I have a fair amount of knowledge on bathroom design. I make my own design plans for fittings. Ask me anything about the required machineries.

Polash Siddik
Aug 11, 2017

I am currently working on luxurious bathroom plans using unorthodox fittings. I am also making floor plans and interior design plans for buildings. I wanna build a career in this sector. If you wanna know about building design plan you can follow my AMA...

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What Are The Differences Between AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, 3DS Max And Revit?

Aug 11, 10:33AM EDT57

Both AutoCAD and Revit are widely used CAD software to create 2D drawings such as floor plans, elevations, details, etc.; 3D models and objects; construction documents, and rendered images. (I am not an auto CAD designer)

Aug 12, 4:37AM EDT86

I see now

Aug 12, 12:46PM EDT35

What CAD Software Does A Civil Engineer Need To Know To Land A Job?

Aug 11, 1:44AM EDT0

Revit and AutoCAD Need To Know To Land A Job

Aug 12, 4:38AM EDT0

What Are The Limitations Of AutoCAD Supported .DXF File Format?

Aug 10, 11:41PM EDT0

You cannot represent AutoCAD’s dynamic blocks in the DXF file format 

(I am not an AutoCAD  designer)

Aug 12, 4:43AM EDT0

What Is The Difference Between AutoCAD And Solidworks?

Aug 10, 10:23PM EDT0

Autodesk (the manufacturer of AutoCAD) makes a product that is nearly identical toSolidWorks, called Inventor, which is a parametric program for design of solid parts and assemblies. SolidWorks is a 3D mechanical CAD (computer-aided design) program that runs on Microsoft Windows.

Aug 12, 4:44AM EDT0

I am about to buy an Apple Mac computer... What CAD software should I get?

Aug 10, 9:52PM EDT43

Definitely, Mac is best for designing work in my knowledge 

Aug 12, 4:45AM EDT83

I guess you didn't get the question - what CAD software should I get for my MAC?

Aug 12, 12:10PM EDT20

Do Civil Engineers Need To Learn AutoCAD?

Aug 10, 9:23PM EDT0

Maybe If you Learn AutoCAD It's helpful to your workplace 

Aug 12, 4:46AM EDT0

What Projects Can Be Done In AutoCAD?

Aug 10, 8:29PM EDT0

In AutoCAD you can create different types of geometric entities in 2d as well as 3d and edit them, create views from them and print them.

Aug 12, 4:50AM EDT0

Do Software Packages That Convert PDF To CAD Files Really Work?

Aug 10, 7:23PM EDT0

I saw a software calls Free PDF to DXF converter you can find it from Google

Aug 12, 4:54AM EDT0

Is It Possible To Convert PDF To CAD File?

Aug 10, 7:19PM EDT0

Yes you can use Free PDF to DXF converter

Aug 12, 4:55AM EDT0

I thought there was only one CAD program... now I find out there are dozens! I'm confused... Which one is right for me?

Aug 10, 7:06PM EDT0

I am not expert in CAD software, but what type of work you want to do please?

Aug 12, 4:57AM EDT0

Do you design AND machine the fixtures?

Aug 10, 6:05PM EDT0

No I didn't

Aug 12, 4:58AM EDT0

What Is The Difference Between AutoCAD And AutoCAD 360?

Aug 10, 6:05PM EDT0

(I am not an auto CAD designer) AutoCAD is a 2D and 3D design and drafting software whereas AutoCAD 360 (Autodesk 360 to be exact) is a cloud based application for sharing AutoCAD files and lot more other applications like rendering online, viewing files without AutoCAD.

Aug 12, 5:04AM EDT0

I am not sure what the difference is between Raster and Vector files....Why is CAD so different from from say Photoshop?

Aug 10, 5:19PM EDT0

Raster graphics are composed of pixels, while vector graphics are composed of paths. CAD is vector based architectural design software but Photoshop is a normal image designing software

Aug 12, 5:10AM EDT0

I have heard there are several different 3D modelling systems. What are the differences?

Aug 10, 5:18PM EDT61

Very informative, thank you!

Aug 12, 12:02PM EDT44

I have never used CAD before, How easy is it to learn and use?

Aug 10, 5:12PM EDT72

I also :) I am not an Auto CAD designer. but very easy to learn I heard this

Aug 12, 5:15AM EDT70

Thank God!

Aug 12, 12:12PM EDT0

How many projects can you expect to be working on at once?

Aug 10, 4:43PM EDT0

Maybe one or two 

Aug 12, 5:16AM EDT0

What Is The Best Format To Transfer CAD Files To Non-CAD Recipients?

Aug 10, 4:10PM EDT0

Maybe PDF  Is The Best Format for Non-CAD Recipients

Aug 12, 5:18AM EDT0

Do you have a blog or website to showcase your work?

Aug 10, 3:30PM EDT0

Nop, sorry

Aug 12, 5:18AM EDT0

I already have an Apple Mac machine....What CAD software should I get?

Aug 10, 3:11PM EDT0

Auto CAD3D or Revit

Aug 12, 5:19AM EDT0

I did a college course years ago and it nearly put me off CAD for life... has anything changed?

Aug 10, 2:45PM EDT0

Sorry I don't know maybe not

Aug 12, 5:21AM EDT0
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