I'm a Data Scientist and Machine Learning expert. Feel free to ask me anything.

Ugonna Alinnor
Aug 11, 2017

I help companies gain insight from the data they generate by applying Machine Learning techniques

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How important is historical data versus recent data in learning things about consumer behavior?

Aug 11, 9:05AM EDT0

It's easier to connect the dots looking backwards. Understanding historical data makes it easier to understand the purchasing habits of the consumer then from there one predict what the consumer is more likely to purchase in the future

Aug 13, 2:35AM EDT0

How important is human input or evaluation of information in getting good usage of data management?

Aug 11, 3:56AM EDT0

Right now the computer are extremely good at finding patterns in data, however human interpretaion is interpreting that information in an explainable way.

Aug 13, 2:38AM EDT0

How long does it take you on average to compile your data?

Aug 11, 3:39AM EDT0

It depends on the data I'm working with. If the data is in csv format within 3 hours my data should be ready for analysis. If it's in excel it might take a litlle longer

Aug 11, 8:47PM EDT0
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What practices in the data management field are the most concerning?

Aug 11, 2:50AM EDT0

I think it's with the Data privacy and security issues. To solve this sometimes companies anonymize thier data

Aug 13, 2:40AM EDT0

How can data management help an individual?

Aug 11, 12:44AM EDT0

It's important to secure people's data for references. People may want to look back to see what they did at certain times

Aug 13, 2:43AM EDT0

Which industries stand to gain the most through using data management?

Aug 11, 12:23AM EDT0

ALL industires are bound to gain from good data management. But if I'm to choose I'll healthcare because most of the data stored in the healthcare industry is still in paper form which can easily get lost or hard to sift through to get valuable information from it.

Aug 13, 2:45AM EDT0

What parts of the data analysis process do you help others with?

Aug 10, 9:20PM EDT0

Thank you Smith. I can help with the visualization and Interpretation of results.

Aug 11, 8:30PM EDT0
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How essential is attention to detail to your line of work?

Aug 10, 9:09PM EDT48

Thanks Joseph. Attention to details is very important in this job especially when writing code and interpreting results. In wrting code, a single dot can create an error in the compiler. When interpreting results, you don't want to mistake "true positives" for "false positives". For example it will be harmful if you mistakenly diagnose a healthy individual to have cancer. At this same time you don't want tell a cancer patient he or she is healthy thereby denying the treatment

Aug 11, 8:43PM EDT40

Gosh. it's a really risky process. One wrong move and you're done haha

Aug 12, 2:23AM EDT42

Do you have any tips for making your data stand out in presentations?

Aug 10, 8:22PM EDT0

First is, it depends on the audience you are presenting to. It's good practise to limit the data visualisations to 4 or 5 so as not to bombard your audience with too much information

Aug 13, 2:49AM EDT0

How much of data management is just processing raw data with tons of computing power in an automated way?

Aug 10, 8:20PM EDT0

Thank you Daryl. I seem not to understand your question. Kindly rephrase it

Aug 13, 5:27AM EDT0

What are the legal issues surrounding data mining?

Aug 10, 7:32PM EDT0

Thank you John, that's a very important questionBy definition, the data used for mining is usually data that is collected for a different purpose. People are usually not comfortable sharing their data although none of the data points make it possible to identify individuals. Data privacy and security laws varies from country to country.

Most companies that collect some form of user data use umbrella terms like "you agree to be okay with us using your data to improve the service we provide", which covers any user experiment they run, including using data to improve advert experience, recommendations, customizations e.t.c

Aug 11, 8:26PM EDT0

What are some of your experiences with the fields you mentioned here?

Aug 10, 7:22PM EDT0

Thank you Carol. I've helped clients from the Telecoms and Insurance industry gain isights that would have otherwise gone unnoticed from the data they collect.

Aug 11, 6:50PM EDT0

Would you consider yourself "gifted"?

Aug 10, 6:42PM EDT54

Thank you Eric. I would consider myself hardworking. I just have a deep passion for learning and I try to make sure that that ability is of value to those around me.

Aug 11, 6:43PM EDT69

To me, that's the most important thing. Like, okay, you can be talented but exceptionally lazy :D

Aug 12, 2:24AM EDT81

What kind of equipment do you need to collect important data?

Aug 10, 5:45PM EDT0

Thank you Lburch. I use R programming language to collect data. The data may be in Text, Excel, or CSV formats. R can efficiently handle such for files.

Aug 11, 6:40PM EDT74

What are some practical utility of data collection in your daily life?

Aug 10, 5:08PM EDT46

Thanks Richard. In addition to gaining insights I use data to know more about the world around me. For instance if I want to board a flight I can easily search for, and analyze which airlines have the best leg room at the lowest cost because of my height.

Aug 11, 6:37PM EDT63


Aug 12, 2:35AM EDT48

How did you get into "data"?

Aug 10, 4:48PM EDT0

Thank you Victoria. My first "data" project was when I did research as an undergraduate in Biochemistry. My research was in investigating the effect of Avocado leaf exract in wistar rats. We had to analyze the data we collected from the rats from the time we starting feeding it when it was a week old till when we had to euthanize them 8 weeks later.  We used Microsoft Excel for the analysis.

Aug 11, 6:31PM EDT0

Does employing data management create any risks for a regular company?

Aug 10, 4:38PM EDT0

I don't data management creates any risk for a company. In fact it makes the comoany more organized and they can use the data they collect to know more about how well they are doing

Aug 13, 2:53AM EDT0

Which departments or areas of work require detailed sensor data?

Aug 10, 4:32PM EDT0

Thank you Bburton. Sensor data is simply the data we collect from our physical environment which maybe from our body or surroundings. Abstract things such as temperature, pressure, humidity e.t.c. The healthcare industry for example may find the data we collect from wearable devices useful, manufacturing industry can collect the data that thier machines produce to detect fault on time before it gets out of hand. All departments will have to be smart in how they collect data around them

Aug 13, 5:25AM EDT0

How does data management enable a company to better serve its customers?

Aug 10, 4:09PM EDT0

If a company can analyse the data they collect, it makes it easier to predict what a customer would purchsase in the future hence better recommendation and personalized selling

Aug 13, 2:56AM EDT0

How does a human employee add value to a data management operation?

Aug 10, 3:28PM EDT0

Thank you Lisa. It's good for an employee to be involved in data management operation even more a Data scientist because an employee knows more about the business than an outside Data scientist does

Aug 13, 5:08AM EDT0
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