I am an expert in business growth on social media. Ask me anything!

Fahmida Protiva
Jul 17, 2017

I have been helping people to grow social media. Business growth hack  is very interesting work and I am doing this for more than 1 year. Any account can be grow within a few months.

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Which is your biggest success example or case from the many business clients you have worked with so far?

Jul 16, 7:16AM EDT0

I gave a client 17K followers on instagram and thats my biggest success example

Jul 17, 1:08PM EDT0

What products or services do not give such good results despite best effort on social media?

Jul 16, 6:56AM EDT0

I can give real and organic followers on instagram...

Last edited @ Jul 17, 1:09PM EDT.
Jul 17, 1:09PM EDT0

What does Wistia offer which is lacking in free video sharing platforms?

Jul 16, 5:07AM EDT0

How can you ensure that your social media marketing ideas are fresh and convincing?

Jul 16, 4:50AM EDT0

nothing can ensure without prove

Jul 17, 1:11PM EDT0

How did you know the basic principles of Social Media Marketing?

Jul 16, 4:02AM EDT0

Have a plan to sell from the very beginning.

Don’t make delaying a desirable option.

Give very clear instructions on what you want them to do right now.

There will be tracking and measurement.

Branding should be a by-product of effective direct response marketing, not the other way around.

Jul 17, 1:13PM EDT0

What make you pursue this line of business?

Jul 16, 3:41AM EDT0

cause I love this line of business

Jul 17, 1:14PM EDT0

What kind of experiences have you had in your daily life with social media?

Jul 16, 2:54AM EDT0

huge kind of experiences I have had in my daily life with social media

Jul 17, 1:15PM EDT0

Do you think social media marketing is more effective and advantageous than the traditional method?

Jul 16, 1:32AM EDT0

yes I think

Jul 17, 1:16PM EDT0

Which was your most difficult web marketing project and why was it difficult?

Jul 16, 1:28AM EDT0

marketing on google+ is the most difficult web marketing project,I think

Jul 17, 1:17PM EDT0

What makes a good social media marketer?

Jul 16, 12:32AM EDT0

hard work makes a good social media marketer

Jul 17, 1:25PM EDT0

What do you do when a social media user attempts to spread negativity about the product or service you are working with?

Jul 15, 7:08PM EDT0

I said them sorry and ensure them that the problem will solve soon

Jul 17, 2:10PM EDT0

What tools do you use to attract select group of people to particular websites?

Jul 15, 6:58PM EDT0

I don't use tools, I work manually

Jul 17, 2:11PM EDT0

How smart do you believe the social media crowd is?

Jul 15, 5:11PM EDT0

I think they are enough smart

Jul 17, 2:11PM EDT0

Have you studied business management, done a course or have a degree in it?

Jul 15, 4:51PM EDT0

no,I don't studied business management, done a course or have a degree

Jul 17, 2:13PM EDT0

What measures have you taken to enhance your clients' experience with your company?

Jul 15, 1:10PM EDT0

I just wor hard and pleased them with my work

Jul 17, 4:32PM EDT0

Why do you think social media ironically makes us unsociable?

Jul 15, 12:01PM EDT0

I don't think so

Jul 17, 2:25PM EDT0

What has surprised you most about the business you're in?

Jul 15, 10:30AM EDT0

I don't get surprised but I was impressed about the business i'm in

Jul 17, 2:21PM EDT0

How do you deal with demanding and unreasonable clients?

Jul 15, 10:19AM EDT0

I deal with pleasure to them

Jul 17, 2:26PM EDT0

What is your stance in having young social media influencers promote products/services?

Jul 15, 9:27AM EDT0

I show them inspiring talk when i promote products of young social media influencers

Jul 17, 4:36PM EDT0

How do you ensure advantage over the brands being promoted in social media?

Jul 15, 7:38AM EDT0

I show them my work histore and brands promotion that  I get in past

Jul 17, 4:38PM EDT0

What can a business manager expect to earn?

Jul 15, 5:51AM EDT0

depends on their work

Jul 17, 4:39PM EDT0

Isn’t social media promotion limited to users active on social networks?

Jul 15, 5:02AM EDT0

I don't think It's limited

Jul 17, 4:40PM EDT0

What sites can offer the same exposure rate as Facebook?

Jul 15, 3:53AM EDT0

any sites can not offer the same exposure rate as Facebook

Jul 17, 4:40PM EDT0

How does web marketing help attract the right crowd to your website?

Jul 15, 2:54AM EDT0

have to target a crowd who will affect on marketing

Jul 17, 4:44PM EDT0

What do you want others to remember you for after seeing them in a business environment?

Jul 15, 2:28AM EDT0

every business environment is different,so I will not wait for others to remember

Jul 17, 4:47PM EDT0

If the business your working with is new to an industry, how do you give it an edge?

Jul 15, 2:19AM EDT0

I will work there more carefully

Jul 17, 4:48PM EDT0

What are the trends in Social Media Marketing in the past 5 years?

Jul 15, 2:08AM EDT0

there are a lot trends in Social Media Marketing in the past 5 years

Jul 17, 4:49PM EDT0

What are the benefits of using BuzzSumo with social media marketing?

Jul 15, 2:01AM EDT0

I work manually, so I don't know too much about BuzzSumo

Jul 17, 4:51PM EDT0

What's the biggest mistake you've made in your career?

Jul 15, 1:53AM EDT0

once I believed a fake influencer, I think that was my big mistake

Jul 17, 4:53PM EDT0

Which is a better video marketing platform, Youtube or Wistia?

Jul 15, 1:18AM EDT0

of caurse youtube

Jul 17, 4:53PM EDT0

Are there any available online tutorials on Social Media Marketing you can recommend?

Jul 15, 1:16AM EDT0

please search on youtube

Jul 17, 4:54PM EDT0

What is the hardest stage in developing a marketing campaign?

Jul 15, 1:09AM EDT0

to gather right people to social media platform

Jul 17, 4:55PM EDT0

How do you decide which marketing tool to employ for a particular business?

Jul 15, 1:04AM EDT0

I work manually,so I don't use any tools

Jul 17, 4:56PM EDT0

What business practices have you seen firsthand that were not commendable?

Jul 15, 12:47AM EDT0

gathering people too much

Jul 17, 4:59PM EDT0

Why do you think some businesses flunk after some years of success?

Jul 14, 11:44PM EDT0

I haven't think that way before

Jul 17, 4:58PM EDT0
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