I have developed an election system that will soon be able to sort election issues in higher learning istitutions and save students time while electing their leaders.... Find out more about this now..... Ask Me anything.

Steve Onyango
Oct 12, 2017

Any voting process has always been one of the most engaging process. This is as a result of long queues that we have to make in order to cast our votes. other than the national general elections, learning institutions have not been an exception at all, and now this is what I'm trying to solve out by allowing students to vote online from their own comfort.

Help me improve and make my project the best by asking me anything.

Steve Onyango says:

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How are you going to implement your system?

Oct 12, 2:22PM EDT0

Once I am done with everything, It is going to be implemented by being  hosted like any other website.

Oct 12, 4:46PM EDT0

How secure will it be when we are all aware of hackers whom for your case might have intentions to rig elections.

Oct 12, 4:57AM EDT0

I understand that in any technological system there must be hacking challenges. So for my system i have used high encryption level to ensure security of data in the system. This will ensure data integrity and authenticity.

Oct 12, 5:14AM EDT0

Cheers Steve, Thanks.

Oct 12, 3:40PM EDT0

What are you studying?

Oct 12, 1:38AM EDT0

Information science

Oct 12, 4:04AM EDT0

Who's idea was this?

Oct 11, 11:24PM EDT0


Oct 12, 4:04AM EDT0

What is the current quote of those who don't vote?

Oct 11, 10:51PM EDT0

To vote is like the payment of a debt, a duty never to be neglected, if its performance is possible.

Rutherford B. Hayes

Oct 12, 4:42AM EDT0

Do you work together with the school administration?

Oct 11, 8:12PM EDT0

as at now i'm still working on it individually but once i shall have completed everything is when i will share it with school administration.

Oct 12, 4:07AM EDT0

Thank you for your interesting AMA,!  I thought it would interest you to read Vinog's Upcoming AMA  

Oct 11, 5:37PM EDT0

Are you working on this fulltime or is this just a hobby?

Oct 11, 4:31PM EDT0

it's just a hobby and also i am doing it to boost my career

Oct 12, 4:08AM EDT0

What programming language are you using?

Oct 11, 3:04PM EDT0

for the project i am using html/css, php and javascript.

Oct 12, 4:10AM EDT0

Does that mean that each student needs to register in order to vote?

Oct 11, 2:59PM EDT0

exactly you have to register first for you to be able to vote.

Oct 12, 4:11AM EDT0

Can you explain a bit more about the system you are developing?

Oct 11, 10:19AM EDT0

the system i'm developing is to provide students with an opportunity to conduct an online election. it is surpose to be hosted as a website such that the voters would be able to login and vote for those who are vying for various dockets in the in the students governing council.

Oct 12, 4:16AM EDT0

Can you describe a bit more about how the process is supposed to work?

Oct 11, 9:54AM EDT0

Those who are contesting are required to submit their details to the administrator of the system within the scheduled time.

The administrator then uploads those their details in the respective positions they are vying for. The details includes their passport photo.these have to be done before the election day.

Then on the election day, the voters can now login and vote for their prefered candidates. once someone has voted he/she is able to view the results.and each person is only allowed to vote once for every contestable docket.

Oct 12, 4:24AM EDT0

Is the election software just for students or do you intend to bring it out on a larger scale?

Oct 11, 9:52AM EDT0

As at now it's only meant for students.

Oct 12, 4:26AM EDT0

When are you finished with your studies and what are you planning on doing afterwards?

Oct 11, 1:53AM EDT0

By 2018 december i shall be done with my studies thereafter i will be focusing on how to come up with softwares which provide solutions to some of the challenges we have in a society.

Oct 12, 4:30AM EDT0

What is your programming background?

Oct 11, 12:48AM EDT0

My programming as at now mainly relies on java, javascript, php, html and css.

Oct 12, 4:31AM EDT0

And also SQL for the database.

Oct 12, 4:32AM EDT0

Do you have previous experience with these types of sistems? What is your project based on? 

Oct 10, 10:30PM EDT0

Previously i have developed an hotel management system using java language and SQL.

This particular project is based on html/css,php and javascript.

Oct 12, 4:35AM EDT0

How will you be able to confirm a person is who they say they are?

Oct 10, 12:17PM EDT1

for you to use the system and participate in any election process, you have to register first using your student personal details which must be similar to the ones appearing in your school database. Once you are registered is when you can log in and participate in an election otherwise you can't

Oct 10, 1:05PM EDT0

What inspired you to create this project?

Oct 10, 10:36AM EDT1

There is this challenge where in a university only the students in session are able to participate in electing student leaders while those who are in holiday and are willing to participate in campus politics are not able to.This challenge has greatly affected us(the current incoming 4th years at moi university who are in their long holidy upto next year may most probably). We have not been able to participate in any campus politics since we joined moi university. Reason being that the period scheduled for elections in campus we are always in long holiday hence our corhot have not enjoyed campus leadership

Oct 10, 11:08AM EDT0

That's what inspired me to come up with this project so as to provide all the comrades(those in long holiday and those on session) with an equal opportunity in participating in campus politics.

Oct 10, 11:19AM EDT0
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