I have built a rock, paper, scissors app with Ionic 2. Ask Me Anything!

Tobi Agbola
Jul 14, 2017

This is a gaming app where you play rock ,paper ,scissors against the computer. I built it with Ionic 2. My main reason for buliding the app was to expand my portfolio but based on the positive results i got from the first set of users i have decided to rebuild it and deploy the app.

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How many apps have you managed to build so far?

Jul 13, 8:38PM EDT0

Hello Edward, 

I have built About 3 App and I am currently Working on one.

I built This Rock Paper Scissors App, An Uber Clone App and A geolocation App to help people Meet Up. The App I am currently working on is confidential tho 

Jul 14, 12:11PM EDT0

Could you share in what sphere of live your next app?

Jul 15, 3:43AM EDT0

Which free software is best used for making mobile apps?

Jul 13, 8:40AM EDT0

Hi Robertson, 

I might Be abit Biased But I think the best is the ionic framework for making mobile apps for many reasons.

  1. Hybrid frameworks rock: You only need to code once and you can deploy on different platforms
  2. Angular 2 features: Ionic 2 contains wonderful features from Angular 2 which makes it easy write code
  3. Ionic UI components: This UI components that can be used in the Mobile App.

 Try it out if your interested in developing a mobile application

Jul 13, 11:54AM EDT0

Thank you very much

Jul 15, 4:14AM EDT0

What kind of educational background do you have and what’s your major?

Jul 12, 5:29PM EDT0

Dear Zwilson,

 I am a University Graduate from babcock university and My major was Computer Information System.

Jul 13, 11:11AM EDT0

What is special about your fave app that you like it so much compared to other apps?

Jul 12, 4:34PM EDT0

Hello rivera,

The Special thing about my App is the simplicity of it's concept and how it was actualized to give the User a Unique Experience.

Jul 13, 3:16PM EDT0

Do you use them by yourself?

Jul 15, 4:08AM EDT0

How does your app work, given that the game is pretty simple to play?

Jul 12, 1:07AM EDT0

Dear Evelyn, 

The App works in a simple way. Basically the computer's side of the game is played by a random function than generates a number between 1 and 3 and a number represents either Rock, Paper and Scissors. The players choice is also sends a number between 1 and 3 then the numbers are compared to each other and the game computes the scores In order to determine the winner.

Jul 12, 7:12AM EDT0

Quite simple

Jul 15, 4:41AM EDT0

How long have you been working in this field and making mobile apps?

Jul 11, 9:09PM EDT0

Dear Anthony,

I have Been Developing Websites For 6 Years and I have Been Developing mobile Apps for 1 year.

Jul 12, 7:13AM EDT0

What do you like more?

Jul 15, 5:12AM EDT0

Do you launch apps on a trial basis to get feedback from users?

Jul 11, 5:59AM EDT0

Dear Steven, 

Yes I do I develop But it is more complicated than that. I develop an MVP to test My Assumptions about the Idea and Get Feedback From the Users In order to get A Better Incite about the Application.

Jul 12, 7:17AM EDT0

What can be done to ensure mobile apps do not eat away phone battery at a really fast pace?

Jul 11, 4:50AM EDT0

Dear Curtis, 

This are some Methods of reducing an Apps Battery conception:

  1. Monitor battery level and charging level then adjust features and background processes 
  2. Monitor Network Connectivity and  then adjust features and background processes 
  3. Minimize Background Processes 
Jul 13, 3:24PM EDT0

Will it help? I usd some of these, but can't say it helped a lot:(

Jul 15, 4:36AM EDT0

Is Ionic 2 a free software or do you need to pay for its use?

Jul 10, 10:34PM EDT0

Hello David, 

Ionic 2 is a free software but it has some products and purchases that can be made to aid your app development.

Jul 13, 3:26PM EDT0

Does novice need these additional products to make app?

Jul 15, 4:47AM EDT0

What kind of issues cropped during the developmental phase of your app?

Jul 10, 3:32PM EDT0

Hello David.

Not Much when developing the singleplayer how ever the Multiplayer I had many problems dealling with the network

Jul 13, 3:31PM EDT0

Does your app offer any rewards and incentives to make the game interesting and fun to play?

Jul 10, 1:00PM EDT0

Hello Ashley 

It Depends on the nature of the incentives. But the major incentive is the pass time it offers.

Jul 13, 3:33PM EDT0

Do you work solo as a freelancer or do you like to work in groups?

Jul 10, 9:45AM EDT0

Hello Kerri,

I work solo Most times however I prefer working in groups. Groups are more fun and accomplish more.

Jul 13, 3:51PM EDT0

And more responsibilities in sharing task also. Is it easy to find common language in making decisions?

Jul 15, 4:54AM EDT0

How does Ionic 2 help make the process of app making easier?

Jul 9, 8:25PM EDT0

Ionic 2 has many features that makes developing mobile applications easier. These are some of them:

  1. Hybrid frameworks rock: You only need to code once and you can deploy on different platforms
  2. Angular 2 features: Ionic 2 contains wonderful features from Angular 2 which makes it easy write code
  3. Ionic UI components: This UI components that can be used in the Mobile App.
Jul 13, 3:53PM EDT0

Of the many apps created by you, which is your fave?

Jul 9, 7:52PM EDT0

Hello Christopher,

My Favourite App is an My Uber Clone.

Jul 13, 3:55PM EDT0

And what is the least fav?

Jul 15, 4:38AM EDT0

Which was the most challenging app you have ever made?

Jul 9, 4:02PM EDT0

The most challenging mobile application i ever made is my uber clone:

Jul 13, 3:56PM EDT0

Which areas or features really make Ionic 2 superior to its previous version?

Jul 9, 9:07AM EDT0

There are many areas or the ionic 2 that is similar to ionic 1 and here are some of them:

  1. Angular 2 features: Ionic 2 contains wonderful features from Angular 2 which makes it easy write code
  2. Ionic UI components: This UI components that can be used in the Mobile App.
Jul 13, 4:02PM EDT0

Do you tweak your apps to make them user friendly after initial trials and tests?

Jul 9, 4:24AM EDT0

Hello Klee, 

Yes I Do and Majority of the tweaks is based on the feedback from the customers.

Jul 13, 4:03PM EDT0

What kind of extra features have you included in your gaming app?

Jul 9, 4:15AM EDT0


This is the first Minimum viable product version so i have included Extra features. I have some In mind and like Competitions and Badges. Check It out when i Develop The final Version 

Jul 13, 4:05PM EDT0

Ok, thanks

Jul 15, 4:30AM EDT0

Is your rock, paper, scissors app free to use and play?

Jul 9, 3:28AM EDT0

Hello Melanie, 

My App Is Will Be Free when it is put on the Playstore and Appstore however currently it is non of those thing except to my first group of testers

Jul 13, 4:07PM EDT0

What gave you the idea of creating a rock, paper, scissors app

Jul 9, 3:15AM EDT0

Hello Jennifer, 

I Play the Rock Paper Scissors With My Friends to settle disputes and then one day one of us method an application to digitalize that process.

Jul 13, 4:09PM EDT0

It's quite old game. Are people really interested in it now ?What feedback have you alreade got from user of this app?

Jul 15, 5:12AM EDT0

What got you interested in the field of creating mobile apps?

Jul 9, 1:04AM EDT0

Hello Campbell, 

My natural interest in writing code made me curious about building Mobile Applications  so it was inevitable for me to learn how to build them. Watching the rise of snapchat also helped me think about it.

Jul 13, 4:15PM EDT0

What differences do you find between Ionic and Ionic 2?

Jul 8, 8:47PM EDT0

What can be done to make apps cross-platform compatible?

Jul 8, 6:38PM EDT0

Hello Phicks, There area many cross platform compactable Mobile Applications. All you have to do is create them with hydrid frameworks like Ionic, react native or Xamarin.

Jul 13, 4:17PM EDT0

How much work do you need to put in to adapt an app for a different platform?

Jul 8, 3:18PM EDT0

Hello Joshua,

Not Too Much especially if you build the application with adaptation on mind. Most times you just need to run a few commands on the command prompt.

Jul 13, 4:22PM EDT0

What kind of responses have you gotten through your apps?

Jul 8, 2:36PM EDT0

Hello Patrick,

Many Good Responses and most people have encouraged me to deploy it.

Jul 13, 4:23PM EDT0

Which is the best place to check out help and tutorials on app making?

Jul 8, 7:02AM EDT0

Hello Brenda,

The best sources for tutorials for me has to be the official documentation and Youtube.

Jul 13, 4:24PM EDT0

What official documentation are talking about?

Jul 15, 4:55AM EDT0

What kind of changes do you anticipate in the mobile app market over the next five years?

Jul 8, 6:22AM EDT0

Hello Andrew, 

I am predicting a rise in the number of mobile app that utilise Augmented reality, virtual reality and Artificial intelligence. The company that are able to successful make products with this technologies gain large percentage of the market share.

Jul 18, 8:13AM EDT0

Why did you choose an app based on a real life popular kids game?

Jul 8, 3:01AM EDT0

Hello Dylan,

I choose to make the app based on that game because of the word popular. The game is based on a great idea and that is why it is popular. I chose to digitalizethe idea.  maybe a popular game can become a popular app

Jul 18, 8:22AM EDT0

Why do you need Cordova when you are using Ionic 2?

Jul 8, 1:09AM EDT0

Hello Jennifer,

Cordova is used in ionic for many reasons like Generating the Applications apk or IPA and also integrating plugins and features.

Jul 18, 8:25AM EDT0

What is the common pet peeve of mobile app users today?

Jul 7, 10:25PM EDT0

Hello Matthew, 

In my experience I will say Slow Mobile Apps and Battery Draining Apps

Jul 18, 8:27AM EDT0

Why did you opt of Ionic 2 to create your rock, paper and scissors app?

Jul 7, 10:04PM EDT0

I used Ionic 2 because it is a wonderful framework and heres why.

 1) It is a hybrid framework:You only need to code once and you can  deploy on different plattforms (Andriod, IOS, and windows)

2) The fact that it is based on angular 2: angular 2 is a wonderful framework and it contains so many wonderful features and by default all those features are also implemented in ionic 2. 

3) The UI components: The UI components are have wonderful designs and then to produce beautiful apps easiely

4)This is a part of the second item i listed but the since it is built on angular 2 it is easy to integrate it with all various apis and open source softwares.

5)command prompt commands: Ionic 2 has a few command prompt commands that can be used for various reasons ranging from starting the server to generating files and debuging.

It is a Joy to work with ionic 2. 

This are the features i could think of and i am sure their are many more. Feel free to comment below about this wonderful framework. 

Jul 18, 8:29AM EDT0

What kind of apps are really popular amongst mobile users currently?

Jul 7, 5:56PM EDT0

hello robert,

Jul 18, 8:37AM EDT0

What did you do to solve the problems related to your app?

Jul 7, 5:28PM EDT0

Hello Edward, 

I solve problems Through experience, reading and talking to people. 

  • experience: through memory and other apps i have built 
  • Reading: Through Google, documentaion, ionic forum, stackoverflow and any other tutorial 
  • Advice: this is mainly from my other developer friends 
Jul 18, 8:41AM EDT0

What do you aim to achieve with this simple game based app?

Jul 7, 5:20PM EDT0

Hello Johnson, 

My Aim was to create an MVP and Validate the Assumptions in the Idea. Now i need to create another MVP to test some other assumptions and iterate until i get a Product.

Last edited @ Jul 18, 8:43AM EDT.
Jul 18, 8:43AM EDT1

What are the main steps of making your rock, paper, scissors app?

Jul 7, 4:03PM EDT0

Hello sarah, 

The main steps i took could summarized in 3 bullet points. 

1) analysis:



Jul 18, 8:48AM EDT0

Is your app meant for a single platform and thus for limited people to use?

Jul 7, 3:01PM EDT0

Hello Melanie, 

The App was Made for the Andriod, windows and ios platform. I choose to use ionic 2 mainly because it is an hybrid framework that can enable me deploy on many platforms. I do not think the App is limited in this way 

Jul 18, 8:46AM EDT0