I'm a 21 YO and have made a smart irrigation device called Farmer's Eye . Ask Me Anything!

Jul 14, 2017

Hi! It’s Rahul from India. I'm a 21-year-old final year Bachelors student majoring in Electronics. I have made a smart irrigation system to have hassle free field and livestock management. The smart device need to be placed in field to monitor farming.


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Hello Rahul, But most of the farmers does not know about smartphone and cloud. How would they able to get the device?

Jul 19, 9:41AM EDT0

What made you choose farming as your focus?

Jul 13, 9:01PM EDT0

Hello Rachel,

I wanted to create a device which can change the lifes of the farmers in a positive way. 

Jul 15, 2:40PM EDT0

What is the hardest hardware to maintain?

Jul 13, 6:56PM EDT0

Hello Richard,

The micro-controller requires alot of maintaince.

Jul 15, 2:38PM EDT0

Around how much is the expected salary of a programmer novice?

Jul 13, 5:32PM EDT0

Hello Williams, 

I have no idea about that because i am still a student.

Jul 15, 2:35PM EDT0

Can you give some tips in proper handling and care of this?

Jul 13, 4:57PM EDT0

Hello Arnold,

The device needs proper care like the box needs to be kept at a certain level above the water field. Also the device needs to be serviced after a gap of a year. The box should be kept in field with max sunlight availability. 

Jul 15, 2:32PM EDT0

Do you think some popular software are really worth the price?

Jul 13, 3:22AM EDT0

Hello Anthony, 

In the world of today you can find a free substitute to any software. I believe in using the free ones to cut down the cost.

Jul 15, 2:16PM EDT0

What are some serious hardware issues that should be left to experts alone?

Jul 13, 3:00AM EDT0

Hello Laura,

Issues like over-heating of device, short micro-controller, water inside the device, Burning smell should be left for the experts.

Jul 15, 2:13PM EDT0

What are some troubleshooting tips for diagnosing software problems with your product?

Jul 13, 2:01AM EDT0

Hello Robin,

Just reset the device and it will automatically calibrate itself.

Jul 15, 2:12PM EDT0

How exactly does your device work?

Jul 13, 1:41AM EDT0


The device maintains the water level in the field according to the crop sown and the type of field soil. The moisture level sensors send data over cloud system to compute the level of water required and once attained shuts down the water pump.

Jul 15, 2:11PM EDT0

What programming language you are most proficient with?

Jul 12, 10:56PM EDT0


Python is the most comfortable for me.

Jul 15, 2:09PM EDT0

What would be the advantage of your device to the average farmer?Can you explain the concept of your Hardware?is market?

Jul 12, 10:52PM EDT0


The best part about the device is its cheap price. The entire system could cost less than $50. As far as market is considered, india has 70% of its population working as a farmer and the instructions make it easy to be used by anyone. 

Jul 15, 2:08PM EDT0

What is the most important hardware in the system?

Jul 12, 9:39PM EDT0

Hello Oliver,

The micro-controller for sure.

Jul 15, 2:03PM EDT0

What are your advice in maintaining the durability of this type of hardware?

Jul 12, 8:06PM EDT0


The device requires servicing after a period of one year to ensure proper functioning of the device.

Jul 15, 2:02PM EDT0

How can you ensure the quality and durability of the hardware you use?

Jul 12, 5:50PM EDT0

Hello Paul,

The system were tested in the worst of physical conditions like extreme sun and also burnt with the most complex code to ensure durability. 

Jul 15, 1:57PM EDT0

How long did your project take from concept to prototype?

Jul 12, 4:20PM EDT0

Hello Moran,

It took more than an year to finally come up with a working prototype.

Jul 15, 1:52PM EDT0

Will it be tied to a smartphone app?

Jul 12, 3:39PM EDT0

Hello Julie,

Yes indeed. Entire system is cloud based and controlled through smartphones.

Jul 15, 1:52PM EDT0

Can you name some additional hardware people should invest on?

Jul 12, 2:49PM EDT0

Hello Marcus,

The micro-controllers definitely.

Jul 15, 1:51PM EDT0

Does dirt accumulation affect the functionality of this product?

Jul 12, 2:22PM EDT0

Hello Jsmith,

The device has a protective layering which doesnt allow any form of dirt or water inside.

Jul 15, 1:51PM EDT0

Do you do program jobs via online freelancing jobs or are you employed in a certain company?

Jul 12, 1:20PM EDT0

Hello Raymond,

I am a college student and do freelancing jobs just for the experience and fun.

Jul 15, 1:50PM EDT0

How is hardware different from software?

Jul 12, 1:19PM EDT0

A very good question!

‘Human Body + Soul’ is a good example to understand Software and Hardware of Computer.

Human has Brain - like this Computer has CPU

Human has hands/legs to walk/move - Computer has interfaces

Human has Memory to remember - SO does computer have memory

Human has Eyes/Ears/Mouth/Tongue organs to feel/taste - Computer has Input and Output devices like key-board, mouse, scanner, printer

Like this there can be many examples. Now coming to technical part, SW and HW both contribute equally in computer and have their own importance. Both are incomplete without each other.

Some HW things in computer are like: Monitor, Mouse, Disk drive, Key-board, Printer etc

Some basic SW things are like: MS Word, Paint-brush, Photoshop, Windows-Media-Player, PowerDVD, etc so many examples can be there from our day to day life.

I hope this simple answer gives basic understanding on this query, Thanks for your time!

Jul 15, 1:49PM EDT0