I am creating a robot with GPS system. ask me anything!!!

Jul 15, 2017

I am creating a robot that will follow GPS to run. You can give any direction with your phone to the robot and the robot will run on the direction.

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Do you think teenagers should be restricted on their time with their gadgets?

Jul 15, 12:35AM EDT0

I don't think they should.

Jul 15, 4:58AM EDT0

How much time will it take to break even with this project?

Jul 14, 11:28PM EDT0

I don't know actually.

Jul 15, 4:59AM EDT0

Why does the robot need a GPS system?

Jul 14, 10:53PM EDT0

robot don't need a GPS system but human may need GPS system in their robo so they can lead their life more easily. 

Jul 15, 5:02AM EDT0

How much expensive is a typical robot development project?

Jul 14, 10:41PM EDT0

I am just created a demo model, so it's not expensive too much.

Jul 15, 5:03AM EDT0

How did you get into this field?

Jul 14, 9:25PM EDT0

cause I am a engineering university student.

Jul 15, 5:05AM EDT0

Why do you think more and more choose freelancing over traditional jobs?

Jul 14, 8:42PM EDT0

I don't know actually.

Jul 15, 5:06AM EDT0

Are there any offices or workplace completely robot-automated?

Jul 14, 7:31PM EDT0

not yet.

Jul 15, 5:07AM EDT0

How did you learn to build a robot?

Jul 14, 7:13PM EDT0

I am a engineering university student, I learn there...

Jul 15, 5:09AM EDT0

Are robots capable of speaking English and other languages?

Jul 14, 5:32PM EDT0

no,the robot haven't speaking system

Jul 15, 5:10AM EDT0

Can robots be taught to do new tasks?

Jul 14, 5:26PM EDT0

Not yet set any program like this.

Jul 15, 5:11AM EDT0

Can you name some serious incidents of robot malfunction?

Jul 14, 5:21PM EDT0

In 2015,Robot surgeons kill 144 patients, hurt 1,391, malfunction 8,061 times.

Jul 15, 5:16AM EDT0

Do you think there will be development of robotics for use in more industries than they are currently used in?

Jul 14, 5:10PM EDT0

of course I think it will be

Jul 15, 5:17AM EDT0

What are some ethical issues surrounding robot production?

Jul 14, 4:35PM EDT0

sorry,I don't know

Jul 15, 5:26AM EDT0

What are the hazards present in a robot-automated workplace?

Jul 14, 4:27PM EDT0

sorry,I don't know actually

Jul 15, 5:27AM EDT0

Would you want to use a robot in your daily life?

Jul 14, 4:27PM EDT0

of course I want

Jul 15, 5:27AM EDT0

Is there a limit to how heavy robots can be?

Jul 14, 4:13PM EDT0

I don't think there is any limit,or if there is then that will change with the change of time

Jul 15, 5:29AM EDT0

Is it just you creating the robot, or a whole team?

Jul 14, 3:51PM EDT0

I am creating it with a team

Jul 15, 5:30AM EDT0

Do you think the robotics industry will ever cause robots to replace human beings too much?

Jul 14, 3:42PM EDT0

I think one day robots to replace human beings too much

Jul 15, 5:32AM EDT0

Have any robots been manufactured that can talk?

Jul 14, 3:41PM EDT0

I don't know actually

Jul 15, 5:33AM EDT0

What kind of software will you be using for the robot?

Jul 14, 3:27PM EDT0

software not yet made

Jul 15, 5:36AM EDT0

What will be the exact function of the robot?

Jul 14, 3:16PM EDT0

we can connect phone to the robot and select GPS direction from phone and robot will run with the direction

Jul 15, 5:40AM EDT0

How high is the demand for software-related jobs?

Jul 14, 2:05PM EDT0

I think it is so high.

Jul 15, 5:41AM EDT0

Don't you think robot technology makes humanity lazier?

Jul 14, 1:54PM EDT0

I don't think so.

Jul 15, 5:41AM EDT0

Do you think children should be allowed to play with robots?

Jul 14, 1:41PM EDT0

I think they should be allowed

Jul 15, 5:42AM EDT0

What makes a machine a robot?

Jul 14, 1:27PM EDT0

I think machine and robor are fully different

Jul 15, 5:44AM EDT0

Is this for a competition?What advice can you give to newbies who wish to pursue a career in this field?

Jul 14, 1:09PM EDT0

It's not a competition.If anyone wish to pursue a career in this field,they should stick with their purpose.

Jul 15, 5:58AM EDT0

Are there any casualty incidents solely caused by robotic malfunction?

Jul 14, 12:58PM EDT0

I don't know actually

Jul 15, 6:01AM EDT0

Did you need to go to school to learn how to build a robot?

Jul 14, 12:44PM EDT0

I go to university to learn how to build a robot

Jul 15, 5:59AM EDT0

Are most robots made from the same materials?

Jul 14, 12:30PM EDT0

of course not

Last edited @ Jul 15, 6:00AM EDT.
Jul 15, 5:59AM EDT0
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