I have worked with Adobe Photoshop and other graphic software. Ask me anything about graphics design

Samia Islam
Aug 11, 2017

I have designed business cards for 53 different people and companies. I have worked for 3 graphics firms simultaneously and edited over a thousand photographs. I can perfectly correct color and I am expert business card designer.

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What if someone is unhappy with your design? What do you do?

Aug 11, 1:19PM EDT0

I redesigned It, I do it more than 10 times If I am not happy with it

Aug 12, 1:05PM EDT0

Do you sketch your designs first before converting them to digital format?

Aug 11, 4:43AM EDT0

Yes sketch first

Aug 12, 1:07PM EDT0

Most Photo Manipulation software is too complicated. Does Adobe make a simpler software which is as, or almost as, effective?

Aug 11, 4:33AM EDT0

I don't know, Adobe should be doing this

Aug 12, 1:08PM EDT0

Can you make a pizza into a model, like in that youtube video?

Aug 11, 1:06AM EDT0

Yes I can

Aug 12, 1:08PM EDT0

How long have you been using Photoshop?

Aug 11, 12:06AM EDT0

About 3 years 

Aug 12, 1:09PM EDT0

When can I use a copyrighted photo?

Aug 10, 11:35PM EDT0

If you get permission for using than you 

Aug 12, 1:10PM EDT0

What graphic design software do you know best? Which one could you improve?

Aug 10, 11:27PM EDT0

Illustrator and Photoshop I should improve in Indesign

Aug 12, 1:11PM EDT0

Do you have a website or facebook?

Aug 10, 10:13PM EDT0

Yes I have

Aug 12, 1:11PM EDT0

What have been the major improvements to Photoshop in the past 5 years?

Aug 10, 9:32PM EDT0

sorry I never use 5 years old CS version

Aug 12, 1:12PM EDT0

Are you on Facebook?

Aug 10, 8:42PM EDT0

Yes but I am not active user

Aug 12, 1:12PM EDT0

Do you work with Photoshop in a specific industry, or is it just a hobby?

Aug 10, 8:10PM EDT0

Yes, I have worked for 3 graphics firms

Aug 12, 1:14PM EDT0

How often do you get repeat clients?

Aug 10, 7:45PM EDT0

It depends on clients sometimes 1-3 months later 

Aug 12, 1:15PM EDT0

What other software do you currently use?

Aug 10, 7:31PM EDT0

Adobe Indesign and fireworks 

Aug 12, 1:16PM EDT0

Do you stick to ready-made design templates or do you always make a different one for every client?

Aug 10, 6:06PM EDT0

Most of the time make a different one for client

Aug 12, 1:17PM EDT0

How long would it take you to plan, design, and complete a 300×400 banner?

Aug 10, 4:58PM EDT0

2/3 days

Aug 12, 1:18PM EDT0

What have been the major improvements to Photoshop and software like it in the past 5 years?

Aug 10, 4:29PM EDT0

Sorry I never use 5 years old CS version

Aug 12, 1:21PM EDT0

Where should I start if I am interested in learning how to use this program?

Aug 10, 4:05PM EDT0

You can learn from your local Design school

Aug 12, 1:21PM EDT0

How many designs do you usually sketch before choosing one?

Aug 10, 3:27PM EDT0

4/5 design

Aug 12, 1:22PM EDT0

I don't understand layers, and how to use them. Can you explain?

Aug 10, 3:03PM EDT0

Yes, layer is part of the design like pages you can't finish a composition in one page that's like layer  

Aug 12, 1:23PM EDT0

How do you deal with clients asking for a budget-friendly design plan?

Aug 10, 2:32PM EDT0

It depends on clients

Aug 12, 1:24PM EDT0
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