I am james Mccaleb! I am expert Unlocker 1.9.2 Software. It helps to delete any Virus folders/files from Computer. Ask me anything

Aug 12, 2017

Unlocker software is totally free for using any computer. it's help to delete any virus from your computer. there are so many folders are affected by Virus on my computer. they were not deleted, I was confuse and arrived to right decisions to delete these virus folder by Unlocker1.9.2. if you have any virus folder on your coputer just ask any questions, i wil solve your problem at any cost. Do tention, this is a free software. first download this software and install on your computer. then open it and mark your virus folder/file .Delete by this software quickly.

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Does it detect viruses too?

Aug 12, 11:45AM EDT0

How did you learn of this software?

Aug 11, 10:43PM EDT0

I have learnt about this software from my Teacher and youtube. if you want to know about this Software, go to gpo youtube or google

Aug 12, 9:49AM EDT0

Thanks I check it out. Sounds interesting

Aug 12, 4:26PM EDT0

Do Macs get viruses?

Aug 11, 10:03PM EDT0

yes, why not. every Macs has gone to viruses. for that computer has Slow and operating system are damaged

Aug 12, 9:52AM EDT0

What are the most common viruses for Mac in your experience? 

Aug 12, 7:04PM EDT0

If I have a firewall do I need an antivirus?

Aug 11, 6:12PM EDT0

yes, if you protect your computer from any Virus or any threats, I am suggesting him to have both of firewall and antivirus program installed on your computer for better operating System

Aug 12, 9:56AM EDT0

So the firewall is like a filter but some viruses slip through is that what you're saying?

Aug 12, 7:15PM EDT0

Why am I getting e-mails telling me I am sending viruses?

Aug 11, 6:03PM EDT0

Sorry to say, I can't realize your questions. what do you mean by this question.

Aug 12, 9:57AM EDT0

Maybe its spam?

Aug 12, 5:40PM EDT0

Can you maybe put this tutorial in a numbered order?

Aug 11, 5:45PM EDT0

of course, if you contact with for learning about this software, I will make a special tutorial only for you so that you can easily understand about Unlocker 1.9.2. this software helps to you delete your virus folder/ file from your computer

Aug 12, 10:01AM EDT0

Thats awesome, I really appreciate that, looking forward to it, 

Aug 12, 5:04PM EDT0

Where can I find free online virus scanners?

Aug 11, 5:31PM EDT0

for getting this software, search on google, type unlocker 1.9.2. you can see this software at the top of the google search page. then download and Installing on your computer

Aug 12, 10:03AM EDT0


Aug 12, 4:57PM EDT0

How did you learn of this method?

Aug 11, 4:41PM EDT33

Thanks for your question..I have learnt about this software from my Teacher and youtube. if you want to know about this Software, go to gpo youtube or google. For downloading this software, search on google, type unlocker 1.9.2. you can see this software at the top of the google search page. then download and Installing on your computer

Aug 12, 10:04AM EDT70

Great, thanks for the advice!

Aug 13, 2:57AM EDT56

What is the difference between a virus and malware?

Aug 11, 4:24PM EDT0

I am not sure but talking about this question so so. a virus is considered malware; consequently there truly is no distinction. The expression "malware" is utilized as a way portray any pernicious programming including: adware, spyware, worms, trojans, and infections.

Aug 12, 10:07AM EDT0

Is a virus like one virus in particular and malware is a complete program? Is that what you mean?

Aug 12, 5:21PM EDT0

Can I get a virus when I read my e-mail?

Aug 11, 3:20PM EDT0

No, from my experience there is no way for doing this. if can read E-mail without any risk. But, Don't click on any unknown link.

Aug 12, 10:13AM EDT0

Ah ok, thanks

Aug 12, 4:49PM EDT0

Is it a crime to make a computer virus?

Aug 11, 2:28PM EDT0

Of course, Why not, A harmful thing creation is always Crime in our society. please , Don't do this...

Aug 12, 10:15AM EDT0

Don't worry, I have no intention to do so, just wanted to know 

Aug 12, 5:03PM EDT0

Should I run an update or patch I receive in e-mail?

Aug 11, 2:22PM EDT0

Yes, You can an update or patch you receive in e-mail. Don't worries mam.

Aug 12, 10:58AM EDT0

Ok thanks

Aug 12, 4:30PM EDT0

What other virus software do you use?

Aug 11, 1:24PM EDT0

there is no virus on my PC. i usually use Toolkit for protect my computer from virus. you can use it easily and safty

Aug 12, 10:59AM EDT0

Have you tried various antivirus software? What software detects most viruses?

Aug 12, 3:23PM EDT0

How do I disable my antivirus program in Windows?

Aug 11, 12:48PM EDT0

what's name of your antivirus program. whatever, you can uninstall it or Resetup your Computer, then you can solve your problem

Aug 12, 11:01AM EDT0

Great, thanks

Aug 12, 3:58PM EDT0

How does an antivirus work?

Aug 11, 12:35PM EDT0

An antivirus easily protect your computer from damge. everyone should use an antivirus for his PC. whatever, an antivirus programming checks the program to begin with, contrasting it with known infections, worms, and different sorts of malware. Your antivirus programming additionally does "heuristic" checking, checking programs for sorts of awful conduct that may show another, obscure infection

Aug 12, 11:04AM EDT0

Thanks for answering

Aug 12, 3:28PM EDT0

If I format or erase my hard drive will it remove a virus?

Aug 11, 12:12PM EDT0

yes, it is possible.On the off chance that your PC is tainted with an infection, designing or eradicating the hard drive and beginning once again will quite often evacuate any infection

Aug 12, 11:07AM EDT0

I guess I have to do a complete back up before I erase everything, is that correct?

Aug 12, 3:39PM EDT0

How do I update my antivirus program?

Aug 11, 11:50AM EDT0

what's name of your antivirus? whatever, First open antivirus, then go to setting and finally Select Update and click on Update. okay, you can solve your problem

Aug 12, 11:09AM EDT0

Don't most programs send you an automated message?

Aug 12, 4:48PM EDT0

Can a virus damage computer hardware?

Aug 11, 10:59AM EDT0

I think, there is no chance to damage computer's hardware by virus.A virus could damage information on the PC, including the product drivers that are utilized to enable equipment gadgets to speak with the PC. If this somehow happened to happen, it might keep the gadget from working, however it would not physically harm the hardware.

Aug 12, 11:13AM EDT0

So any part not working due to a virus on my computer can be fixed again?

Aug 12, 8:34PM EDT0

How to remove or uninstall an anti-virus program.

Aug 11, 10:20AM EDT0

For doing this you can follow this way,,,Open Remove Programs in Windows. In the list of installed programs, find the antivirus program ,Click on it, for doing more click right mouse button. To the right of the program name, click the Change or Remove or Uninstall button. then you can remove or Uninstall this program from your computer.

Aug 12, 11:17AM EDT0


Aug 12, 4:50PM EDT0

What are the current available antivirus programs?

Aug 11, 10:06AM EDT0

there are a lof of antivirus available at present like as Avast, McAfee, Norton, webroot, F-secure etc for your computer. Buy this antivirus and protect your computer from virus.

Aug 12, 11:21AM EDT0

Which one do you recommend?

Aug 12, 6:53PM EDT0
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