I am Tapan, I am here for Operating System AMA

Aug 12, 2017

Hello Guys I am Tapan. I am a teacher. Let's get to the point!

Softwares that control the execution of a computer program and which may provide scheduling, debugging, input/output control, accounting, compilation, storage assignment, data management and related services.

Function of OS;

1. User Interface.

2. Resource Management.

3. Security.

4. Task Management.

4. File Management.

5. Networking.

Example of operating system..................


MS Windows NT

MS Windows

Mac OS






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Will I be able to go from 32-bit Windows 8.1 to 64-bit Windows 10?

Aug 12, 1:34AM EDT0

What removable storage is available for the MacBook Pro?

Aug 11, 7:31PM EDT0

Are there any adapters or "hacks" that make it possible to connect a second external display to a MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air model?

Aug 11, 7:06PM EDT0

Is the CPU on the MacBook Pro always upgradable? How is it mounted?

Aug 11, 6:39PM EDT0

What versions of QuickBooks are supported on Windows 10?

Aug 11, 4:05PM EDT0

How do I network the MacBook Pro to another Mac?

Aug 11, 2:26PM EDT0

Can I Downgrade Back To Windows 7 or 8 If I dislike Windows 10?

Aug 11, 1:49PM EDT0

Where’s Windows 9?

Aug 11, 12:12PM EDT0

What's your favourite Windows Feature to date?

Aug 11, 11:33AM EDT0

How Do I Get Windows 10?

Aug 11, 10:38AM EDT0

Is Windows 10 Really Free?

Aug 11, 10:19AM EDT0

Can I downgrade later? If I upgrade to Windows 10 and do not like it, will I be able to go back to Windows 7 or 8?

Aug 11, 9:05AM EDT0

Does Windows 10 Report Back To Microsoft?

Aug 11, 5:38AM EDT1


Aug 11, 5:58AM EDT0

Is there any way I can stop this from happening? I'd rather not allow it if I have the option. 

Aug 12, 6:38AM EDT0

Does the MacBook Pro support 802.11n?

Aug 11, 5:28AM EDT1

All subsequent MacBook models support 802.11n. But it will depend on model.

Aug 11, 6:10AM EDT0

Thank you!  :)

Aug 12, 6:06AM EDT0

Does the MacBook Pro support monitor mirroring? Dual displays?

Aug 11, 5:18AM EDT1


Aug 11, 6:12AM EDT0

Great!  Do you know how I could set this up exactly?  I'm a bit of a beginner!

Aug 12, 6:29AM EDT0

How can I transfer files from Mac to a Windows computer or vice versa without ruining or losing them?

Aug 11, 4:56AM EDT0

Download BitTorrent Sync. Install it on both the Mac and the PC. Use the same password on two Mac and PC. Created and designate the same-named folder on the Mac and PC as folders to synchronize. You can transfer in this way. Thank you so much. 

Aug 11, 6:20AM EDT1

Brilliant!  Thank you so so much!  Everyone I've asked in the past has given me expensive and longwinded ways of dealing with this & you've just solved my problem in a few sentences!  Have a great day!  :D

Aug 12, 6:56AM EDT0

What's new in Windows 10 that I should know about?

Aug 11, 3:53AM EDT1

Windows 10 now available in the Windows Store. So you should to know about it.

Aug 11, 6:42AM EDT0

That's true..  I was not thinking to look there..  


Aug 12, 7:37AM EDT0

Why are the MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" models limited to 3 GB of memory? If I install dual 2 GB modules, why won't I be able to use 4 GB of RAM?

Aug 11, 3:42AM EDT27

You can be use. No problem .

Aug 11, 6:47AM EDT27

Umm, okay, thanks

Aug 12, 10:56AM EDT45

Is an external SATA adapter available for the MacBook Pro?

Aug 11, 3:20AM EDT25


Aug 11, 6:49AM EDT25


Aug 12, 10:47AM EDT21

What's new (and not so new) in Windows 10?

Aug 11, 3:15AM EDT1

Windows store.

Aug 11, 6:50AM EDT0
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