I'm a programmer, I work with HTML CCS and JavaScript. Ask Me Anything.

Jul 15, 2017

I've been working with web devolpement since 6 month ago and i would like to share what i learned in this time.

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Programming can be very stressful, how do you deal with the stress?

Jul 15, 3:14PM EDT0

I take time with out programming at all and do other things like walking arround or listen some music 

Jul 16, 3:59PM EDT0

Do you have any regrets about getting into the programmer world?

Jul 14, 11:48AM EDT0

No, i do not have any, for me these is the best thing I can do

Jul 16, 4:00PM EDT0

As a programmer how do you feel about doing documenting?

Jul 13, 4:04AM EDT0

Some times is really boring but it is always necesary to make a good and understable code for everyone

Jul 16, 4:01PM EDT0

How long have you been a computer programmer?

Jul 12, 8:28AM EDT0

I have been programmer since 4 years the time i have been studing SI.

Jul 12, 12:00PM EDT0

If I want to be a programmer, how do you advice I go about starting it?

Jul 11, 12:42PM EDT0

I recomend you that start with online courses as the ones how teach at codeacademy or freecodecamp or coursera

Jul 12, 12:02PM EDT0

Thanks a lot 

Jul 16, 1:00AM EDT0

Are you a programmer as a hobby or is it your job?

Jul 10, 11:46PM EDT0

I am a programmer because i like it and it is a good way to get money 

Jul 12, 12:02PM EDT0

Big money?

Jul 16, 1:41AM EDT0

A lot of programmers know how to code, how good are you with coding?

Jul 10, 5:17AM EDT0

I rate my self as a 7/10 

Jul 12, 12:03PM EDT0

If you have done work with apps, has it been more android or OSX?

Jul 9, 9:51PM EDT0

It has been more with Android 

Jul 12, 12:03PM EDT0

Why is it Android?

Jul 16, 1:42AM EDT0

What is one thing that every programmer should know, no matter if they are a novice or expert?

Jul 9, 4:47PM EDT0

That no matter what, the answer always is in stack overflow and of course the person must have logical thinking

Jul 12, 12:05PM EDT0

No way without logic?)

Jul 16, 2:23AM EDT0

If this is your job, what do you get paid per year for this?

Jul 9, 3:06PM EDT0

Per year i get paid 200000$

Jul 12, 12:06PM EDT0
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Of the programming languages you have listed, which is the fastest one to grasp?

Jul 9, 10:05AM EDT0

for me is javascript 

Jul 12, 12:06PM EDT0

What is your favorite platform to work on and why?

Jul 8, 11:37PM EDT0

Rcently i have been using webstorm and is really cool, because make the things eassier

Jul 12, 12:07PM EDT0

As a programmer, do you have any hobby projects on the side that you can speak of?

Jul 8, 7:36PM EDT0

yes i have some hobby projects, right now i am developing in REACT

Jul 12, 12:08PM EDT0
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A lot of programmers are hackers, have you done any type of hacking?

Jul 8, 7:11PM EDT0

If a tell you that i would have to kill you... ajajjaa just kidding, yes i been doing some hackings

Jul 12, 12:09PM EDT0

For good purpose or for fun?

Jul 16, 1:37AM EDT0

What made you want to get into being a programmer?

Jul 8, 3:45PM EDT0

That i like video games and i always want to know how to create one

Jul 12, 12:10PM EDT0
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What kind of updates would you like to see when it comes to programming language and techniques?

Jul 8, 3:35PM EDT0

What is one thing that I can do to keep my computer safe from attacks that I dont already know?

Jul 8, 12:25PM EDT0

Never open ads or get into misterious web pages

Jul 16, 4:16PM EDT0

Do you primarily program things for computers software?

Jul 8, 11:01AM EDT0

Yes for now i am more focus in computer software

Jul 16, 4:16PM EDT0

Do you have any type of a blog that I can check out to learn more about your programming abilities?

Jul 8, 8:22AM EDT0

No, this is the nearest thing i have for that 

Jul 16, 4:17PM EDT0

Are there any manuals or guides that you would recommend me using to help me get started?

Jul 8, 4:37AM EDT0

i recomend you to get into freecodecamp there you will be start with the basics things and is a great way to start 

Jul 16, 4:18PM EDT0

What is the most interesting thing that you have helped create as a programmer?

Jul 8, 3:02AM EDT0

This app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.conversor.coversor16&hl=es

Jul 16, 4:18PM EDT0

Of the three languages that you listed, which is the most common one used and for what?

Jul 8, 2:32AM EDT0

Since technology is always advancing how does someone in your field keep up with it?

Jul 8, 12:30AM EDT0

Always reading and waching videos in internet 

Jul 16, 4:19PM EDT0

As a programmer, how would you fix the issues we are having with hackers?

Jul 7, 11:56PM EDT0

Of any language that weren't listed, is there one that you want to work with in the future?

Jul 7, 9:02PM EDT0

When was the first time that you attempted to do any type of programming?

Jul 7, 8:27PM EDT0

Which is the language that you hate working with the most?

Jul 7, 5:37PM EDT0

Tell me some of the things that you have done using CCS?

Jul 7, 5:30PM EDT0

What are the main principles when it comes to using Java?

Jul 7, 5:09PM EDT0

As a programmer, what is the first thing that you do when creating something new?

Jul 7, 1:01PM EDT0

Can you describe your experience with working with HTML?

Jul 7, 11:24AM EDT0

Do you have any sort of degree to be able to call yourself a programmer?

Jul 7, 9:35AM EDT0

What is the most difficult thing that programmers face when it comes to work?

Jul 7, 6:56AM EDT0

When it comes to work the most difficult thing is solve the problems in time for the clients 

Jul 16, 4:04PM EDT0

What is your favorite system to work with for programming?

Jul 7, 2:04AM EDT0

For me my favorite is linux

Jul 16, 4:03PM EDT0

Have you done any work with programming mobile apps?

Jul 6, 11:03PM EDT0

Yes i worked on this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.conversor.coversor16&hl=es 

Jul 16, 4:03PM EDT0

Do you do most of your programming work on your own or as a part of a team?

Jul 6, 9:01PM EDT0

Most of my work i do it by my own

Jul 16, 4:01PM EDT0

What is one thing that you are working on right now that you can speak about for programming?

Jul 6, 5:54PM EDT0