I study Mechanical engineering and I have a couple years work experience. Ask me anything.

Tahmid Proshno
Aug 11, 2017

I work part-time in acompany and I’m working on a new engine model. It’s my own design. I want to patent it someday soon. I have set up a workshop in my office. With the help of my boss, I’m getting closer to my goal everyday

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What do you get out of engineering that you couldn’t get from any other kind of work?

Aug 11, 9:04AM EDT51

I get pleasure I get memory I get experience I get talent 

Aug 12, 6:13AM EDT64
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What is engineering?

Aug 11, 6:55AM EDT83

the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

Aug 12, 6:13AM EDT21

Thanks! Now it's clear

Aug 12, 11:50AM EDT48

What type of job do you plan to get when you graduate?

Aug 11, 6:47AM EDT57

I wanna work on robotic field

Aug 12, 6:14AM EDT27

Actually what qualities should you have for that?

Aug 12, 11:44AM EDT73

Is Pneumatic cylinder used as a hydraulic cylinder, if so how?

Aug 11, 5:14AM EDT0

No. It can't be used...

Aug 12, 6:18AM EDT0

To what extent has your engineering background required you to be skilled in the analysis of technical reports or information?

Aug 11, 3:57AM EDT77

You have to be more talented than other to  analysis of technical reports

Aug 12, 6:17AM EDT85

Do you manage to be like that, Tahmid?

Aug 12, 11:52AM EDT34

What are the factors that can affect the Factor of safety selection?

Aug 11, 1:22AM EDT0

If you are conscious about your safety there nothing can affect you  

Aug 12, 6:21AM EDT0

Based on which law does distillation column, heat exchanges, compressors and pumps work?

Aug 10, 8:25PM EDT0

Based on Bernoulli's law

Aug 12, 6:24AM EDT0

Why did you go into this field?

Aug 10, 6:31PM EDT0

Coz, I love this field so much 

Aug 12, 6:22AM EDT0

What do engineers do?

Aug 10, 6:26PM EDT0

Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems...

Aug 12, 6:23AM EDT0

How do you define the nut bolt size ?

Aug 10, 5:50PM EDT0

Suppose the diameter of bolt is 20 mm & pitch 2 mm then it can write as M20 x ... Designation of bolt determined by major diameter and pitch 

Aug 12, 6:27AM EDT0

What type of Engineer do you want to be?

Aug 10, 5:10PM EDT0

Robotic Engineer

Aug 12, 6:25AM EDT0

How many types of engineering specialties are there?

Aug 10, 4:56PM EDT41

There many types of engineering specialties in our sector like EEE, Mechanical 

Last edited @ Aug 12, 9:03AM EDT.
Aug 12, 6:29AM EDT46


Aug 12, 11:45AM EDT20

What new engineering specialty skills have you developed?

Aug 10, 4:42PM EDT0

I wanna developing artificial intelligence in mechanical sector  

Aug 12, 9:05AM EDT0

What do you enjoy most/least about engineering?

Aug 10, 4:36PM EDT0

I enjoy project work like field work in a factory. But I didn't like too much pressure 

Aug 12, 9:07AM EDT0

What is the difference between science and engineering?

Aug 10, 4:27PM EDT0

Science is the study of the physical world, while Engineering appliesscientific knowledge to design processes, structures or equipment.

Aug 12, 9:08AM EDT0

What exactly do you do?

Aug 10, 4:06PM EDT0

I develop new machinery 

Aug 12, 9:09AM EDT0

Who are your role models?

Aug 10, 3:55PM EDT0

Henry Gantt is my role model

Aug 12, 9:11AM EDT0

What type of engineer are you studying to be?

Aug 10, 2:41PM EDT0

Mechanical engineer

Aug 12, 9:12AM EDT0

Who was the world's first engineer?

Aug 10, 2:26PM EDT0

 Imhotep maybe

Aug 12, 9:13AM EDT0

Who are some famous people who have earned engineering degrees?

Aug 10, 2:14PM EDT0

I am :P

Aug 12, 9:14AM EDT0
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