I have experience in plastic part and injection mold design ask me anything

Omar Atif
Jul 15, 2017

I work as a production and mechanical design engineer 

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What is the most challenging part of your job?

Jul 15, 9:05PM EDT0

mechanical modeling, how to choose the right dimensions so that the part would be perfect and accurate

Jul 15, 9:47PM EDT0

Have you done any projects with 3d printing?

Jul 14, 5:56AM EDT0

we use 3d printing to test the product before we send it to be manufactured

Jul 15, 12:23PM EDT0

How do you determine the material to be used?

Jul 13, 8:45AM EDT0

i depends on the quality of the part that I want  and its function 

Jul 15, 12:22PM EDT0
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Do you need special schooling to enter this field?

Jul 13, 5:31AM EDT0

a mechanical engineering degree would be perfect but not enough you will have to learn even after you graduate 

Jul 15, 12:20PM EDT0
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Do you use different types of plastics in the manufacturing process?

Jul 13, 3:19AM EDT0

yes, it depends on the quality that the client wants and the function of the product, ABS is the most used material 

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Jul 15, 12:15PM EDT0

Thank you for sharing

Jul 16, 2:03AM EDT0

Hoe do you determine the layout of the mold for the product?

Jul 13, 12:58AM EDT0

yes it is part of the design process of the mold 

Jul 15, 12:19PM EDT0

How many shots will you guarantee from my mold?

Jul 12, 6:04PM EDT0

it depends on the material of the mold 

Jul 15, 12:18PM EDT0

What other processes do you use to create items besides injection molding?

Jul 12, 4:16PM EDT0

3d printing 

Jul 15, 12:12PM EDT0
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Do you design the parts you make as well?

Jul 12, 3:08AM EDT0

i design the plastic part and the mold of this part 

Jul 15, 12:10PM EDT0

Are you working on any current projects personally that involve injection molding or plastic part production?

Jul 12, 12:40AM EDT0

yes i work now on designing a plastic case of a product 

Jul 15, 12:10PM EDT0
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How do you insure quality?

Jul 12, 12:30AM EDT0

i use the right material and the right manufacturing method and apply the right finishing methods to ensure good quality 

Jul 15, 12:12PM EDT0

What difficulties can appear?

Jul 16, 1:43AM EDT0

How much does a mold cost?

Jul 11, 6:39PM EDT0

it depends on the plastic part and how much it is going to be used 

from $ 1000 to 1500 

Jul 15, 12:09PM EDT0
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Do you design and build injection tools?

Jul 11, 2:50PM EDT0

yes it is parts of my job to design molds for the products

Jul 15, 11:23AM EDT0

What size parts can you make?

Jul 11, 6:08AM EDT0

mostly it is small products like plastic cases for electronics

Jul 15, 11:21AM EDT0

How long have you been in this field?

Jul 11, 6:07AM EDT0

3 years

Jul 15, 11:20AM EDT0

What made you choose to enter this field?

Jul 11, 4:45AM EDT0

I am a mechanical design engineer I design everything machines, products, structures, and I do it because I love it

Jul 15, 11:20AM EDT0
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What advice can you give to someone starting out in this field?

Jul 10, 8:43PM EDT0

some people focus on the designing part of the project but they do not know much about the production part of the project and this cause so many problems the engineer should know how to design the part and how to manufacture it 

Jul 15, 11:17AM EDT0

Do you mold products for a specific industry?

Jul 10, 8:09PM EDT0

no, i work as a freelancer and I design products for the clients 

Jul 15, 12:24PM EDT0
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Can you mold around inserts or metal components?

Jul 10, 1:44PM EDT0

yes of course 

Jul 15, 11:12AM EDT0

What is the most interesting item you have made?

Jul 10, 1:08PM EDT0

a plastic case of a medical device

Jul 15, 11:11AM EDT0

What was it? 

Jul 16, 2:19AM EDT0

Do you need a Mechanical Engineering degree to do this work?

Jul 10, 12:46PM EDT0

well I saw some people work in this field without a mechanical engineering degree but in my opinion, I think it is very important to have a mechanical engineering degree

Jul 15, 11:11AM EDT0
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Can a mold be modified if the client changes their part designs?

Jul 10, 10:08AM EDT0

the mold building the final stage we do not build the mold unless we are done with designing the part and doing the final modifications

Jul 15, 12:35PM EDT0

What types of parts can not be made with this process?

Jul 10, 9:42AM EDT0

well in injection molding method there is a lot of considerations that we have to look at it like the part must have a draft on its surface so that we can extract the part from the mold, but some parts we must not but a draft on its surface or it will not do its job in this case we do not use injection molding 

Jul 15, 12:33PM EDT0

Thanks for explanation

Jul 16, 2:01AM EDT0

What kind of resins do you mold?

Jul 10, 6:23AM EDT0

PVC, Nylon, Nylon 32% Glass Fiber

Jul 15, 12:28PM EDT0

What information do you need to quote a project?

Jul 10, 3:55AM EDT0

it depends on the complexity of the project 

the quality that the client wants

it also depends on my name in the market if I am a famous designer I will take more 

Jul 15, 11:08AM EDT0

How do you decide the type of production for a product?

Jul 10, 3:04AM EDT0

it depends on the function of the product we use the right way of manufacturing for the product if we do not need the product to be perfect we use an average way of manufacturing by this way we do not spend too much money 

Jul 15, 11:01AM EDT0

What can someone starting out in this field expect to make per hour/year?

Jul 10, 1:53AM EDT0

it depends on your skills but if you are really good you can make 100-150/hour

Jul 15, 10:55AM EDT0

How do you keep up with the latest innovations in the field?

Jul 9, 5:15PM EDT0

I go to fairs like MacTech

Jul 15, 10:54AM EDT0
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How do you keep your costs down in order to stay competitive with foreign companies?

Jul 9, 4:42PM EDT0

the design must be perfect we must not use material more than we need to manufacture the part we must use the perfect amount of material that helps in reducing the cost in the long term the same thing in designing the mold 

Jul 15, 10:50AM EDT0

Can you injection mold rubber parts, or only plastic?

Jul 9, 3:06PM EDT0

yes we can use rubber

Jul 15, 10:47AM EDT0

What materials can be used to make a product with injection molding?

Jul 9, 12:57PM EDT0


these are the materials


Common thermoplastic with good impact resistance and toughness.


Thermoplastic polymer used for a wide number of applications.

Polyoxmethylene (POM)

Dimensionally stable thermoplastic with high stiffness and low friction.


Thermoplastic material with good temperature resistance and impact strength.

Polycarbonate / ABS

Blend of PC and ABS that creates strong parts for a variety of applications.


PVC is a polymer with good insulation properties, high hardness, and good mechanical properties.


Polymer material that is durable with high elongation and good abrasion resistance.

Nylon 32% Glass Fiber

Polymer with excellent mechanical stiffness and elevated temperature resistance.

Acrylic (PMMA)

Material with resistance to breakage often used for transparent applications.


Light weight material popular for its high impact strength and toughness.

Polyether Imide(PEI)

Thermoplastic with high heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties.

Jul 15, 10:38AM EDT0