay for the app?

Jan 12, 5:26AM EST0

You have achieved a lot. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Jan 12, 5:12AM EST0

Will this work on my desktop computer or laptop?

Jan 11, 7:38PM EST0

Is this the first app you developed? Any plans on creating another one?

Jan 11, 3:58PM EST0

This is not an app, this is sounds for apps

Jan 11, 4:42PM EST0

What do you mean sounds for apps? I'm a little lost.

Jan 12, 9:39PM EST0

Who is your favorite musician? Have you seen him/her perform live? Can you share the experience?

Jan 11, 2:58PM EST0

I really love Radiohead and I saw them in Poland(Open'er Festival) this summer. It was awesome!

Also I was on Ariel Pink's gig in Holland(Le Guess Who? Festival), it was great too.

Jan 11, 4:00PM EST0

Love Radiohead too, awesome music.

Jan 12, 9:26PM EST0

How many bytes is the app? How do you assure users that it will not cause their device to lag?

Jan 11, 10:54AM EST0

This is not an app, this is sounds for apps

Jan 11, 4:43PM EST0

What do you think is the top characteristic of a good sound? What do you classify as noise?

Jan 11, 8:57AM EST0

The main rule is to find sounds that will be good for your application. Often the question is not whether the sound is good or not, but whether it is suitable.

I think noise is all sounds that are unnecessary and do not perform any useful functions.

Jan 11, 4:21PM EST0
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