I used Secret and Advanced tools that around 80% of public aren't aware, to build my VB.net and Asp.net projects, Ask Me Anything.

Guna Shekar Raju
Jul 18, 2017

Hello,& Welcome back to my AMA, Guys.

In this AMA I would like to reveal my secrets of developing a proffesional Forms & applications. The tool that i used is DotNet Bar .

  • DotNet Bar is a tool box of 89 stunning components for creating professional UI with ease using Visual Studio.
  • DotNetBar is world's first component to provide full Windows XP Theme support, first to provide Diamond Docking Guides for dockable windows etc.
  • For over 10 years DotNetBar is helping developers like me create sleek professional Windows Forms (WinForms) user interfaces with unparalleled ease.
  • And the interesting part for me is to interface Arduino with it.

You can find more information and download DotNet Bar in the link below;



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What jobs associated to programming pay the highest?

Jul 16, 9:26AM EDT0

probably that depends on your talent in the field you have. And it is better to go with which programming you are intrested than the highest paying programming(If it is). Then sure You will be paid highest! in your own interesting field of programming. :)

Jul 17, 12:55PM EDT0
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What are VB.net and Asp.net?

Jul 15, 2:29AM EDT0

They are one of the programming languages. Vb.net for windows related developments and Asp.net for Web related developments.

Jul 17, 12:57PM EDT0

What are some game-wise software?

Jul 14, 6:16PM EDT0
Jul 14, 9:25PM EDT0
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How difficult it is to be a programmer, in your case?

Jul 14, 9:50AM EDT43

Ha Ha.. Its very simple and joyful.

one of my tech rule to be a proffessional in any field is that, there are just three steps I follow;

  1. Acknowledge.
  2. Acquire.
  3. Apply.
Last edited @ Jul 17, 1:05PM EDT.
Jul 17, 1:05PM EDT38
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What industries are in high need of programming services?

Jul 14, 9:34AM EDT53

Hello ReedWilliam, I think you know about the present status of technology, EVERYWHERE Programming is needed. Not only in IT sector but also in PLC, RObotics, CNC, Automation, Microcontrollers, Electronics, Aero-space, Consumer electronics, etc..

Jul 17, 1:10PM EDT44
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What are the most popular open-source software programs beneficial to your work?

Jul 14, 7:22AM EDT0
  • Visual Studio.
  • Atmel Studio.
  • Android studio.
  • Arduino
  • Blender.
  • Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • AutoCADD.
  • MPLabX IDE.
  • MatLab
Jul 17, 1:14PM EDT0
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What is your level of expertise in terms of software development?

Jul 14, 4:47AM EDT0

I am just a little Intermediate in Software development. As that is just 20% of my hobby.

Jul 17, 1:16PM EDT0
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What are the essential qualities a professional programmer should have?

Jul 14, 4:18AM EDT0

You should have a tricky knowledge to create custom algorithms.  And you should be unique by programming In your own style. 

Most of the time programming Is simple.

Jul 18, 8:13AM EDT0
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What are some software programs useful for this kind of project?

Jul 13, 2:45PM EDT0

Only Visual studio will support DotNetBar 

Jul 18, 8:23AM EDT0

What does it mean when a software is open source?

Jul 13, 2:28PM EDT60

It means that you can freely edit the source code. Without  licence and you can even distribute the software to other systems. It comes with no restrictions!

Jul 18, 8:25AM EDT16
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When you say you make "Windows Forms" What do you mean?

Jul 13, 6:00AM EDT33

Windows forms are a type of desktop applications which runs on your computer the(.exe files). It can be used for many purposes like creating your own windows applications like music player, video player, or an app for controlling arduino projects etc.,

Jul 18, 8:27AM EDT21


Jul 19, 5:43AM EDT34

You said the program offers Windows XP Theme Support, does anyone even use XP anymore?

Jul 13, 2:49AM EDT0

Dotnet bare plays a important role for developers and hobbyists. Dotnet bar is having more tools, and windows XP Theme Is one of them.

Even though see the package that DotNetBar is offering, they included windows XP because it's the very basic theme for beginners to experiment with it. Try it yourself and you'll be surprised!

I said windows XP because lots of automated industries use windows XP themes for their user Interface for machines and HMI/SCADA. 

Jul 18, 8:22AM EDT0
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How difficult it is to crack software through windows firewall?

Jul 13, 1:36AM EDT0

Windows firewall just defends malicious software and viruses (very basic) so breaking firewall is little bit complicated task. Although most of the people disable it for some security issue.

Jul 18, 8:16AM EDT0

Can you explain to me exactly what the uses are for the Windows Forms?How can you tell if the issue is with your hardware or software?

Jul 13, 12:58AM EDT0

Yes i can explain. Windows forms are a type of desktop applications which runs on your computer the(.exe files). It can be used for many purposes like creating your own windows applications like music player, video player, or an app for controlling arduino projects etc.,

What exactly about Hardware that you are asking about. Is that about CPU or any microcontroller interfacing projects?.


Jul 17, 12:49PM EDT0
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Can you explain what Visual Studio is in layman's terms?

Jul 13, 12:32AM EDT45

Sure, I can explain briefly;

Visual studio is a multi-language programming IDE(Integrated Development Environment)that allows you to create;

  • Windows forms.
  • windows applications.(.exe files)
  • plugins
  • extensions
  • web forms
  • C# programming
  • Asp.net(web development)
  • console programming.
  • game development also possible.

see this link below for still deeperinfo, msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms165079.aspx

Jul 17, 12:42PM EDT14
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How can you distinguish software development from web development?

Jul 12, 11:59AM EDT0

For me both are same!

Jul 17, 12:32PM EDT0

Is it true that programming-related jobs are the most in-demand today?

Jul 12, 8:42AM EDT0

Yes of-course, it is in demand for programming related jobs.You will be highlighted only if you are passonate about what you are doing & a small proof that you are a Unique than everyone. 

Jul 17, 12:32PM EDT0
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What software are you most proficient in?

Jul 12, 5:16AM EDT36

in computer software developing- Vb.net, C#,

did you ask only about IT or any other software? 

Jul 17, 12:27PM EDT17
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What got you started in this field?

Jul 12, 3:51AM EDT0

small compititions and challenge between me and my friend in collage made a lot of change, Made me intrested in Software field and self thaught.

As i studied mechatronics engineering there was a little bit of software as a part of my academics :)

Jul 17, 12:24PM EDT0
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How long have you been you been interested in software development?

Jul 12, 12:09AM EDT0

past three years. when i joined to collage. 

Jul 17, 12:19PM EDT0