I am specialist in data, ranging from big data, data lake to data scientist platform (with over 10 years of experience in traditional business intelligence/data warehouse experience and many successfully delivered projects) Ask me anything

Jan 9, 2018

In the now fast-paced globalized world, data and technology become your important part of life. 

How you manage the data from person individual and company commercially becomes particularly more and more important. Now it is the key to drive your differentiation among others. 

That's why you need to seriously to manage your data in proper and smarter way. 

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Can I retrieve my lost data with your help?

Jan 9, 3:06PM EST0

It depends how you lose the data and what kind of the data you lose

Jan 10, 7:17AM EST0

How do you collect data from clients?

Jan 9, 4:39AM EST0

For data requirement (business and technical), it will be collected through several workshops

For actual data, it will may not need to be collected if the data will be operated in client site. 

Jan 10, 7:19AM EST0

How advanced are your work devices?

Jan 9, 3:47AM EST0

Those major vendor / open source software to handle data

Jan 10, 7:12AM EST0

How quickly do you analyze very large data?

Jan 9, 3:43AM EST0

The duration depends on the complexity and variety of the data. Normally 3 months to have initial findings if data is ready. 

Jan 10, 7:13AM EST0

How would you best describe what you do?

Jan 9, 2:53AM EST0

Manage the data in proper way to be further analysis. 

Discover "Undiscover" in the further analysis

Jan 10, 7:14AM EST0

Do you offer data operation and cleansing services

Jan 9, 2:08AM EST0

Yes. data cleansing service will be provided in the "data preparation" process before analysis. 

Data Operation is more on the infrastruture side manged by the company / cloud solution if it mean how to operate the data. 

Jan 10, 7:16AM EST0

Where do you work from?

Jan 8, 10:32PM EST0

Work from Asia-Pacific Region, able to travel upon request.

Last edited @ Jan 9, 12:32AM EST.
Jan 9, 12:32AM EST0

Have you ever lost a client's data?

Jan 8, 9:55PM EST0


Jan 9, 12:32AM EST0

Do you work with clients who speak foreign languages?

Jan 8, 2:42PM EST0

Yes. Spoken English. 

Jan 9, 12:32AM EST0

What is your maximum data capacity?

Jan 8, 1:48PM EST0

6 terabyte

Jan 9, 12:31AM EST0

For large data, do you work alone or do you work with a group?

Jan 8, 8:52AM EST0

For large data, do you work alone or do you work with a group?

Jan 8, 8:39AM EST0

Will work with a group / vendors. 

Jan 9, 12:31AM EST0

Ok. But do you have a group/vendor you partner with already or anyone in mind you would want to work with??

Jan 16, 12:48AM EST0

How much security do you have against hackers?

Jan 8, 8:01AM EST0

it can be managed under your secure isolated network or major vendors' cloud solution

Jan 9, 12:59AM EST0

Is it you who manage it?

Jan 9, 7:31AM EST0

How secure is a company's data under you?

Jan 8, 7:13AM EST0

it can be managed under your secure isolated network or major vendors' cloud solution

Jan 9, 12:59AM EST0

How much do your services cost?

Jan 8, 5:35AM EST0

Free at assessment stage and price to be determined during assessment stage. 

Jan 9, 12:30AM EST0
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What is the largest amount of data you have worked with?

Jan 8, 4:32AM EST0

6 terabyte

Jan 9, 12:30AM EST0

Have you ever worked with an international company?

Jan 7, 10:58PM EST0

Yes. Worked in international bank before. 

Jan 8, 3:13AM EST0

How is it like to work with banks? Do they run background checks on you? Do you see some type of loopholes when banks employ outside consultants whre trojans or some other malicious code could be introduced into their system? Do you know of such stories? tia.

Jan 9, 9:41AM EST0

Why did you become a data specialist?

Jan 7, 9:44PM EST0

As job need, I have involved in many data project for past decade. 

At that time, it called business intelligence / data warehouse. 

Jan 7, 10:11PM EST0

Do you have any formal training?

Jan 9, 11:09AM EST0

Can you list notable clients you have worked for?

Jan 7, 9:19PM EST0

As signed Non-disclosure agreement, I can only tell the industry as below:

Regional Insurance company, Regional Food manufacturing company, Many major banks, healthcare, retail and government. 

Jan 7, 9:43PM EST0

As a data specialist, what special services do you offer?

Jan 7, 11:29AM EST0

Normally I will provide consultation of data strategy to company such as how to make use of the data (e.g. Analysis, Operational, Compliance, Security, machine learning, etc) 

For personal, can be simple analysis and predictive analytics based on different requirement. 

Jan 7, 9:07PM EST0
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