I learned to use Arduino on my own with help from YouTube videos. So when I was just starting out, I faced a lot of challenges. So I know a lot about troubleshooting. Ask me anything about your problems with Arduino.

Touhod Rafi
Aug 12, 2017

I am currently making a complex line follower and grid solver using Arduino. I am using IR sensors make it. I have programmed the mini-bot to follow any dark and inversed path. But I'm still working on the grid solving part. Every day I face a new problem with it and I solve it. Thia way I keep learning new things.

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What other type of robots are you making?

Aug 12, 11:59AM EDT0

A mini Robot to follow any dark and inversed path

Aug 13, 9:26AM EDT0

Can I use the Arduino software with other AVR boards?

Aug 11, 10:41PM EDT0

Yes and here is your solution forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=65678.0

Aug 13, 9:27AM EDT0

How much expensive is a typical robot development project?

Aug 11, 5:41PM EDT0

It's much expensive bro

Aug 13, 9:29AM EDT0

Can robots respond to voice commands and do as instructed?

Aug 11, 4:42PM EDT0

Do as instructed

Aug 13, 9:29AM EDT0

Are there any offices or workplace completely robot-automated?

Aug 11, 4:41PM EDT0

Yes there are a offices or workplace completely robot-automated

Aug 13, 9:30AM EDT0

Don't you think robot technology makes humanity lazier?

Aug 11, 4:10PM EDT0

Yes, maybe

Aug 13, 9:30AM EDT0

Which are the official Arduino boards?

Aug 11, 3:58PM EDT0

Elegoo UNO R3 Project Complete Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino I buy full set

Aug 13, 9:36AM EDT0

What do you mean by open-source hardware?

Aug 11, 3:38PM EDT0

Sorry be specific please 

Aug 13, 9:35AM EDT0

Can I build a commercial product based on Arduino?

Aug 11, 3:37PM EDT0

Yes you can

Aug 13, 9:37AM EDT0

Do you buy parts to make your robotics, or make up your own from scrap?

Aug 11, 2:52PM EDT0

I buy parts to make your robotics

Aug 13, 9:37AM EDT0

Are there any casualty incidents solely caused by robotic malfunction?

Aug 11, 2:52PM EDT0

I don't know about it

Aug 13, 9:38AM EDT0

What do you think would be the common roles of robots in the near future?

Aug 11, 2:43PM EDT0


Aug 13, 9:38AM EDT0

Did you go to school to learn robotics?

Aug 11, 2:42PM EDT0

Yes I am a student of Electrical engineering

Aug 13, 9:40AM EDT0

What are some ethical issues surrounding robot production?

Aug 11, 2:02PM EDT0

I don't know about ethical issues are there?

Aug 13, 9:40AM EDT0

Do you believe that if given the chance, robots would take over the workforce someday?

Aug 11, 2:01PM EDT0

Maybe not and that I am not sure

Aug 13, 9:46AM EDT0

In what industry are robots used the most?

Aug 11, 1:43PM EDT0

In manufactural industry

Aug 13, 9:47AM EDT0

Do you think there will be development of robotics for use in more industries than they are currently used in?

Aug 11, 1:09PM EDT0

Yes I believe improvement of robotics for use in more industries

Aug 13, 9:52AM EDT0

How can I run the Arduino IDE under Linux?

Aug 11, 1:03PM EDT0

pen up Arduino: Configure the Boards Manager. Go to File>Preferences>Additional Boards Manager URLs and paste (CTRL + V / CMD + V) this link. Click on Tools>Board>Boards Manager… Select the Type as “Contributed” Click on the SparkFun AVR Boards and then click Install. That's it! Boards are all installed. I am not Linux user

Aug 13, 9:56AM EDT0

Do you think the robotics industry will ever cause robots to replace human beings too much?

Aug 11, 12:20PM EDT0

Yes much possibility 

Aug 13, 10:02AM EDT0

Are there robots that can learn to perform cleaning chores?

Aug 11, 11:59AM EDT0

Yes, robots that can learn to perform cleaning chores

Aug 13, 10:04AM EDT0
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