I am Avinee. I am a Jr. technical assistant. Ask Me Anything!

Jul 15, 2017

I have skill in technical domain. So, you can ask me any thing related to my Jr. level. AMA!

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Are you in a field involving technology?

Jul 15, 8:33AM EDT0


Jul 15, 1:38PM EDT0

What are you exactly responsible for?

Jul 16, 4:58AM EDT0

How do you handle multiple deadlines?

Jul 15, 8:17AM EDT0

I always manage the time with work with a proper schedule.

Jul 15, 1:38PM EDT0

Do you use some planners?

Jul 16, 5:08AM EDT0

What are your technical certifications?

Jul 15, 5:53AM EDT0

What automated-build tools or processes have you used?

Jul 15, 4:27AM EDT0

I am into the IT.

Jul 15, 1:39PM EDT0

If you can't even explain what you do, how can I trust your answers?

Jul 15, 3:20AM EDT0

What is the biggest IT challenge you have faced and how did you handle it?

Jul 15, 2:59AM EDT0

The rapid update and change in IT industry is a real challenge.

Jul 15, 1:41PM EDT0

How do you stay up of the wave?

Jul 16, 5:29AM EDT0

How do you troubleshoot IT issues?

Jul 15, 2:21AM EDT0

We have a full team to handle any issues. I am a part of technical team.

Jul 15, 1:41PM EDT0

What compony do you work for?

Jul 16, 5:31AM EDT0

How would you rate your key competencies for this job?

Jul 15, 2:08AM EDT0

I am quit good in my technical domain and i will rate as 7.5 out of 10.

Jul 15, 1:43PM EDT0

Why not 10 out of 10?

Jul 16, 5:33AM EDT0

What technical websites do you follow?

Jul 15, 1:35AM EDT0

What source control tools have you used?

Jul 15, 1:34AM EDT0

How do you keep current on this industry?

Jul 15, 1:32AM EDT0

Tell me about the project you are most proud of. What was your contribution?

Jul 15, 1:28AM EDT0

Jr. Technical Assistant for what?

Jul 15, 1:24AM EDT0

For IT Support.

Jul 15, 1:43PM EDT0

Tell me about the most recent project you worked on. What were your responsibilities?

Jul 15, 1:22AM EDT0

What is a Jr. Technical Assistant exactly?

Jul 15, 1:20AM EDT0

A person who handle the technical issues along with few team members.

Jul 15, 1:44PM EDT0

Speaking about career prospect, what is the next level?

Jul 16, 5:35AM EDT0

How important is it to work directly with your business users?

Jul 15, 1:10AM EDT0

What field are you in?

Jul 15, 12:58AM EDT0

Information technology

Jul 15, 1:45PM EDT0

What languages have you programmed in?

Jul 15, 12:21AM EDT0

Have you worked with software vendors? How do you handle vendor relations?

Jul 14, 11:52PM EDT0

What do you do to maintain your technical certifications?

Jul 14, 11:44PM EDT0

I don't understand what it is that you do. Can you explain?

Jul 14, 11:40PM EDT0

I am into the IT technical support.

Jul 15, 1:45PM EDT0

What development tools have you used?

Jul 14, 11:32PM EDT0

What interests you about this position?

Jul 14, 11:30PM EDT0

What or whom do you assist, and what are your duties?

Jul 14, 11:16PM EDT0

Do you prefer to manage people or ideas?

Jul 14, 11:11PM EDT0