I'm a Product Designer with several years of experience in CAD programs. AMA!

Marko Ivanovic
Jul 5, 2017

I have Bachelor degree of Mechanical Engineering and I find myself in Product Designing. Since last year I have been working as a freelancer and I can say that I'm happy with this job. I mostly use programs such as Solid Works and Autodesk Inventor.

Ask me anything and I will share my experience.

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What kind of remuneration can one expect in a product design job such as yours?

Jul 4, 5:11PM EDT0

Depends on the products. If you working hard and good, then you can earning a very well for your life. I think this is a very profitable business.

Jul 5, 4:44PM EDT0

Do you have employees working under you, helping you with projects?

Jul 3, 11:50AM EDT0

No, as I have already said many times before, I working alone as a freelancer. But I have intentions to start my own business soon.

Jul 5, 4:36PM EDT0
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Do you have any tips or advice for people intending to take up product designing or those new to this field?

Jul 2, 2:22PM EDT0

Yes, try to be as creative as possible. Build your own style and improve your skills every day. Watch at the products that already exist on the market and think about how to make them even better.

Jul 5, 4:31PM EDT0

Do you work in groups or in your team, discussing and sharing ideas with each other?

Jul 2, 1:24PM EDT0

I working alone, but I have few friends with same jobs and we all sharing together our ideas. If any of us need some help with some project we all trying to find the best solution.

Jul 5, 4:18PM EDT0

Are you employed full time at a company and work for a single firm or business?

Jul 2, 6:25AM EDT0

I working as a freelancer, looking for a job alone and working how much I want. I have clients from all over the world and I'm making connections for my future business.

Jul 5, 4:10PM EDT0

Do you run your independent designing business and offer your services to companies?

Jul 1, 6:43AM EDT0

Yes, I working as a freelancer. Now I'm trying to expand my business and one day to open my company.

Jul 5, 3:52PM EDT0

How do you take up or select designing projects from the many available in the market?

Jul 1, 6:03AM EDT0

It's easy when you know what are you looking for. I always have few bigger projects on which I working and when I find something interesting, I take it immediately.

Jul 5, 3:18PM EDT0
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Are you a freelancer, independent and free to work as and when you wish?

Jun 30, 1:02PM EDT0

Yes, earlier I was working in some companies as product designer. But now, for more than a year, I working as a freelancer. I can work when I want and how much I want.

Jul 5, 3:05PM EDT0

Why did you pursue mechanical engineering when you were interested in product designing?

Jun 30, 3:21AM EDT0

Mechanical engineering is a very important aspect in my life and future works. Product design is just one "small" part of what I can do with my engineering knowledge. I have much bigger plans for my future career. :)

Jul 5, 2:57PM EDT0

Is your designing talent limited to a particular industry or is open to any kind of work?

Jun 29, 1:08PM EDT0

Actually, I'm open for any kind of work. I like to work on the new things. So if I don't know something, I try to learn and to be able to do a variety of works.

Jul 5, 2:44PM EDT0

What kind or range of products have you designed so far during your work as a product designer?

Jun 29, 12:34PM EDT0

There are many kind of products. From perfume bottle, jewelry and phone case to the electronic, kitchen and medical devices.

Jul 5, 2:14PM EDT0
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What kind of courses should a person take if they are interested in product designing?

Jun 29, 12:38AM EDT0

The main courses involve gaining expertise in design, research, innovation and innovative solutions. Product designers must not only look into product functionality and appearance, but also they have to ensure user attractiveness and satisfaction of the product.

Jul 5, 2:01PM EDT0

Does product designing have much to do with your imagination rather than client specifications?

Jun 28, 1:31PM EDT0

Client specifications are only starting points. In the further development of the product, the imagination of the designer comes to the fore and is very important for the appearance and functionality of the final product.

Jul 5, 12:17PM EDT0

What do you look for in a project when you are checking out a work offer?

Jun 28, 12:53PM EDT0

First I looking if is that project feasible and how much time I will need. If it's an interesting project and have a good idea, I trying to find a solution and the best design.

Jul 5, 1:54PM EDT0
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What tricks or aids do you use to help you do a better job in an efficient manner?

Jun 28, 11:45AM EDT0

I don't have any tricks or aids for better working. I can suggest you a few things how you can do a better job. Keep your brain fresh and always works on yours improvements. Every day learn something new and never give up from anything.

Jul 5, 1:37PM EDT0

Words of cheer, thanks. 

Jul 6, 1:08AM EDT0

Do you work alone on a solo basis and prefer to concentrate on your work alone, in peace?

Jun 28, 9:11AM EDT0

Yes, I more prefer to work alone and concentrate on my works. But sometimes I like to hear what someone other has to say. Maybe he can give me a better idea or solutions for my problem.

Jul 5, 1:23PM EDT0

How long does a regular designing project last on an average?

Jun 28, 12:12AM EDT0

I can not give a specific answer to this question. It depends on the complexity of the product. For some projects we need few days or less, and for some it can take several months. Sometimes, client don't know what they want, and that can take some time, too.

Jul 5, 1:08PM EDT0

Have you ever had to redo a design after submission as it had some flaw and needed fine tuning later on?

Jun 27, 2:51PM EDT0

Yes, of course. We are all humans, we all have our own opinions. It happens that I make a perfect design. Perfect to me, but client doesn't see that on the same way. And then, they want something to change. I can advise and suggest, but in the end he decides because it's his money.

Jul 5, 12:50PM EDT0
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How does Solid Works help you with your regular designing work?

Jun 27, 1:22PM EDT0

As I said before, Solidworks is my favorite CAD software. It helps me much because it has many useful options that are easy to use. And when you have software like that, it's easy to implement your idea in 3D model.

Jul 5, 12:34PM EDT0

What kind of products interest you the most and compels you to work harder?

Jun 27, 11:03AM EDT0

The new and innovative products. For such projects my job is not just designing. Sometimes I need to do researching before I start with designing.

Jul 5, 11:59AM EDT0