I write tutorials with tips and tricks for Web development. Ask me Anything

Mir Ashraf Ali Palash
Jul 15, 2017

Hi I am mir Ashraf Ali . I am an Expert Web Developer . Working with Fornt End Web Development and Backend Development . I will write utorials with tips and tricks for Web development. Ask me Anything if you need . 

Today I will share a tips it,s help you to add CSS Prefixes ,Psudo Elements , Opacity , CSS Filters , IE Feltres , Group media queries. You just write simple code and the system automedic do all for you. It will be very much helpfull to make a website crossbrowser supported with in a moment .

Please open this link  http://pleeease.io/play/. Put your simple source code and  see result.

I am giving you a example :

Your Sample code:

.a { display: flex; background: linear-gradient(red, green);}

Pleeease.Io will make your code:

.a { display: -webkit-box; display: -ms-flexbox; display: flex; background: -webkit-linear-gradient(red, green); background: linear-gradient(red, green);}

I think this tips and tricks will help you to write code more quickly . Please Ask me anything if you need to know.Thanks.

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What are the pros and cons of doing web development on a freelance basis?

Jul 15, 12:21AM EDT0

You are the boss on your job I think.

Jul 15, 12:48AM EDT0

Are you always busy with project? 

Jul 15, 6:43AM EDT0

What does the job as a Web Developer usually entail?

Jul 14, 12:20AM EDT0

Web development for any compay

Jul 15, 3:33AM EDT0

Can you explain Web Development in layman's terms?

Jul 13, 11:58AM EDT0

I am not sure about it .

Jul 15, 3:33AM EDT0

It's a shame

Jul 15, 6:45AM EDT0

What can you expect to earn as a Web Developer?

Jul 11, 4:19PM EDT0

1000 usd per month at list.

Jul 13, 1:17AM EDT0

Is it enough for life?

Jul 15, 7:15AM EDT0

What is the difference between web development and web design?

Jul 11, 6:57AM EDT0

Web Design is related with it,s graphical interface . It,s mainly UI & UX  user interface and user experiece related .  for any web page design need photoshop work.

But for web development need coding . By coding the design live a web developer.  That,s it .

Jul 13, 1:19AM EDT0

Are you keen on web design besides?

Jul 15, 7:26AM EDT0

Where do you want to be in five years when it comes to web development?

Jul 11, 6:13AM EDT0

I want to see my web development company Devesever will be a famous web developer company in the world.

Jul 15, 5:10AM EDT0

What are the latest trends in developing websites for small businesses?

Jul 11, 3:50AM EDT0

Websites for any product or service are today's version of a first impression. Consumers make a variety of instant decisions about whether to continue on a site or jump to a competitor's. A person's eyes take just 2.6 seconds to focus on a particular element of a webpage when it loads, according to research from Missouri University of Science and Technology. So for any business website  is most improtant now Small or large whatever .

Jul 15, 5:13AM EDT0

Can you give some basic web development terms even a non-techie should know?

Jul 10, 11:44PM EDT0

For core web development you have to learn atlit HTML , CSS, Java Script , jQuery , Bootstrap , PHP, mySQL  etc.  for nontechnical person can use wordpress or joomla cms . they can install and customize website template by with out coding any coding skill. You can search how to make website by without coding. Thanks.

Jul 15, 5:16AM EDT0

How is your experience working in the web development industry?

Jul 10, 6:56PM EDT0

I have 3 years of experience in the web development indursty .

Jul 15, 5:16AM EDT0

What other skills are you looking to add in the future?

Jul 10, 2:33PM EDT0

I wnat to be a core Java Script developer with node js, vue.js etc.

Jul 15, 5:17AM EDT0

What does the term 'full stack' mean? I find it confusing but keep hearing it.

Jul 10, 1:20AM EDT0

I think  Full Stack developer is a person who know all of the technologies for web site development such as HTML CSS Java Script , jQuery , node js , Angular js , Go , PHP, Mysql,Fire base . So he can do anything according to cleint requerements.

Jul 10, 11:08AM EDT0

Is it really possible to know everything? I think it's better to concentrate on something that you can do the best. Because sometimes it can be like: to do everything means to do nothing at all.

Jul 15, 7:38AM EDT0

What are some of the greatest challenges in  web development?

Jul 9, 11:30PM EDT0

Understand Client requerements, time maintian ,  Clean coding practice and Learning process maintian.

Jul 10, 11:11AM EDT0

Do you always have the same vision of project with your clients or sometimes there are disagreements?

Jul 15, 7:20AM EDT0

How did you get into the business?

Jul 9, 9:21PM EDT0

This blog can be a business platform. such as you need a website . Now you know I am web developer . you can hire me for your project . I will develop your website and you paid me . simple . but to get continus work you can make a website and sell your service by website  beside you can give freelance service from freelanceing marketplace such as upwork.com , Fiverr.com etc.

Jul 10, 11:13AM EDT0

Do you have your own web site with all your services? If yes, please, share.

Jul 15, 7:11AM EDT0

What is the basic job description of a Web Developer?

Jul 9, 4:34PM EDT0

Like this "Looking for Joomla proffesional who will help me to develop  a Joomla directory, booking, classifieds website. Skilled people contact with me . Thanks. "

Jul 10, 11:18AM EDT0

What are some of the top schools you would suggest offering Web Development programs?

Jul 9, 12:16PM EDT0

https://www.udemy.com/courses/  you can select .

Jul 10, 11:19AM EDT0


Jul 15, 7:31AM EDT0

What are some good free tutorials for web development?

Jul 9, 11:27AM EDT0

You can start with https://www.w3schools.com/ . it,s very good for start. Thanks.

Jul 10, 11:20AM EDT0

What is the starting pay for a web developer?

Jul 9, 11:08AM EDT0

actully I am freelance web developer . working project based . I take 500 to 600 USD per joomla website project. But for fixed job you can ask 2000 to 4000 usd per month or more as per as your skill and company requerement. Thanks.

Jul 10, 11:22AM EDT0

How do web developers stay ahead of the technology curve?

Jul 9, 9:47AM EDT0

What are the job prospects for  Web Developers?

Jul 9, 6:37AM EDT0

You can get job from online market place such as www.upwork.com , www.freelancer.com etc and you can make your own company to provide web development service locally or internationaly .

Jul 9, 8:49AM EDT0

Have you done any large scale web dev?

Jul 9, 12:29AM EDT0

Yes developed . http://footnex.com/, http://ecothinking.net/

Jul 9, 8:51AM EDT0

What is your advice for choosing a school for web development?

Jul 9, 12:00AM EDT0

You can take a local training for web development . and we have lot of course paid or free in online for free web development you can search web development tutoriasl form youtube . and for paid course you can use https://www.udemy.com/.

Jul 9, 8:54AM EDT0

Are you a programmer?

Jul 8, 11:54PM EDT0

I am web developer. I know web development technologies with Javascript and PHP programing language. Thanks.

Last edited @ Jul 9, 8:55AM EDT.
Jul 9, 8:54AM EDT0

What is the usual stereotype of a web developer, and is it accurate?

Jul 8, 11:13PM EDT0

I am not sure about it but any one can forweb template development need o follow standerd clean coding pattern  with good UI and UX and typography .  For client work you need to fullfill your cleint requerement . That,s it .

Jul 9, 8:57AM EDT0

What are the educational requirements needed to become a full-time Web Developer?

Jul 8, 9:04PM EDT0

You have to know English International Language for communucate golbally and you need to learn Web development  technologies  such as HTML , CSS, Java Script , JQuery , Twitter Bootstrap , Less frame work , PHP , mySQL, Node js , angular Js  etc .

Jul 9, 9:01AM EDT0

How is Java used for purposes of web development?

Jul 8, 6:51PM EDT0

I am not a java based web developer . So I am not sure about that. I am working with HTML , CSS, Java Script , JQuery , Twitter Bootstrap , Less frame work , PHP , mySQL, Node js , angular Js etc . But I know it Java are main language for mobile app development .

Last edited @ Jul 9, 9:02AM EDT.
Jul 9, 9:01AM EDT0

What is the role of web developers in project management?

Jul 8, 6:20PM EDT0

For client project Timey work is main issue with clean coding and fullfill client requerement and achive satisfiction. Thanks.

Jul 9, 9:03AM EDT0

How do your skills as a web developer apply to your daily life?

Jul 8, 4:28PM EDT0

As a web developer  I am developed lot of web site by my daily work for  global client . Earning money and by those money I maintian my family and my  daily life . it,s simple and enjoyable ! Thanks.

Jul 9, 9:05AM EDT0

I meant where do you apply you knowledge except job:)

Jul 15, 7:35AM EDT0

How do you account for security issues as a web developer?

Jul 8, 2:32PM EDT0

For web site security I follow few tricks and mathod to make the website secure.

Jul 9, 9:06AM EDT0

Which one?

Jul 15, 7:24AM EDT0

What are the most popular software programs for web development?

Jul 8, 2:28PM EDT0

Now web are working like software as a web app . You can get CRM, online booking system , web based pos system, ecommerce solution. etc as a popular .Thanks.

Jul 9, 9:07AM EDT0