I am working on project about to create a Inverter and my hybrid Inverter will run With solar battery charging system.About my project,ask me anything

Aslam Khan
Aug 12, 2017

I have designed my project in such a way that it overcomes this limitation by the use of solar energy. Hybrid Inverter with Solar Battery Charging System consists of an inverter powered by a 12V Battery. This inverter generates up to 110V AC with the help of driver circuitry and a heavy load transformer. This battery gets charged from two sources, first being the mains power supply itself. If the mains power supply is available, the relay switches to the connection using mains power supply to supply to the load. This power supply also charges the battery for using it as back up the next time there is power outage.

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What are the major issues major energy companies are facing as of the moment?

Aug 12, 7:25AM EDT0

What is the largest electrical project you have completed?

Aug 12, 5:56AM EDT0

What are some practical tips to conserve energy for the future generations?

Aug 12, 2:54AM EDT0

How do you maintain positive relationships with building engineers and architects when working on a project?

Aug 11, 11:20PM EDT0

Do you think there will be a decrease in the amount of gasoline used in the near future?

Aug 11, 7:44PM EDT0

Do you think people are educated enough about energy issues?

Aug 11, 7:04PM EDT0

Do you think more money should be made avaialable for the development of sustainable energy in this country?

Aug 11, 6:32PM EDT0

How much electrical energy do you think an average person consumes?

Aug 11, 5:11PM EDT0

How many years have you been working in the industry?

Aug 11, 4:58PM EDT0

Have you ever torn apart a computer or device to see how it works?

Aug 11, 4:00PM EDT0

Do you think alternative sources of energy can cut off monthly expenses or is it the other way around?

Aug 11, 3:43PM EDT0

Do you have certificates in this field?

Aug 11, 2:42PM EDT0

Do you think it is right fines offenders who cause pollution by the use of non-sustainable energy?

Aug 11, 1:29PM EDT0

What type of electrician are you?

Aug 11, 12:57PM EDT0

Do you think energy issues will be resolved in the coming years?

Aug 11, 11:59AM EDT0

Would you want to drive an electrically powered car?

Aug 11, 11:56AM EDT0

Do you think there would be another source of electrical energy that will emerge in the next 50 years?

Aug 11, 11:19AM EDT0

Do you work for a company or yourself?

Aug 11, 11:17AM EDT0

Do you think it should be mandatory to use sustainable energy forms?

Aug 11, 10:05AM EDT0

If you were rewiring one outlet in an older home, where all the other outlets had no ground, would you find a way to install a ground into the new outlet or just let it go?

Aug 11, 9:58AM EDT0
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