I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 3, 2017

I'm a writer covering tech in SV. Let's talk about important issues. In this AMA we talk about Sexual harrassment in SV and SF, particularly Dave McClure of 500 Startups. This issue is totally out of control. Ask Me Anything!

Dave McClure blog: I’m a Creep. I’m Sorry.

Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment

VCs rally around 'decency pledge' after Silicon Valley sex scandal

The Decency Pledge

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Do you think the victims of harassment should be publicly exposed?

Jul 3, 2:55PM EDT0

No, unless they want to involve themselves. It is a deeply personal matter.

Jul 3, 9:06PM EDT0

Do you think McClure's case will change anything in Silicon Valley?

Jul 3, 2:22PM EDT0

His in particular? No. But i believe it adds to the larger exposure of sexual harrassment.

Jul 3, 9:07PM EDT0

Do you think once this falls off the news, things will actualy get better?

Jul 3, 1:55PM EDT0

I sincerely hope so

Jul 3, 9:07PM EDT0

How can McClure continue to make amends for his actions?

Jul 3, 1:37PM EDT0

Help his victims !!

Jul 3, 1:40PM EDT0

First, get help. Secondly, ask the victims what they would like him to do, and DO IT.

Jul 3, 9:08PM EDT0

How will McClure's actions ultimately impact his career?

Jul 3, 1:20PM EDT0

They already have, but as far as future impact, it all depends on how he moves forward from here.

Jul 3, 1:22PM EDT0

What do you think are the root causes of sexual harassment in the workplace?

Jul 3, 1:02PM EDT34

Predatory personality.

Jul 3, 1:22PM EDT34

What about complexes and personal problems?

Jul 4, 3:56AM EDT22

Do you believe David McClure was being honest in his apology?

Jul 3, 12:55PM EDT0

It seemed far too candid to be fake, so yes I do.

Jul 3, 1:22PM EDT0

I think the PR spin worked well on you. I disagree.

Jul 3, 1:33PM EDT0

kudos to 500 Startups for making the brave change. Be the change you want to see!

Jul 3, 12:52PM EDT0

My sentiments EXACTLY!!!

Jul 3, 1:20PM EDT0

Is it that we're all human? Or that some people abuse their positions of power, and others just get naked when they're drunk? I know which kind of person I prefer being.

Jul 3, 12:48PM EDT0

Most predators feed on the feeling of being powerful..

Jul 3, 12:48PM EDT1
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Give a creep enough rope, and he'll always hang himself. Agree?

Jul 3, 12:47PM EDT0

Always thought he was a dick.

Jul 3, 12:49PM EDT0
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Do you think 500 Startups will suffer financially from this publicity?

Jul 3, 12:44PM EDT0

Yes I do, people will speak loudest wih their wallets.

Jul 3, 12:47PM EDT0

Do you think McClure could have handled this differently?

Jul 3, 12:32PM EDT0

Of course! He could have behaved like a prodfessional in the first place!

Jul 3, 12:39PM EDT0
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Dave Mclure was so likeable until this happened. Is it still ok to like the guy? Can we forgive and move on?

Jul 3, 12:13PM EDT0

That is a personal choice, to move on. Of course it is ok to like the guy, again, a personal choice.

Jul 3, 12:40PM EDT0

Do you think McClure has a selfish motive in making this 'confession'?

Jul 3, 12:05PM EDT0

I think it was sincere and candid, yet also served to save his company as much damage as possible.

Jul 3, 12:41PM EDT0

How do we make organizations a safer and more tolerant place to work?

Jul 3, 12:03PM EDT0

Simply put...Education. Educate your employees, educate your team leaders, educate your H.R. personel, and enforce strict policies.

Jul 3, 12:42PM EDT0

What is the responsibility of an organization when abuse is detected?

Jul 3, 12:03PM EDT0


Jul 3, 12:42PM EDT0

How do you think organizations should respond to cases like this?

Jul 3, 11:59AM EDT0

I think a repository of employees histories should be maintained by a third party, with access given to all member companies.

Jul 3, 12:06PM EDT0

Why do you think harassment remains an issue on campus and in the workplace?

Jul 3, 11:57AM EDT0

I think the "why" is the same as it is for most predatory crimes...A compulsion , coupled with a big ego, along with the thought "I wont get caught". 

Jul 3, 12:08PM EDT0

What is your opinion on the psychology of a sexual harasser?

Jul 3, 11:55AM EDT0

My opinion, which is just that, an opinion, is that the harrasser has a need to "prove himself". 

Jul 3, 12:09PM EDT0

Do you think Dave McClure deserves a platform for his side of the story?

Jul 3, 11:50AM EDT0

Yes! I believe everyone involved needs such a platform...INVITE HIM HERE!

Jul 3, 12:10PM EDT0
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