I am an IT specialist and currently working on a project that will help victims of gender based violence report their cases in time a get necessary help. Learn more about this project if you Ask Me Anything.

Evans Omondi
Oct 12, 2017

For many years now, victims of gender violence has had no option of reporting their cases other than visiting a police station or any other relevant authorities, but now I am working on a project that will see the same victims report their cases online where they can be advised on what they should do or how they should handle the matter before even visiting any centre or police station in person, help me improve my project now through this AMA.Ask Me Anything.

Evans Omondi says:

This AMA will end Oct 12, 2017 5PM EDT


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What is your educational and professional background?

Oct 12, 2:26PM EDT1

Let's say I'm a victim of domestic violence and I go on your webpage, what do I need to do and who sees what I'm reporting and what is the next step from there?

Oct 12, 5:02AM EDT0

Is this similar to an emergency call?

Oct 12, 1:37AM EDT0

A kind of, but one will be doing it online and no face to face encounter until he/she is asked to see the authorities for further steps.

Oct 12, 4:38AM EDT0

Is the device connected to the police or another organization that will come to help?

Oct 11, 10:50PM EDT0

We have organizations such as National Coalition Against Domestic Violence that will help to resolve the issues.

Oct 12, 4:40AM EDT0

How high is the number or percentage of gender violence approximately in your country?

Oct 11, 8:11PM EDT0

In Kenya it is not that high but in some area the cases of gender violence i.e. domestic violence are witnessed, I can say its about 20%.

Oct 12, 4:41AM EDT0

Hello Evans, Thank you for your AMA!

Check out this AMA on Earthquakes by our Host Vinoth. 

Oct 11, 5:42PM EDT0

Thanks Caroline, checking right away.

Oct 12, 4:41AM EDT0

Do people need to be 18 to file a report or is it open to anyone regardless of age?

Oct 11, 2:57PM EDT0

Yes they do, but just in case a child is affected, their parents can report the matter on their behalf.

Oct 12, 4:42AM EDT0

How many victims do you estimate per month suffer from gender related violence?

Oct 11, 10:19AM EDT0

Roughly 2 out of 5 women suffer domestic violence every month in Kenya for example. So its a serious issue. 

Oct 12, 4:44AM EDT0

Are the reports directly submitted to the police station?

Oct 11, 9:53AM EDT0

Not directly but via a particular organization that tHE system will be linked to. 

Oct 12, 4:44AM EDT0

If someone gets abused is there a safe place after they reported an incident where they can go?

Oct 11, 9:51AM EDT0

Sure, if one is abused they can always report the matter and they claim to fear over their safety, they can be moved to a safer place lets say an NGO that is responsible.

Oct 12, 4:46AM EDT0

Do people have to register on the site or can they just access it without registering?

Oct 11, 5:18AM EDT0

They don't need to register, they will just have access to the page where they can report the matter then include their contact details where they can be reached through.

Last edited @ Oct 12, 4:37AM EDT.
Oct 12, 4:36AM EDT0

What exactly do you mean by gender related violence, is it domestic violence between man and woman, gays, transsexuals or what?

Oct 11, 3:45AM EDT0

Any form of violence as long as it involves a specific gender.

Last edited @ Oct 12, 4:35AM EDT.
Oct 12, 4:35AM EDT0

How are cases prosecuted at the moment, can you explain?

Oct 11, 1:51AM EDT0

Sorry I can't explain since I am not a lawyer but I am sure the matter will be resolved once linked with appropriate authorities.

Oct 12, 4:34AM EDT0

How will this work when you are attacked in the street and you are not near a computer?

Oct 11, 12:44AM EDT0

You will have to report the matter a little bit later as long as it's within a specific period set.

Oct 12, 4:33AM EDT0

Can you explain a little bit more about the technicalities?

Oct 10, 11:15PM EDT0

The techniques include, a platform where the victim can secretly report an incident and thereafter adviced on how to handle the matter, after that he/she will go through cancelling online then finally the matter will be followed up by authorities and action taken.

Oct 12, 4:33AM EDT0

Have you personally been a victim of violence? What inspired you to do this? 

Oct 10, 10:26PM EDT0

No I have not been a victim, I was inspired by what people go through in their life such as in relationships.

Oct 12, 4:31AM EDT0

What types of gender based violence are you most prepared to help with?

Oct 10, 12:15PM EDT0

The types I am most prepared for include:

Sexual Violence, Female Genital Mutilation, date Rape,  Bride Burning or other forms of Dowry-Related Violence, Child Marriage7, Domestic Violence etc.

Oct 12, 4:30AM EDT0

Will the identity of the victims kept anynymous for security sake?

Oct 10, 10:25AM EDT0

Yes it will, we all know security is key in such matters.

Oct 12, 4:24AM EDT0
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