I am the creator of the Full HD 3D Lion 1918 Cellphone and also the bluetooth 3D Audio headset - (BƎ) the Bolton Effect! Ask me Anything!!!

Antonio Henry
Nov 12, 2017

I have created a new Full HD 3D Cellphone. As shown on my website http//www.lionuniverse.com the product is  composed of being able to view true high def 3D on our phone. This phone feature is composed of hardware and is Android based. We were featured as one the top 3 cell phones on abc7 news (San Francisco) in the convention next to Apple and Samsung during the Mobile World Congress Americas in San Francisco. 

As part of my exclusive product line, I have the Bolton Effect () 3D sounds. You have never heard anything so live before in a portable headset. The sounds transends you directly in to the concert. 

It Is also WaterProof! Yes, Water Proof and you will still get this amazing sound! 

Other features includes: a Pedimeter for those who workout, a 8gb MP3 player that holds up to 2000 songs on ther device,, a voice recorder, up to 7 Hours Talk Time, up too 85hours of standby time, and with a 2 hour charge.

Which is also a pedimeter, Mp3 player built in and also sound recorder.

I am also developing more unique products to come.

Ask me Anything!!!

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Where do you manufacture the phones?

Nov 17, 9:03AM EST0

The same place where all phones are ,maufactured right now in China. But I have plans on moving manufacture to the USA 

Nov 18, 7:11PM EST0

How do you manage to make them so cool for that cheap?

Nov 13, 2:53AM EST0

We design the products based on our customers feedback.

Which is you the people!!

Nov 13, 10:11PM EST0

What other functionality does the phone have?

Nov 12, 8:44PM EST0

- Can watch Full HD 3D (without 3D Glasses!!) , 2D, & VR

- Steam Live content, Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Anime

- Picture in picture & video in video- 3D gaming (coming soon)

- Bigger battery *4000Mah Battery

- Can use either Dual Sims or sim and Micro SD

- Has all Bands for worldwide use making it a World phone out the box

- The phone is also Unlocked from carriers

- Has Snapchat-like features built-in

- Also built-in camera features to include color change, invert, beautify, multi-face mode, antishake, auto scene detection

- also has smile shot and gesture shot

- Taking photos without leaving your desktop

- FM radio builtin

Nov 12, 9:07PM EST1

Do you need to know web development or programming?

Nov 12, 10:16AM EST0

Programming - Yes!

Web development - Not necessary, but for some of the applications its needed.

Nov 12, 8:02PM EST0

What are the pros and cons of the Lion phone?

Nov 12, 8:42AM EST1


- Can watch Full HD 3D (without 3D Glasses!!) , 2D, & VR 

-  Steam Live content, Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Anime

- Picture in picture & video in video

- 3D gaming (coming soon)

- Bigger battery than the Iphone X and Samsung S8

- Can use either Dual Sims or sim and Micro SD

- Has all Bands for worldwide use making it a World phone out the box

- The phone is also Unlocked from carriers


- Not waterproof (will Come soon)

- No facial recognition 

Nov 12, 7:58PM EST1

Will be shipping worldwide?

Nov 12, 7:21AM EST0

Yes Shipping will be worldwide - so Preorder your phone and headset today @ www.lionuniverse.com

Nov 12, 7:47PM EST0

What kinds of accessories are compatible with Lion?

Nov 12, 5:00AM EST0

As of now most Type-C, Bluetooth, wifi accessories are compatible. You can also do wireless printing straight from the phone if you have the proper settings for printing setup on your network.

Nov 12, 7:46PM EST0

Do you think the upgrades in phone units are really necessary?

Nov 12, 4:54AM EST0

Well, If you want better, a more faster infrastructure, the equiptment used has to be upgraded as well to keep up with the newer technology in order to reap its benefits.

Nov 12, 7:43PM EST0

What inspired you to get into this industry?

Nov 12, 12:55AM EST0

I am a Techie. I love new technology and from what I see the technology in cellphone have become less innovative. I wanted to shake up the market a little bit and give different options back to the people.

Nov 12, 7:42PM EST0

Do you have a blog or website to showcase your work?

Nov 12, 12:55AM EST0

Yes I do!! If you have any interest in being a distributor, reseller, or for any other partnerships of any kind email me.



facebook @lionuniverse

twitter @iamlionuniverse

Last edited @ Nov 12, 8:30PM EST.
Nov 12, 7:39PM EST0

What advice would you give to someone just entering this field?

Nov 11, 8:10PM EST0

Stay true to your dream. They will be many struggles but you will over pass them in due time.

Nov 12, 7:37PM EST0

Do you think iOS is superior than android?

Nov 11, 7:42PM EST0

Both OS's have their issues. My platform is Android at the moment, but will be introducing a Brand New OS coming soon to eliminate issues that are with both IOS and Android. So stay tuned...

Nov 12, 7:36PM EST0

Can your products be used overseas?

Nov 11, 4:30PM EST0

Yes!! The Lion 1918 is a world phone with all bands. It is also unlocked for any carrier worldwide

Nov 12, 7:33PM EST0

Where are you based out of?

Nov 11, 12:15PM EST0

Los Angeles, California, USA

Nov 12, 7:32PM EST0

What makes iPhone stand out from the other competitor brands?

Nov 11, 12:06PM EST0

It was the innovation from Steve Jobs, but now its known for, well the Iphone X - delcared the most expensive and Apple's most breakable phone ever of all apple prodducts .

Nov 12, 7:31PM EST0

Why do you think iPhones have become the symbol of pop-culture and indicator of social status?

Nov 11, 11:39AM EST0

Apple used to be the symbol of pop-culture and indicator of social status because Steve Jobs pushed innovation. As of now Tim cook does not push innovation. As you see the last great phone that was in development before Jobs passed away was the iphone 6s. Then Cook took over and nerged a deal with Samsung. As you see all Iphones now from 7, 8, & X are all a product of Samsung.  Samsung will use it against Apple to tear it down as you see from the massive ios updates every week and that new Samsung comnmercial making fun of apple.

Nov 12, 7:28PM EST0

Does Lion have accessibility features?

Nov 11, 10:14AM EST0

Yes, they do come with the standard accessibility features .

Which to include:

Manification guestures, Large Text, High contrast text, Text-to- speech output, Touch & hold delay, color inversion, and color correction

Nov 11, 2:05PM EST0

are you a game developer?

Nov 11, 12:39AM EST1

No, im not a game developer , but if you are and know people who are i do have interest in talking with them.

Last edited @ Nov 11, 1:57PM EST.
Nov 11, 1:56PM EST0
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