I know all there is to know about computer hardware's. So you can ask me anything if you're having problems troubleshooting

Anisa Mimi
Aug 12, 2017

I have used many chips. But not one has satisfied me. I think it could be more efficient, more powerful and faster. It's always been my ambition to patent something great. Since I'm in the computer industry, this is the best thing for me. I'm trying to integrate IC chips. To be more specific, I want to integrate MOSFET and FinFET chips to make a more reliable, powerful and efficient chip.

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How do hardware catch viruses and other malware?

Aug 12, 3:32PM EDT32

If you transfer file in your computer from other virus affected computer or you download malware file from any site

Aug 13, 8:59AM EDT42

I see.What viruses are the worst ones?

Aug 13, 11:42AM EDT66

Do you only trust major hardware brands or do you also try lessser known ones to test their quality?

Aug 12, 1:52PM EDT0

No, I test them

Aug 13, 8:59AM EDT0

Well, if you knew ALL there is to know about it, you'd know it's hardware, not hardware's...just sayin...

Aug 12, 5:10AM EDT0

Yes I understand

Aug 12, 11:51AM EDT0

Ok. Technology is your passion?

Aug 12, 11:10PM EDT0

What softwares does a common person has to have in his personal computer?

Aug 12, 1:32AM EDT0

Every person has to have ccleaner, Avast, windows defender as a default and much more common software

Aug 12, 11:54AM EDT0
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What hardware brands are known for their durability?

Aug 12, 12:05AM EDT53

I love Intel, MSI, ASUS  for their durability

Aug 13, 9:01AM EDT73

I have an Asus model, it's really immortal!

Aug 13, 11:43AM EDT66

What laptop/computer are best suitable for people like you in this workplace?

Aug 11, 9:11PM EDT0

MAC Is best for every type of work 

Aug 13, 9:02AM EDT0

Is there a safe place I can save documents other than on my computer?

Aug 11, 6:27PM EDT0

Yes you can save your file in Google drive 

Aug 13, 9:02AM EDT0

What are the common tasks involved in hardware support and maintenance?

Aug 11, 2:57PM EDT21

Clean your hardware once in every month 

Aug 13, 9:04AM EDT19


Aug 13, 12:23PM EDT71

Is the wireless network as secure as the wired network?

Aug 11, 10:55AM EDT0

Yes both are secure If you be aware

Aug 13, 9:06AM EDT0

Do you have a college degree or any other formal training?

Aug 11, 9:35AM EDT0

I have  formal training

Aug 13, 9:06AM EDT0

How do you ensure the compatability of a certain hardware to your computer?

Aug 11, 9:04AM EDT0

I always update my hardware

Aug 13, 9:08AM EDT0

Do you think availability of internet connection must be a human right in this time and age?

Aug 11, 8:40AM EDT0

Yes I believe 

Aug 13, 9:10AM EDT0

Do you think all school campuses must have accessible wireless network?

Aug 11, 8:06AM EDT0

Yes must be

Aug 13, 9:10AM EDT0

What device do you recommend for students and why?

Aug 11, 7:40AM EDT0

I recommend every student to use normal device like tablet or computer 

Aug 13, 9:12AM EDT0

What are some non-expert ways through which I can clean my computer's RAM?

Aug 11, 5:54AM EDT0

You can use software like ccleaner or Advance system care

Aug 13, 9:14AM EDT0

What is the optimum number of users who can share a single Wi-Fi without slowing down its speed?

Aug 11, 4:48AM EDT0

10 or more if your Internet speed well 

Aug 13, 9:15AM EDT0

How do I set up my mobile device for this kind of work?

Aug 11, 3:02AM EDT0

Sorry I don't know I am not a mobile expert 

Aug 13, 9:16AM EDT0

What is your advice on maintaining the durability of hardware?

Aug 11, 12:05AM EDT0

Don't use high voltage connection use UPS for your pc

Aug 13, 9:17AM EDT0

How do I trouble shoot “No Network Connection”?

Aug 10, 11:59PM EDT0

What your problem?

Aug 13, 9:17AM EDT0

Can you recommend accessories that are actually functional and useful?

Aug 10, 11:38PM EDT0

What type of accessories?

Aug 13, 9:18AM EDT0
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