I am creating a animal robot to capture video of animals without scaring them. ask me anything...

Jul 17, 2017

I am a student of CSE and I am creating a robot which will be a animal shape with video recorder. Some animal scare to human. If the robot go for take their video then they will nit scare and the robot can take their video easily.

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Can you name some serious incidents of robot malfunction?

Jul 17, 1:41AM EDT0

Yeah, deaths caused by surgical robots going underreported...

Jul 17, 3:14AM EDT0

I didn't think that it is legal to make surgeries by robots. 

Jul 17, 2:25PM EDT0

Can robots respond to voice commands and do as instructed?

Jul 16, 8:21PM EDT0

no,not yet

Jul 17, 3:15AM EDT0

Is it possible in the future?

Jul 17, 3:05PM EDT0

Are robots used at all in farming today?

Jul 16, 6:45PM EDT0

I don't think so

Jul 17, 3:16AM EDT0

Can robots be taught to do new tasks?

Jul 16, 6:41PM EDT0

not yet set this system

Jul 17, 3:16AM EDT0

What do you think would be the common roles of robots in the near future?

Jul 16, 5:58PM EDT0

I think they will do all the thing that people can do

Jul 17, 3:17AM EDT0

If you have chance to own robot what kind it will be?

Jul 17, 2:17PM EDT0

How much expensive is a typical robot development project?

Jul 16, 5:22PM EDT0

I don't know that,but my robot development project is not much expensive

Jul 17, 3:19AM EDT0

Is it sponsored by anyone?

Jul 17, 1:47PM EDT0

Do you think children should be allowed to play with robots?

Jul 16, 5:07PM EDT0

yes, I think

Jul 17, 3:19AM EDT0

Are there any offices or workplace completely robot-automated?

Jul 16, 4:25PM EDT0

I don't think there is

Jul 17, 3:20AM EDT0

What is the expected length of life of most robots?

Jul 16, 3:53PM EDT0

I don't think there is any expected length of life of any robot

Jul 17, 3:22AM EDT0

Why not?

Jul 17, 2:48PM EDT0

Are there any casualty incidents solely caused by robotic malfunction?

Jul 16, 2:25PM EDT0

it may could anytime

Jul 17, 3:23AM EDT0

Do you believe that if given the chance, robots would take over the workforce someday?

Jul 16, 1:59PM EDT0

robots would take over the workforce someday but they can cot fulfil peoples place because they don't have brains

Jul 17, 3:24AM EDT0

But people can create artificial intellect, make programs for robots in order they do all work. 

Jul 17, 2:10PM EDT0

What are the hazards present in a robot-automated workplace?

Jul 16, 1:14PM EDT0

anything bad could happend

Jul 17, 3:25AM EDT0

Don't you think robot technology makes humanity lazier?

Jul 16, 1:10PM EDT0

no, I don't think

Jul 17, 3:26AM EDT0

Is there a limit to how heavy robots can be?

Jul 16, 1:00PM EDT0

no, there is no limit

Jul 17, 3:26AM EDT0

What's the preferable metal for making robot?

Jul 17, 2:01PM EDT0

Are there robots that can learn to perform cleaning chores?

Jul 16, 12:59PM EDT0

may be there is

Jul 17, 3:27AM EDT0

Have any robots been manufactured that can talk?

Jul 16, 12:34PM EDT0

yeah, that types of robot are invented

Jul 17, 3:28AM EDT0

Are robots capable of speaking English and other languages?

Jul 16, 12:28PM EDT0

may be 

Jul 17, 3:28AM EDT0

Would you want to use a robot in your daily life?

Jul 16, 12:15PM EDT0

of course I want

Jul 17, 3:28AM EDT0

What are some ethical issues surrounding robot production?

Jul 16, 11:31AM EDT0

they don't have huminity and it cannot be invented

Jul 17, 3:30AM EDT0

Do you think people are educated enough about robots?

Jul 16, 11:21AM EDT0

I think people are not educated enough about robots

Jul 17, 3:31AM EDT0

Why do you think so?

Jul 17, 2:43PM EDT0

Do you think there will be development of robotics for use in more industries than they are currently used in?

Jul 16, 10:58AM EDT0

yes I think

Jul 17, 3:32AM EDT0

What was the reason for the invention of robots?

Jul 16, 10:40AM EDT0

To do peoples work more easier

Jul 17, 3:33AM EDT0

What makes a machine a robot?

Jul 16, 10:26AM EDT0

I don't think so

Jul 17, 3:33AM EDT0

In what industry are robots used the most?

Jul 16, 9:30AM EDT0

in food and brevarage company I think

Jul 17, 3:34AM EDT0

Do you think the robotics industry will ever cause robots to replace human beings too much?

Jul 16, 9:18AM EDT0

no,I don't think so

Jul 17, 3:35AM EDT0
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